Perdomo Habano Corojo | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Cuban Seed Corojo
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan (Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa)
Size: 5.5 x 54 “Toro”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $7.00 MSRP (As cheap as $3 on Cbid)



Today we take a look at the 2007 Perdomo Habano Corojo. Gifted to me by buddy, Doug Nelson.

This stick is a trip in the Way Back Machine but since it wasn’t in my stock of reviews, what better time than another dreary day in Wisconsin to write about what I do believe is a great cigar. Even Cigar Aficionado gave it a 90 rating. Whatever that means.

While the MSRP is $7.00, these older sticks can be had on Cbid or for as little as $3.00 each. Good deal.

Two strains of the Perdomo came out that year: the Perdomo Habano Corojo and Perdomo Habano Maduro. In 2008, Perdomo came out with a Connecticut rendition.

This is the oddest sized Toro I’ve seen but that’s what Perdomo calls it. To me, it looks like a compact log.

Construction is superb. The wrapper is the color of Bambi’s ma. A light tan. Tight seams and very few veins.

It appears to be a double cap but the cap is so expertly applied it is difficult to know for sure. The wrapper is mostly a matte finish. Very little oil. There is a sandy toothiness to the stick.

The cigar is absolutely jam packed with tobacco and not a single soft spot. Methinks this will be a long session. So I will tell you about my bedwetting problems as a child to kill time.

And the Perdomo Habano Corojo has an ornate double band system. If you stare into the main band long enough, you can get hypnotized. Or you can hypnotize your wife into having sex with you more often. That would actually and most probably take an act of Congress and we know they can’t get anything done.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, cocoa, coffee, canned peaches, ginger, and sweet cedar.
Time to light up.

The draw is good and I taste jalapeno. A big blast of power. And if I remember Doug right, this cigar has had plenty of humidor time so it should be a wonderful experience. Perdomo has the terrible reputation of their cigars needing months and months of humidor time.

A lovely sweetness appears. No designation. Just sweet. Like me.

The some cinnamon toast. I still make it today but instead of sprinkling sugar on the toast, I use Splenda. Still tastes great.

A bit further in, lemony citrus appears. And a rough nuttiness.

The black pepper is really giving the cigar some oomph. I feared that extensive aging might take that away. No worries.

I’m a big Habano wrapper kind of guy. Some of my favorite cigars have Habano wrappers. No. Do not ask in the comment section for me to go back and research every cigar I liked that had a Habano wrapper on it. I am an old buzzard that is crotchety and without patience. You wouldn’t believe the requests I get. Ones you don’t see because they may be a comment on a cigar review I did 4 years ago and someone just read it.

People actually ask me to list all the cigars I’ve reviewed and how much humidor time each one needs. Lots of crazy shit like that. I call them Star Fuckers. Unlike the other reviewers, I let you into my life. I tell you personal shit. So some think they know me. And that they can ask Uncle Katman anything and he will do it.

Back to the Perdomo Habano Corojo. Gotta start every day with a little rant to clear the pipes.

Chocolate enters the scene bringing with it some creaminess. There is a very rich earthiness flavor that really becomes the bed rock of the cigar’s flavor profile.

The chocolate takes on different life forms. It is mousse-like. It tastes like nougat in a Three Musketeers bar. It tastes like rich, decadent chocolate cake. And lastly, chocolate cheesecake thanks to all that creaminess.

The ash is a champ. Hanging tough at the 1-1/2” point. But since I take my photos at a downward angle and the cap is higher than the foot, it sometimes hard to see how nicely the ash is behaving.

We are nearing flavor bomb status.

Here are the flavors of the Perdomo Habano Corojo: Chocolate, creaminess, spice, gingerbread, citrus, cinnamon, nuts, sweetness, dried fruit, sweet cedar and a touch of leather and coffee. Not bad for only the first 2”.

The black pepper morphs a bit and shares the ride with some red pepper. The Corojo is certainly doing its job right.

And as I near the second third, we have flavor bomb Houston.

Explosive, potent, delicious flavors all described a couple sentences ago.

The creaminess makes a huge surge fighting the chocolate for first in line. A malted element appears giving the flavors of chocolate malt. I used to love those. Back in the day in So Cal, there was a chain of all purpose pharmacies much like today’s Walgreen. It was called “Thrifty Drug Store.” After school, a buddy or two would follow me over for a cone or if we had the dough, a chocolate malt. That’s when pharmacies had lunch counters. Damn. That was 50 years ago. Oy.

The cigar is just fucking delicious. One normally associates dark colored wrappers to the main flavors in this cigar. But this wrapper is so light that it comes close to looking like a Connecticut.

Everything is working fine. The char line is strong. The cap has not needed a clipping yet and the wrapper is perfect.

It is time to remove the billboard sized cigar band.

I’ve been into the second third a while now and I’ve invested 45 minutes. Perdomo can make some really nice sticks. The down side is that they take a minimum of three months to get there. I just reviewed the Perdomo 2 Limited Edition 2008 Maduro and the Perdomo Estate Seleccion Vintage 2002 Maduro. The first blend is an exquisite $4.50 cigar and the latter is a subpar $8 cigar.

My good buddy, George, bought a box of the Perdomo 2 Limited Edition 2008 Natural and is splitting the box with me. What a guy! So, three months from now, I will review it. LOL.

I am nearing the second half. Flavors are dripping down my leg…sorry Zep.

Back in 1971, I remember taking a drive with my fiancée Teri and I was playing a Led Zep cassette…or was that an 8 track? Don’t remember.

In a long extended Page solo, she commented that it sounded like noise..just like our lead guitarist Mike Cook played in Homegrown. She meant that as an insult. When I told Mike this, he was elated that Teri thought so highly of him. Hippie chicks. They just don’t get long guitar solos. But she loved my bass playing so I loved her back. Of course, at the time, my heroes were McCartney and Jack Bruce (Cream). One for his melodic bass lines and the other for his improvisational skills.

The cigar is on auto pilot. That’s all it needs to be. The strength has been classic medium from the start but is now medium/full.

I’m digging the hell out of the Perdomo Habano Corojo.

What I thought to be dried fruit is something else fruity. Rickey Robinson…no..that’s not it. It’s the citrus of course but with a topping of cherry sauce. Like what they put on sundaes and banana splits. Gooey and sweet. Like Rickey.

The cinnamon is hitting on all 6 cylinders and a graham cracker crust is making its debut. Add to that the creaminess and we have a cheese cake.

I make the damndest sugar free cheese cake. But it turns out expensive due to the sugar free ingredients. Maybe I will make one today. It is a lot of work and it is very fattening but I’ve been a good boy by staying on my Atkins diet.

I will post the photo of the finished product on my Face Book Katmensch Cigar Group later today. Come and join us if you like. It is made up solely of the friends that comment on this blog. Lots of irreverent fun.

The last third begins and it is a Super Flavor Bomb now.

Here are the flavors one last time for the Perdomo Habano Corojo: Creaminess, chocolate, spice, citrus, cinnamon, graham cracker, nuts, sweetness, cherries coffee, sweet cedar and leather.

The nice thing about a regular production cigar that has been out for years is the price point. I saw lots of them on the two auction sites going for pennies on the dollar.

Uh-oh. I get a crack in the wrapper near the foot. Better than near the cap. It will burn away soon.

Of course, I recommend this cigar. It just takes patience in allowing it 3 months of humidor time…depending on size of course. It comes in 9 sizes! Holy shit.

The strength remains at medium/full to the end. And so far, no nicotine. I love my little Cigar Clip but it is pain keeping track of where I last left it.

At this price, I would love to always have a 5 pack of Perdomo Habano Corojo in my humidor.
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4 replies

  1. Hehehe…uncle, I’m glad someone gets me. If this smoke tastes like me…def needs to be on the list. AND the price point! Beautiful…

  2. So glad you enjoyed Uncle! It had somewhere between 2-3 months. I always have some of these,the Maduro,and the Connie resting. The Habano origin really pumps up the typically mild Connie wrapper. All three in that size come from boxes labeled Robusto actually. Don’t know why Perdomo does that.
    That’s the nice thing about our Katmensch cult Rickey. We all ‘get’ each other,as is typical of us black sheep of society.

    • It had to be a 8 track. To this day, a long gutiar solo still sounds noise to me. Still love the sound of a bass. To this day, I still love you. My best to your beautiful Charlotte.

    • Oh!…I’m finally in a cult? My mama will worry herself silly…