Nub S.E. Box Pressed Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro
Binder: Habano Maduro
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 4 x 60
Body: Full
Price: $7.00



Today we take a look at the new Nub S.E. Box Pressed Maduro.

This is the first Nub I’ve reviewed. I remember when the Nub came out in 2007, the uproar and demand it created. Everyone had to have them. Prices skyrocketed.
“How could they do this? Make the whole cigar the sweet spot?”

I tried a couple and didn’t see what the brouhaha was all about. I find the squat size uncomfortable and awkward to handle; especially at the end of the burn.

Sam Leccia was the new “Star” of the industry and then contract disputes occurred. Sam left or was asked to leave. That story varies. And Oliva had him by the balls in terms of contract obligations. Leccia couldn’t make his own blend for a year or two or three. I don’t remember the gory details.

So Oliva runs the show on the Nub but Studio Tobac got involved. This new Double Maduro is their foray into the short and squat cigar business.
When I read about the Nub S.E. Box Pressed Maduro, I had a gut feeling this was going to knock it out of the ballpark; regardless of my snobbery.
Well, I did get some on Cbid.

This is a very pretty cigar. Solid. A nearly perfect, crisp box press in the shape of a square. Seams are invisible. Very few veins. A perfectly applied triple cap. Entirely invisible. It just morphs from the cigar to the cap. And very oily, dark chocolate brown.

I clip the cap and find aromas of chocolate, spice, hay, espresso, a bit of soy sauce, and cedar.
Time to light up.

The draw is voluminous. And Bam! Loads of spice! A pepper bomb right from the get go. Tons of chocolate. A buttery, oily feeling on the lips.

Creaminess. This is the first Nub I’ve smoked where the claim of it being the sweet spot from the start is actually true.

The box press is comfortable in the mouth. Orange liqueur shows up ala Gran Marnier.

The spiciness makes all of my orifices water. It is like biting into a jalapeno.

A sweetness occurs. It is the chocolate taking on the flavor of a chocolate truffle. Smooth and intense.
Wood enters and becomes an integral part of the flavor profile.

The strength starts out at medium/full.

With ¾” burned, the cigar becomes complex. The balance is nice but can do better. And a nice long finish.

The chocolate and cream are so strong, and getting stronger, that I grab a Diet Coke instead of bottled water. I can definitely get an Egg Cream experience from this blend.

I smoked one last night and the nice surprise was how it stayed lit while I did a couple things around the house before coming back to it.

I saw a great documentary last night. See it if you can. “Standing in the Shadows of Motown.” It is on Starz and won’t be played again til Feb. 20. A 90 minute soul-umentary that is gut stirring. It is the story of the Funk Brothers. The session players that made the Motown sound. There were dozens of players that came and went during the heyday of Hitsville USA. Almost half are gone now but there is still enough so they could put on a live concert with various great singers. Wonderful. Try and program it.
I loved the part they did on James Jamerson…the greatest bass player of all time. Long gone now but what a thrill to watch him play.

Back to the Nub S.E. Box Pressed Maduro. I got an inch of nice looking ash when it disintegrates near the ashtray.
The construction is immaculate. No burn issues. The wrapper is perfect. And the cap couldn’t be more sturdy.

I will do this in halves because of the short length.

There is a fruitiness comprised of plums, raisins, and summer fruit.

One misnomer about the Nub is that they are supposed to approximate a long or bigger cigar in burn time. I’ve never found this to be the case. This size is compared to a Churchill and claims to be a 58 minute smoke. And equivalent to a 6.75 x 50 size. I don’t see it. I am nearing the halfway point and I’ve invested 20 minutes.

Plus any Churchill I’ve smoked has taken, roughly, 90 minutes.

And if you’ve smoked a Nub, you know that the last portion of the cigar is damn near impossible to complete. If you have some sort of device to hold it; like a roach clip, then maybe.

The cigar is brilliantly delicious. It is the most flavorful of all the other Nub blends. And I’ve smoked them all. This is a giant leap for cigar smoking mankind.

Here is the kicker. I’ve only had the Nub S.E. Box Pressed Maduro for 3 days. It shocked the shit out of me too. I won 7 on Cbid for $5 each so I though why the hell not try it?

I’m very happy about this purchase as this Nub takes the whole line and adds a gunslinger’s notch on it.

I reach the halfway point. 25 minutes.

It is here that the real sweet spot occurs.

Here they are: Spice, chocolate, cream, fruit, cedar, wood, orange citrus, and some leather.

I carefully remove the main cigar band. But the box pressed corners are so crisp that it leaves bend marks on the band. I try to straighten it out so the photos are pretty but it’s impossible. Should have thought of this last night and let a band sit all night underneath something heavy. Woulda’ Coulda’ Shoulda’.

The Nub S.E. Box Pressed Maduro is so good that it will be a regular staple in my humidor from now on. In fact, I just went to Cbid and bid on a box. I’m CK. There are two boxes available and one 5 pack. Snag them because word will get out on these.

The cigar reaches full bodied.

I think most smokers are burned out on the Nub. What it has going for it is its low price point.

Damn. This is a bona fide flavor bomb. I hope you’ve noticed that I’ve pulled back on using that term. Readers are making fun of me. Poor me. LOL.

Off the cuff, I can’t think of another cigar this is this chocolate and cream heavy.

And for you Tatuaje fans, the Pudgy Monsters box can be had for at least 30% less than retail. I got one for $63. I wasn’t paying attention but these are not the Little Monsters.. They are in between size sticks. Which means I can review them once again. Size matters. Change the wrapper vs. filler ratio and you may have a different cigar.

Time to grab “The Cigar Clip.” CI has them for $9. It’s an ingenious little gizmo. But the tension does smoosh the roach.

The price point. No issues. This is a fine little cigar. The only issue I have is that less than accurate prediction of smoke time I have an inch to go and I’ve invested maybe 40 minutes of smoke time.

I have to stop with ¾” to go. The Nub S.E. Box Pressed Maduro becomes very harsh and hot.

I highly recommend trying this cigar and coming to your own conclusions.
9 Protection Status


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