C&C Loose Cannon 1206 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Indonesian Sumatran
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto-Box Pressed”
Body: Medium
Price: $5.00 (Minus 10% = $4.50 use coupon code KATMANCC during checkout at Stogie Boys)


Today we take a look at the 2012 C&C Loose Cannon 1206.

From searching around, it appears the cigars are price controlled. So the Stogie Boys discount will get you the cheapest prices anywhere.

From Cigar Aficionado:
“Michael Chiusano is back in the cigar business. After formally leaving Davidoff’s DomRey/Cusano subsidiary in 2010 and allowing his non-compete contract with Davidoff of Geneva to expire last February, Chiusano decided to re-enter the industry, and he’s done so with a new cigar brand called Loose Cannon.

“Produced in the Dominican Republic at Tabacalera La Palma, Loose Cannon comes in two wrapper varieties and is distributed by C&C Cigars, the company started in 2011 by Chiusano’s brother Joe.

“We don’t want to be a big cigar company,” said Chiusano. “We don’t want to have to service 2,500 accounts like in the heyday of Cusano. C&C has about 400 accounts and Loose Cannon will be in all of them.”

“Chiusano’s original plan was to release Loose Cannon in only one blend, but after sampling a variety of tobaccos, Chiusano became equally enamored with two wrappers he found to be quite distinct—Indonesian Sumatra and Dominican Habano. Unable to decide between the two, Chiusano went ahead and created Loose Cannon in two versions—a box-pressed Sumatra called 1206 and a Habano-seed Dominican dubbed Trigger Happy.”

Chiusano also released a Habano wrapped blend at the same time called Trigger Happy. The discount applies to both the Habano and the Sumatra. The difference, besides the wrapper, is that the Habano is a round stick and the Sumatran is a box press.

The cigar is getting very good reviews especially due to the price point as it is being proclaimed that it could have been a more expensive cigar if the Chiusano brothers wanted it so.

It is a solid packed cigar. Not overly heavy. The delicate, and fragile, Sumatran wrapper is mottled caramel foundation for the tapestry of road map veins covering the stick. The box press is a round box press. No sharp corners. There is a slight oiliness and the wrapper feels a bit toothy in some areas and just sandy in others.

It appears to have a double cap. And seams are tight.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, mocha latte, sweetness, cedar, cinnamon, and fresh apple at the foot.
Time to light up.

The draw is spot on. Immediately, there is an apple/cinnamon flavor. Followed by cedar and a power house of black pepper.

The char line is perfect.

Coffee follows next. A dark coffee mixed with cream. There is a strong oak element. And then leather. There are more flavors lurking beneath the surface and they shall not evade me.

Sweetness becomes an important part of the flavor profile. The apple flavor is now very strong. Chocolate shows itself for the first time. Very mild, very subtle. And with it comes a big swath of creaminess.

I’ve smoked a little over an inch and the cigar is about to blast into flavor bomb territory.
Caramel hits the GO button and we have a flavor bomb.

Due to the very hard to work with Sumatran wrapper, if made to guess, I would say this is an $8 stick. Not roughly half that.

The flavors of the C&C Loose Cannon 1206 continue on their upward trajectory.

The speckled ash is hanging tough at almost 1-1/2”.

Here are the flavors of the C&C Loose Cannon 1206: Creaminess, caramel, spice, sweetness, coffee, apple, cocoa, cinnamon, oak, and leather.

And then the sweetness is supplanted by brown sugar. And only $4.50! LOL!

I noticed that not a single A List reviewer got their hands on the C&C Loose Cannon 1206. Hmmmm….

This is a mighty fine cigar. Delicious to the bone.

As usual, I was a skeptic when I went on to the Stogie Boys web site and saw how inexpensive the C&C Loose Cannon 1206 is. My heart sank. Oh no. How am I going to tell Sheryl that it isn’t a very good cigar.

And as usual, Sheryl had the last laugh. She knows what I like now. Smart chick. Outsmarts an old man.

Flavors are piling up like a log jam. And the kicker is I’ve only allowed them less than two weeks humidor time. I think. I can’t remember. The point being is that if the cigar is such a behemoth now…what will it taste like in a couple of months?

The second third begins.

The strength is a gentle medium body. But you really don’t notice the strength due to the intense and potent flavors.

It’s now an Apple Brown Betty covered in melted caramel. With creamed coffee on the side and sprinkled with dark chocolate shavings.

I’m not kidding. This is a dynamite flavor profile.

Holy crap. Chiusano put the big shots off with his debut of an inexpensive cigar playing to the reviewer snobs who don’t review cigars that are only $5. I was close to being in that line up.

Thankfully, Sheryl is smarter than me and knows what’s good for me.

I am now entering the halfway point.

The black pepper is super potent throughout the smoke. I like that. Gives the stick some real oomph!

The C&C Loose Cannon 1206 is the perfect cigar to always have in your humidor. It is wallet friendly. And it such a powerful flavor bomb that it can’t help but put a smile on your ugly puss. I’m talking about you, not your dog.

I have zero criticisms of this cigar. Perfect construction. A razor sharp char line. No touch ups required. And the delicate Sumatran wrapper behaves like a champ.

The last third begins. And I am having a blast.

The strength changes and is pulling for medium/full. A touch of nicotine enters stage right.

The flavor profile of the C&C Loose Cannon 1206 is exactly the same as I last described it. Not an iota of change.

But the blend is now complex and much more balanced. It has a super long finish.

Really. This could have been an $8 stick.

I’m dying to try the Habano blend of the C&C Trigger Happy now more than ever.

Michael and Joe Chiusano hit this cigar out of the park. But then coming from Davidoff, one should automatically assume that the men were not going out on their own with a mediocre line of blends.

I can’t find my Cigar Clip. Must go look for it.
I found it downstairs in the man cave from last night. Whew.

The cigar is getting close to the nub. Not a hint of harshness, heat or bitterness. And the flavors are still on overload.

The nicotine isn’t bad at all. And the strength is not quite medium/full.

I highly recommend the C&C Loose Cannon 1206. It is a winner in all the ways it can be a winner.

Remember, you can get 10% off any C&C product using the coupon code: KATMANCC.

I have a bunch more of the C&C Loose Cannon 1206. I am going to let them rest another month or two before sparking one up. I feel assured that the two weeks of humidor time I gave this cigar was plenty for tasting the blender’s intent. But I believe a couple months of rest will increase the pleasure factor immensely.

NOTE 12-18-2014: It’s been several months and I have to tell you that this blend ages beautifully. I am smoking one now and it has all the characteristics of a cigar at triple the price. Great blend.

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