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I have some great sponsors. Regular guys who are loyal readers.
The list of other great sponsors are Rick Tunstall, John Young, Joseph Talotta, Reek Havok (Yes, that is his legal name), Zelig and a few who prefer to remain anonymous.

Let me tell you about Mike. This man has a second sense. He always knows when I am in dire straits. How he knows this is beyond me.
He is a generous and kind man. A good man. A real bona fide mensch.
I want to thank him in writing for all to see.
I would give anything to live nearby. But S. Carolina is a long drive from Milwaukee.
Just like most of us, Mike has his own baggage. Yet he always reaches out to me when I’m in trouble.
Charlotte hasn’t found a job yet and we are barely getting by.
Mike, and my other sponsors, are godsends.
Thanks Mike and mucho love your way!



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2 replies

  1. I’m in Charlotte, a Navy veteran and it’s tough finding work so I feel you, gone back to college, I’m new to your blog and like it, so if you need an ear, someone helped me and I’m in the area.

  2. Very nice! I am a young struggling college student or I would be more than happy to help my favorite cigar blog. All my dough goes towards school, living and my very bad cigar habit that took the place of a terrible drug addiction. One of these days, I promise, I will send you out some smokes in hopes you haven;t reviewed them yet….keep chuggin along!