Diesel Unlimited Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Mexican San Andrés
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran
Size: 5.5 x 54 “Robusto- d.5”
Body: Full
Price: $3.75


Today we take a look at the Diesel Unlimited Maduro by AJ Fernandez.

I’ve never been much of a Diesel fan even though I am a huge fan of AJ. But the lovely Scott Lubitz sent me a couple Diesel blends to review. One is this cigar and the other is the Diesel Unlimited d.6.

The one today has 3 months of humidor time. The Unlimited d.6 has a year on it. But it is a monstrous 6 x 60 and I didn’t do my jaw exercises this morning.

We had a raucous thunder storm all night long and into this morning. It is pure black outside at nearly 8am. My photos could use a turd and you would never know the difference due to lack of light. I may have to use the dreaded flash on the camera.

There is not much to know about this cigar so I won’t bore you with its bio.

The stick is extremely rustic looking with exposed seams, a ton of veins, a sloppy cap and feels a little too light in the hand.

There is a bit of oiliness to the wrapper but it is mostly a matte finish. And it feels toothy.

I clip the cap to find aromas of slight bits of cocoa, barnyard, hay, spice, cedar, and cinnamon.
Time to light up.

Sweetness purveys the first puffs. And then, like a lightning bolt from the sky, a blast of red pepper.

Followed by chocolate, floral notes and toffee. The stick certainly started with a bang.

The draw is spot on. Smoke billows like a cumulus cloud has settled in the dining room.

The sweetness is derived from fruit as well as the toffee. It is a combo cherry, Medjool dates, and brown sugar. There is a distinct chocolate chip cookie sense about it.

The strength starts out a tick above medium body. And the spiciness clears my sinuses.

Creaminess enters as I’ve smoke 3/4”. The Diesel line is something you love or hate. Same thing goes with AJ.

You love him or hate him. I have a flower in my hair so I love him. I am looking forward to getting a 5 pack of his brand new release: New World. An inexpensive $6-$7 stick in four sizes. I got a 5 pack on special a week ago but with that slow boat to China free shipping I have no idea when it will get here. And the special brought the price down to less than $5 a stick.

I’m forced to use the flash on my camera but the upside is you get to see how oily the cigar wrapper is.
Here are the flavors: Cocoa, creaminess, toffee, dates, brown sugar, cedar, cherry, and leather.

The ash is over 1” long and hanging tough.

I haven’t smoked a Diesel in a long time and it is one of the few AJ blends that takes a lot longer than 4-5 weeks to humidor age properly. And on my budget, I have to zero in on cigars that marinate quickly. Those bygone days of hundreds and hundreds of cigars being allowed to rest indefinitely disappeared 6 years ago.

So the point to this rant, is that I am impressed with a 3 month aged Diesel Unlimited Maduro. The price is obviously perfect. I think it is time to start saving up for a box that I can just put away and forget about.

CI has a box of 20 for $75.00.

The char line, while not razor sharp, has been exemplary. And disengages from the mother ship at 1-1/4”.
Meanwhile, the sloppy cap needs a trim. That sounds dirty to me.

The strength remains the same.

So do the flavors. Although the cherry element becomes a strong black cherry when I take a sip of my Diet Coke.
The creaminess begins to become very potent with the chocolate on its heels.

I had a reader by the name of Charlie H. go to war with me over the difference between Alec Bradley and Drew Estate. Not a war actually. But rather he espoused a very opinionated double comment saying everything Alec Bradley is drek. And DE is near god-like.

I enjoy comments like that. I am so down on the DE mystique that it is inevitable that I get some blow back. And one of his comments was on the Dogma.

The other was on the A/B Tempus Maduro. Both comments were the first time he commented. I guess he just couldn’t take it any longer.

But I love that. I have to realize that if I’m going to dish it, I better be able to take it. Or what’s the point?

Despite the cigar feeling light, it is a slow smoker. I’ve invested 30 minutes and smoked 1-3/4”.

We are about to hit flavor bomb status mainly due to the trifecta of creaminess, cocoa, and toffee.

I must thank Scott Lubitz once again for sending me the dangerous duo. I’m trying to get him to join FB but so far, nuttin’ honey.

But JOY! Finally got Doug Nelson to join FB and is now a member of the Katmensch Cigar Group. We are small but mighty. Made up almost entirely of my readers. I should amend that…my friends. The group is only a couple weeks old and we have a strong membership of 33 smokers. I’ve turned away three times that.

I just want folks with a good sense of humor and are nice people and I’ve hit pay dirt.

So come on..what are you waiting for? Join us at the Katmensch Cigar Group. BTW- It is a closed group so you can say whatever you want.

The second third began a while ago.

This is just a delightful cigar. Easy going with a bit of oomph. Lovely flavors. Enough flavor profile to make the Diesel Unlimited Maduro a must have. The price point is wallet friendly. And I’m sure you can get it for a lot less on Cbid. Let me check. Well, ain’t that odd. The dumb fucks are screwing it up for everyone. People are bidding at the retail price of around $4 a pop. Really dumb. Might as well shop around for it.

Even pipesandtobacco.com is selling it for the same price. BTW- CI bought the store a while back. There are a lot more in the CI Conglomerate. One of these days, I have to write them down and report back to which ones they are that were swallowed up by CI.

And only CI carries the Diesel.

The strength waddles back to classic medium. The cigar is listed as full bodied but it should have shown signs of that by now.

It is so early; I might cleanse my palate and do another review this morning.

Dead center at the halfway point.

This is not a complex cigar. It is nicely balanced, has a long finish, but no complexity. When people describe a yard ‘gar, this is what I think of. Not some $1.50 Victor Sinclair.

The Diesel Unlimited Maduro manages to keep your interest while putzing around. The only positive thing that came out of my skydiving accident is that I no longer have honey do’s.

I’m down to the last third. The flavor profile has not changed an iota. Which is OK. I’m not expecting miracles from a $3.75 stick.

Scott also sent me the Diesel Unlimited Natural with a year of humidor time and I can’t wait to review it.
I want to thank John Young for sending me a big bushel of cigars. All nicely aged. I don’t know where to start first. All affordable cigars. Except for the Opus X Robusto 1992 Rare Estate Reserve sold in tins of 3 for $93.00!!!!

I tried to find some reviews but only found two from a couple of nobodies. I’m betting that no reviewer wants to waste a $31 cigar for a review. I am leaning towards that same philosophy.

You may notice my list of VIP Sponsors on the left side of my blog. All good people who took the time to send me cigars and money for the purpose of getting cigars for me to review. If you want to get on that list, send your Uncle Katman some cigars ready for review. I’m just shameless.

I am impressed with the construction of the Diesel Unlimited Maduro. The char line has not required a single touch up on the foot. The wrapper has given me no tsuris. And the cap has only needed one clipping.

There are a boat load of expensive cigars I can’t say this about.

Nicotine enters the picture and I lose the use of one eye.
I have the dog lay next to me on the floor in case I fall out of my chair.

The strength has finally made it to a strong medium/full body.

I’ve reviewed the Delirium, the Unholy Cocktail, Diesel Unholy Cocktail Oval, Hair of the Dog, and the Wicked.
I’ve found the Diesel blends to be wildly inconsistent. For some reason, AJ has chosen to blend these cigars in the old school fashion requiring months of humidor time.

The cigar finishes pleasantly enough. It is a good purchase at less than $4 a stick. I recommend it.

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10 replies

  1. Love your reviews Kat Man, I have 2 of these to try. I’m new to this and trying to develop a palette so I will read your review as I smoke along to try and capture the various tastes. (Have ordered a few others you’ve reviewed also because you make them sound so damn tasty, can’t wait for the mail each day). I think that may be a long road though as I have had 6 sinus surgeries from complex to a couple minor ones and unfortunately nothing tastes like I remember it should, just a dull almost numb sense of taste and smell.
    Love your reviews and the stories Kat Man, keep em coming!!
    When I can get on FB (need to update my phone soon I guess) I hope to join your group if you’ll have me.

  2. Mein Katmensch – I absolutely love that you reviewed the Diesel Unlimited Maduro! I think you did it justice, and the cigar snobs who don’t get AJ’S attempts to give us reasonably priced cigars that – while being somewhat one-dimensional – are generally really good smokes with big, rugged flavors. As an example, I smoked a Man O’ War Puro Authentico Corona last night after longing for a cigar all day. It was a joy to smoke – and a frickin’ little nuclear flavor bomb. I smoked it until I discovered that the burnt fingernail flavors were genuine! Sounds like Brian would be a wonderful addition to the FB group!

  3. Just getting around to catching up on the blog here. Have barely had the time to get the FB thing cooking.
    Thanks Uncle for clarifying it was John Young who sent you the boatload of sticks. Felt guilty when you first gave me credit. He is obviously a Master Mensch just like you.
    Maybe you should create a hierarchy of Menschousness(?) Apprentice / Journeyman / Master. That way those of us in the lower ranks have something to strive for.
    I ain’t payin’ no stinkin’ union dues tho,ya hea’!

  4. great review! I’ve been on the fence about Diesel, but you swayed me to give the maduro a try. I’m new to cigars so I have a lot to learn about aging the cigars and making sure that I buy from legit dealers (I’ve heard that there are counterfeit cigars!).
    I sent a facebook request for the group. Thanks! – Wm.

  5. I’m a Diesel fan and you are spot on about the humidor time. The maduro is a good smoke but I still prefer the regular Unlimited. I’ll be interested to read your review!

  6. Kat man, Thank you for this and all of your reviews. This is my first post but have been reading your reviews for months. Just bought 10 of these diesel unlimited maduros and am glad to hear they made the grade…not so glad to hear I need to nap em for 6 months. I’m finding you on Fb…accept me. Hehe.. Please…I want in the fold…although I seldom get on Fb…and post even less. Love your stories and reviews. Let the haters smoke dog turds…