Alec Bradley Overture | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Honduran Trojes Viso
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Honduran Trojes, Nicaraguan Jalapa
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Full (Wrong. It is medium bodied)
Price: $3.75 by the Box


Today we take a look at the Alec Bradley Overture.

From Famous Smoke:
“If you like AB’s highly-rated Tempus cigars, you’ll love the multidimensional character of this full-flavored blend.”

There is virtually no information about this cigar which is typical of a house brand. It came about in 2010,
Now you know as much as I do.

I’ve had a 5 pack for 4 months. Got them on auction for $3 a pop at…Famous Smoke’s auction arm.

I tried one for the first time the other night and was duly impressed. If you like Alec Bradley blends, you will like this stick. If you hate him, my review will not dissuade your white hot hatred.

On with the review.

It is a dark dreary day in Wisconsin. So what else could it be? Looks like sunset. So you won’t see the beautiful oiliness on the Honduran wrapper. The wrapper is smooth but contains a boat load of veins. The cigar is very firm to the touch. No soft spots. Not a light weight. The wrapper has that dark coffee bean color that glistens if there were any damn sunlight. It could be either a double or triple cap. It is expertly applied but based on price point; it is probably a double at the most.

I clip the cap and find aromas of fresh strawberries (Amazingly strong), spice (that makes me sneeze twice in quick succession), oak, sweetness and espresso.
Time to light up.

Gobs of woodiness. Great draw. Lots of billowing smoke. And then a blast of red pepper. That shit that made me sneeze. Twice.

Creaminess appears. I always like that early in the game.

I’ve read many of your comments over the years and there is collective group that despises Bradley sticks. I don’t like much of the DE sticks but these people are much more vitriolic.

Bradley has quietly slipped into a Rocky Patel place. House brands for anyone that asks. No daring challenges.

And they don’t crank out enough good blends for the right price. The Mundial and the Raices Cubana cigars are good but too expensive and not worth the dough. I happen to like the Nica Puro with 3 months on it. But the company pushes out the door just as many bundles of 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths as Hansotia and Patel.

A/B is starting to become irrelevant in this new world of brilliant young blenders.

The char line is dead nuts. Flavors are: Creaminess, spice, chocolate, wood, nuttiness, espresso, and sweet cedar.

Black licorice appears and the blessed event is born: Luscious butterscotch.

The Alec Bradley Overture is moments away from becoming a full-fledged flavor bomb.

Construction is superb. I have 1-1/4” of ash hanging off the end with a perfect burn line. The wrapper is in excellent condition considering it sat at the bottom of my humidor like Shamu lies in wait to eat his trainer.

This is an excellent cigar. A wonderful tasty blend that can be had for as little as $3 on auction of $3.75 retail.

The second third begins and the red pepper roars to my delight. “Ooh Daddy! Please get me some cotton candy and popcorn please! And maybe a doobie while you’re at it.”

I just remembered. I won a “Test Flight Sampler” from Got 6 cigars, 3 different sizes for $16. A/B only makes three sizes of this blend and you get all three. Currently there is one up for auction at the $22 price point and no one has bid on it. And it ends at 7:45PM EDT. So, it went up from when I bought it a few months ago. Still $3.67 ain’t bad. It’s cheaper than what Famous charges for a 5 pack. And I guarantee no one will bid against you.

The black licorice becomes very strong. And the mixture of butterscotch, creaminess, coffee, and chocolate make a wonderful combination. I am very pleased that I allowed them to marinate 2-3 months and that I still have four left to smoke.

This cigar is worth your attention. It is not a very unique cigar. Lots of cigars out there with similar flavor profiles. But I have to admit that Bradley put some thought into this blend and just didn’t make a pile of horse shit because it is a house brand.

The strength is a solid medium body. If it is going to become a full bodied stick as advertised, it better do something quickly as I now hit the halfway point.

This is a malt shopped kind of flavor profile. All ice cream. I’ve even had black licorice ice cream and loved it.

The flavor bomb status is secure. It just can’t go anywhere from here because there just ain’t more to give. It is pumping out potency and balance like the Hoover dam.

If I were to find any flaw in the Alec Bradley Overture, it would be that the tobacco itself does not give off any unique sort of standard. High premium cigars manage to make the tobacco blend shine and become a main flavor. That is what is missing in the Alec Bradley Overture. Bradley got all the flavors you’d ever want in this stick except for a rich, deep earthiness. But then that is why it is a $3-$4 stick and not a $9 stick.

Here are the flavors once again: Creaminess, butterscotch, black licorice, chocolate, spice, coffee, nuts, sweet cedar, and chocolate pudding. I know it seems dumb that I considered this twice, but there are two types of chocolate happening.

The last third is upon the Alec Bradley Overture.

I’ve had many Alec Bradley house brands and this, by far, is the best.

Great knock around cigar. And because of the fancy cigar band, one you don’t have to be ashamed of to give to your non-palate moocher friends. They will love it.

The strength remains at medium body. I check the Famous site again and there it is: “Full” under the strength category. Someone was asleep at the wheel.

Complexity finally kicks in. The depth of the flavors is terrific. The balance is spot on. It has an incredibly long chewy finish.

I highly recommend this cigar. Famous worked with A/B and did everyone a big favor by providing a well-constructed cigar that is a real flavor bomb.

The last bit of the stick sees the red pepper go for it. And I can now smell herbal spices emitting from the Alec Bradley Overture.

It doesn’t matter what you think of the Alec Bradley mass array of cigars. This is a good cigar. It is every bit as good as the Prensado, Nica Puro, and very nearly as good as the Tempus.
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2 replies

  1. I’m not a particular fan of AB either, but I don’t have some of the bitterness that a lot of folks seem to. I wonder if it’s the higher ratings that CA seems to like to give the company?

  2. Wow. Was JUST finishing up a Prensado when I clicked onto this review. CA gave Prensado cigar of the year accolades? What the #@&%! I gave it a month in the humi and…nothing. Should have stuck with your top $6 list instead of stretching for this over-hyped stick. Unbelievable!