PIO Resurrection | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto-Box Pressed”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $9.50




Today we take a look at the PIO Resurrection.

“PIO Resurrection is made in super-limited quantities in Miami, Florida. These full-bodied beauties are rolled with Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers, Ecuadorian binders, and filler leaves from the Dominican Republic for notes of molasses, coffee, roasted nuts, and black pepper. Flawless box-pressed construction provides an easy draw and picture-perfect burn that will have you smoking one after another.”

The PIO Cigar Co. made its debut in 1996. It set up shop in Miami in Little Havana. The factory started with only four rollers. The owner and master blender is Alberto Medina.

I started smoking PIO cigars when they first came out in 2010. I found them at my local B & M. I was hooked big time. I reviewed the cigar for several online store blogs as well as my old cigar review blog. I was in love with this stick.

If the cigar first came out in either 2013 or 2014, it would have made my Top 25 List.

I’ve read some reviews on this cigar that are less than courteous. I have no idea why. This blend makes love to my palate. But different strokes, etc.

The PIO Resurrection looks like a chocolate candy bar. It has a beautiful box press. Seams are near invisible. And nearly zero veins. The cigar is packed perfectly without a single soft spot. The cap is rounded and impeccably applied. It is impossible to discern where the cigar stops and the caps begin. The chocolate brown wrapper is very oily and very smooth. I rarely mention cigar bands but this one is classy.

I clip the cap and find aromas of chocolate, floral notes, caramel, cedar, leather, and a sweet fruity aroma along the shaft.
Time to light up.

Right away, flavors wash over my palate like a warm massage.

Chocolate is very prominent. Then comes floral notes and molasses. This is followed by roasted almonds. I taste marzipan. Immediately after this, I taste espresso. But rather than just a strong coffee taste, there is a caramel macchiato flavor.

At the 1” mark, spice yells bombs away. It is black pepper. I can feel it in the back of my throat.

A nice creamy element shows itself. Now the transition is from looking like a candy bar to tasting like one.

The chocolate has a mousse-like quality. Remember the U-No candy bars? I craved them as a kid. Very sophisticated in that it was a dark chocolate covering over this soft mousse filling. Like a truffle. Look at the photo. The PIO even looks like it. Back when dinosaurs roamed the planet, I paid 10 cents for a candy bar. The U-No bar was an unheard of 15 cents. And it was small on top of that.

The PIO Resurrection is one of the more candy bar-like cigars I’ve smoked. It is just oozing a dark bittersweet chocolate. I smoked so many of them that I got burned out and stopped. This brings it all rushing back. What a great cigar.

Here they are: Chocolate, spice, nuts, chocolate mousse, raisins, coffee, sweetness, and wood.

The spice has cleared my sinuses out completely. I love that. I also love that this is a slow smoke. Just jam packed with tobacco without a single soft spot. But the absolute proper amount of give when squeezed.

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Cinnamon is added. Plus a Nutella flavor which is chocolate and hazelnut. When I lived in England, I damn near lived on the stuff. It would not hit America for decades so it was a brand new treat for me. There was nothing like it. The milkman delivered your milk in BOTTLES every morning and you could pick the cream percentage. We always got the highest cream content because the cream floated on the top of the milk. We carefully removed the cardboard cap and put the cream in our coffee or tea. Yes, I learned how to drink tea with milk in it while in England. Weird at first but quickly became an everyday affair. And the word “cookie” was never spoken again. It was “biscuits.”

The second third begins.

Lemon/orange citrus arrives. And then the cigar hits its complexity status.
The strength started out at classic medium body but is now moving into medium/full.

There is a slight comparison to a Padron 1964 with this blend. For a lot less dough.

The cigars are not shipped in cellos. This allows for extra aging and picking up all those wonderful flavors from the rest of the seller’s humidor. It also makes it quick on the draw in terms of your possession of the PIO Resurrection.

The only thing it is missing is creaminess. And to prove what a shlub I am; as I write this, I get my first advance warning of some cream in the flavor profile.

The char line has been absolutely impeccable. Razor sharp char line. And the rest of the construction is top notch.

The box press corners are so sharp that when I remove the cigar band there are creases in it.

The flavor profile is screaming laughter. Complex, perfectly balanced with a long chocolaty finish. Intense chocolate.

Yesterday was my birthday. I am now 65. My dear wife had a sugar free chocolate cake made for me. It was deelish.

I reach the halfway point.

This cigar is friggin ridiculous. It is so flavorful I could plotz.

I sit back and just enjoy the cigar.

Oops. I am now at the last third. Damn daydreaming. LOL

I think this is a great cigar. You should buy some. Whether it is a 5 pack or a box. I want a box.

But I cannot afford one as I am a poor old man. But another 5 pack would go down well.
I pull the trigger on a 5 pack of Churchills.

The strength is medium/full.

One last time for the PIO Resurrection flavors: Chocolate, spice, creaminess, sweetness, coffee, floral notes, wood, raisins, and citrus.
I don’t have a single criticism on the construction. While the Headlines 2nd Edition fell apart on me, the PIO Resurrection is solid.
The flavors never stop intensifying with each puff.

The PIO Resurrection finishes perfectly. No harshness. No heat. No bitterness. Cool as a cuke. And the stick ends with a full body experience.


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