C&C Loose Cannon 1206 & C&C Loose Cannon Trigger Happy Updates | Cigar Review


I just had to update these two cigars from Stogie Boys.
In the 4 months I’ve had them and the 3 months since I reviewed them, the became Godzilla and Rodan.
Everyone needs to take a second look at these blends.
They have now become every bit as good as any $9-$10 boutique blend. All they needed was some aging time.
At $5-$6 a stick, they are a steal.

Here is the review of the C&C Loose Cannon 1206 and the review for the C&C Loose Cannon Trigger Happy.
These cigars have become uber complex, much more flavor intense, and smooth. Killer cigars!

You can get them at Stogie Boys. Sheryl King has provided a 10% discount by using Katman10.

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