Pudgy Monsters Wolf by Tatuaje | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5.5 x 52 “Box Pressed”
Body: Medium
Price: $9.50

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Today we take a look at the new Tatuaje Wolf from the Pudgy Monsters collection.

As you know, the collection was released late summer 2014. The cigars are all in between sizes between Little Monsters and Tatuaje Monster Series.
This one is based on the Wolfman.




From CI web site:
“With the success of the Little Monsters, Pete Johnson has released his newest creation…the Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters. The Monster series of cigars have been around since 2008, and this sampler includes rereleased versions of the highly sought after annual blends. The Pudgy Monsters are sized somewhere between the Little Monster and the original size, giving each cigar a slightly different smoking experience. Included with the five previous blends are two new Monsters, the Chuck and Tiff, of Child’s Play filmdom.”

The Pudgy Monsters series consists of 10 cigars. There is one cigar per blend that has previously been released in the Monsters series. The new blends, Chuck and Tiff contain two cigars. Retails for $95.00 I got mine on Cbid for $63.00

Wolf: 5 1/2 x 52
Wolfie: 5 1/2 x 48
The Wolfman: 7 1/2 x 52

The Tatuaje Pudgy Monster Sampler Box:
1 – Tatuaje Frank (5.6 x 49)
1 – Tatuaje Drac (5 x 52)
1 – Tatuaje Face (4.3 x 56)
1 – Tatuaje Wolf (5.5 x 52)
1 – Tatuaje Mummy (5.7 x 47)
1 – Tatuaje Jason (5.5 x 52)
2 – Tatuaje Chuck (4 x 50)
2 – Tatuaje Tiff (4 x 50)

To my horror, I discover that I never reviewed any of the Little Monster series on this blog. I reviewed it for Rocky’s Cigars. And of course, to this day they don’t give me credit for writing 100+ reviews. They took my name off of every single review. Yet left most of the after review rock n roll stories.

The Little Wolfie has the same leaf stats just a different size than the Wolf. It was 5.5 x 48. Still made at the My Father Factory.

I do believe this review should dredge up an old disgusting road story of me and Eddie Munster in the early/mid 1980’s.

The Wolf is a gorgeous stick. Invisible seams. Nearly zero veins. A perfect triple cap..ahem..almost perfect. I received the cigar with a big crack in the cap. How this will affect my experience….I just don’t know. All of the remaining sticks are in perfect condition.

I carefully clip an eighth of an inch off the cracked cap and find aromas of floral notes, cinnamon, buttery, cedar, coffee, hay, and strong leather.
Time to light up. Cross your fingers campers.

The crack immediately travels at least an inch.

I get a Garcia Blast of Pepper. Black pepper. And cedar and intense sweetness.

I took the lazy way out when removing the cigars from the box and placing them in my humidor. None of the bands say what the blend is so I took a felt tip pen and wrote the blend on the back of the cigar band. And then I thought…”Damn..the photos at the end of the cigar will look amateurish.”

Of course, if the crack continues to travel, all is for naught.

I know, I know is use it too often but this about as close to being a flavor bomb after only 1/8” is smoked.

The burn on the shaggy foot is terribly uneven requiring a major touch up. That shaggy part is half an inch long.

The coffee flavor becomes a café latte. I can almost taste the foam. And then a major element shows up: Orange citrus. Wonderful.

Here they are after only half an inch: Spice, creamy, coffee, cedar, fruity sweetness, and leather. All very potent.

The balance is very nice as well as the long chewy finish.

Oh God, Michael McDonald is playing on my cable station while he was still with the Doobie Brothers. I met Tiran Porter, the longtime bassist for the Doobie Brothers in 1984 at a small jazz club in Santa Cruz. A very upscale town full of rich Hippies at the time. He told us how badly McDonald treated everyone and how the Doobies were horn swaggled into allowing him to join. He had nothing good to say about the man. He was playing in the three piece jazz band at the club. And I introduced myself and he sat down with me and the fellas. After watching a couple sets of him playing bass, I wanted to go home and set my bass on fire.

The draw on the Tatuaje Wolf is impeccable. But the wrapper is separating at the cap. I have no idea how to fix it because it is really fucked up.
It finally opens up enough where I can get some glue into the cavern.

The cream and orange citrus remind me of an orange Creamsicle. That orange flavored ice covering the vanilla ice cream while the ice falls apart and you end up wearing it. Those were the days of summer youth.

But the creamy coffee element is just as strong.

I played in a band with a drummer who had his own ice cream truck. He sold popsicles to the kids and weed to the parents. No kidding. Real story. He eventually got caught and never heard from him again.

The spiciness is beginning to tamp down.

The char line is now behaving and is razor sharp.

The wrapper is an unusual color. Sort of a cross between a Connecticut, Sumatran, and a light Habano.

The strength is medium body.

The second third begins.

The orange citrus gets a bitter note like biting into the skin of an orange.

The price point. I don’t know. $9.50 is a lot. And the whole thing is just another gimmick. It is a clever gimmick, but a gimmick at the end of the day. Another way to sell cigars.

Take the same blends and change the size and re-sell them with all new packaging.
Sure, the brains behind the blend: Pete Johnson and Pepin Garcia are notables. But still a gimmick.
I wouldn’t pay the retail of $95 for the box of 10 cigars. I lucked out on Cbid and got the box for $63. Now averaging it out, $6.30 is a good price for any of the blends. Try not to spend retail for this. I wouldn’t put any of these cigars in the $9-$10 per stick pocket. You are mostly buying the PR.

I just checked Cbid and they have only Pudgy Monsters box but it is on their Free Fall device. So if you are patient, who knows how cheap you can get it for.

I will keep an eye on it while I smoke and write and report the lowest price I see. Right now, it is at $79.80 and then resets. Even a $15 savings is good. But I know it will go lower if you are patient.

Or if it shows up again on Cbid, cross your fingers that the auction ends on a Saturday night. That is the best time to get the lowest prices on anything they auction.

The flavors change as I approach the halfway point. They sort of flatten out. The coffee element is minimal. The creaminess sort of disappears. The spice is at its lowest setting. Leaving the orange citrus to be the strongest flavor. The cedar is still potent though.

I reach the halfway point.

The strength hits a tad bit higher than medium and is nearly medium/full.

A crack forms near the foot. Is there no justice?

The draw becomes difficult at this point. I’m afraid to use my cigar awl to poke it for fear of cracking it even more.
All hell is going to break loose when I remove the cigar band.

The flavors flattened out considerably during the halfway point.

The last third begins.

And the flavors return.

Creaminess, orange citrus, coffee, cedar, leather, and sweetness are in fine form now.

Even the spiciness spikes.

The orange Creamsicle flavor returns.

This is a very nice cigar. But nothing I’ve tasted puts it in the $9-$10 category.

There is finally some complexity. A nice balance and long finish. But I revoke the flavor bomb status I tasted at the start.

I still have 9 sticks to review from the Pudgy Monsters collection. Not sure if I’m going to review them all.

Let’s face it. A Tat is a Tat. The same thread runs through all the blends. They are fine cigars and have the magic touch of Pepin Garcia upon them. But since I have only one of each, the decision is hard. I doubt if there is a single reader out there that hasn’t smoked these cigars. So I’m looking at a fair amount of redundancy.

Damn it’s cold outside. 1°. We are getting a cold snap. The past couple of weeks have been in the 30’s. To us in Wisconsin, that’s like summer weather. But 1°? Yikes. My testicles are frozen solid because I have the adjacent window open for ventilation and let the sun in for my photos.

The last third is the sweet spot for the Tatuaje Wolf.

I’ve kept an eye on Cbid and the lowest I’ve seen is $75.04. A $20 savings ain’t bad at all.

Look, if you haven’t bought the box, you probably will. I know guys that have bought several. But do your Uncle Katman a favor and save some dough by using Cbid. I saved $32 on a box.

The Tatuaje Wolf finishes clean. No harshness or bitterness. Nice and cool. And while the cracked cap gave me worry at first, in the end it didn’t have a serious impact on the cigar’s construction.

And now for something completely different:

I needed therapy. I was working 7 days a week at my recording studio. Doing 12-14 hour days or more. Most days, I was there from 10am-2am.

And I was trying to keep a hold of the Eddie Munster project by the tail. Butch had enormous charisma when he was sober. But he drove me crazy when he drank. The curse ran rampant in his family. If I remember correctly, his father married 5 times and his mother, six. I would drink too.

Someone recommended a therapy called Biofeedback. It is done by yourself at a therapist’s office and it teaches you to calm yourself.

So I tried it. I didn’t want to see a shrink. I just wanted to learn how to be calm because between the studio and Butch, I was a wreck.

You lay on a couch and they attach a couple thingamajobs on your forehead that are connected to a little remote control.

The remote would make a beeping sound and if it beeped a lot, you were excited. If it beeped with big gaps between the beeps, you were calm.

So you learned how to make the beeps far apart. I found it worked beautifully because it taught me how to get into the zone. Like any introspective form of self-hypnosis or meditation. You recognize the feelings in your body when you are losing it and you go sit down, close your eyes and then find that Zen place again. It took about 20 minutes and worked like a charm.

I got talked into talking to the shrink to monitor my progress with the biofeedback and Wham! Next thing I knew, I was seeing him once a week.

I told him about how Butch drove me crazy. The shrink was a very old Freudian master. Well known in his field. To show you how interested he was in my life, he sometimes nodded off.

I gave him the whole story about Butch. And like nothing, he told me to dump him. “He’s a loser.”

I rebutted but got nowhere. I should have listened. The project eventually ended up in the toilet after Rocshire Records went to prison for embezzlement. And the nearly $50K they owed me never got to me as the FBI took it. I pumped every dime from the studio I had into the project. I even got a second mortgage on my house.

We had sold almost 200,000 singles. We were hot. We did TV all over the country. And then it was dead. Butch approached Universal Studios with the idea of a TV show about Eddie and the Monsters. Using a script I wrote. Using the music video I wrote, produced and directed. And the single I produced and even played on.

You never see the video on YouTube because I don’t want to make it public property. I have a federal copyright on it and that’s how I make money from it to this day. Whenever some TV show does a retrospective of child actors, Butch is always in it. And they have to pay me to show part, or all, of the video. I make an average of $2500. So no YouTube. The audio is on YouTube but not the video.

Side Note: For you winners of the Perfecto Cigar Holder will see their packages soon as I intend to mail them today. The owner of the company put the onus on me to mail them even though I asked him nicely to mail all 12 packages. I told him all I needed was 4 or 5 and he sent me 12. And then became extremely disappointed when thousands of readers didn’t enter the contest. Yeah, like that’s my fault.


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