Crux Passport | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5.5 x 44 “Corona Gorda”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $6.00



Today we take a look at the Crux Passport from Crux Premium Sticks.

Yesterday, I reviewed the Classic Marblehead. Marblehead meaning it had a “109” head with is sort of like a Conehead cap.

The Passport does not have the 109 cap although the 4.875 x 47 and the 6 x 48 come with the Marblehead cap.

Five sizes: 4 x 42, 4.875 x 47, 5.5 x 44, 6 x 48, and7 x 40. Prices range from $6.00-$9.00.

The cigars are made at the Plasencia factory.

I was extremely impressed with the Classic I reviewed yesterday. It would be very hard to keep up with that blend but let’s see.

The construction is sort of a mess. Funky seams, loads of veins, bumps, and just plain rustic looking. Like a limb on a tree. The wrapper is medium brown in color. With a nice bit of oiliness and very toothy to the touch.

I clip the cap and find aromas of a wonderful floral scent, herbal notes, cedar, and leather.
Time to light up.

The first flavor is sort of a creamy fettuccini alfredo. I can taste Italian spices and a big touch of black pepper that always goes with fettuccini alfredo.

The Crux Passport is following the path that the Classic took. A slow roll of flavors being unfolded slowly as if telling a story. There is no rush, no 2 minutes and I’m done, honey..about it.

Chocolate. Like the kind that covers pretzels. Milk chocolate. With toasty and malt notes.

There is a fruity sweetness. All I can think of is strawberries but then I realize that strawberries are too potent for what I can taste. It is more like a tart kiwi. Close enough.

The char line is not behaving but does not need a touch up quite yet. The Classic maintained a tight and sharp burn line throughout.

The Crux web site tells us nothing about the creators so I found this on

“Crux Cigars is the creation of Jeff Haugen and Joel Rogers, who also happen to be co-owners of Tobacco Grove in Maple Grove, Minn., as well as the cigar case company Armored Humidors.”

The boys have four other blends: Skeeterz 4 x 32, Ninfamaniac 7 x 33, and the Bull and Bear 5.55 and 6 x 60, and the Classic.

All of the Crux blends are only available at your local B & M’s. The only online store is Cigar Federation. The list of B & M’s is impressive. Even two stores here in Milwaukee.

Like the Classic, the cigar is packed tightly and smokes slowly.
There are varying notes of toastiness, nuttiness, leather, wood and meatiness.

Also, a slight orange citrus. And following that comes a bit of coffee enhanced by the creaminess.

The char line works things out on its own.

The black pepper comes and goes as it pleases.

The strength is classic medium body.

The second third begins.

So far, I like the Classic better. It was much more complex and much sooner. The Crux Passport is just an OK cigar at the moment. The reason I bought this size is due to the inherent intensity this size often presents. I am not getting excited.

The price point. $6.00 is on the money for this size and based on the blend. Paying $8 or $9 for the bigger ring gauges…well…I don’t know. I would have to finish this stick before I make that decision.

There is one thing I really like….the consistent black pepper notes that hover in the back of my throat really keeping that creamy fettuccini alfredo thing going. Which in turn, keeps those herbal notes on point.

The orange citrus gets stronger and finds a partner with the chocolate. That chocolate covered pretzel component is now gone. But the wood, leather, toasty, and nutty elements are on cruise control.

This is a cigar for the sophisticated palate. Not quite as much as the Classic but in the same inbred family. The first third didn’t seem to prove that out. But as I approach the halfway point, the Crux Passport finds its complexity. Like the Classic, at times, flavors are subtle and nuanced.

There is no flare or intensity. But it does have a nice simple balance with a long finish.

The coffee becomes mocha java.

Damn. Cold where you are? At least there is no snow here. Too cold. Around 20 below zero with 30mph winds.

And did you suffer through Valentine’s Day yet? Thank God I’m married to a German national. They don’t have this corporate generated holiday in Germany and she doesn’t get it. She thinks the whole thing is ridiculous…therefore, so do I. What a relief not to worry about buying flowers and chocolates for her for the last 31 years.

So I bought her flowers and a dozen chocolate dipped strawberries when I was at Costco yesterday. Yeah, I’m a chump.

Normally, that woman would not go out in this weather unless there was a penis pointed at her head. But for our wedding anniversary, I got her some stuff but also some gift cards for department stores. So she bundled up and headed out into this God forsaken weather to go shopping at the mall.

That killed 2 minutes. I am at the halfway point.

The coffee surges along with the chocolate.

The strength hits medium/full at this point in the smoke.

I’m impressed with the construction. This kind of cold does terrible things to my cigars. The temp in our two story house goes down into the low 50’s at night…maybe lower. Energy is expensive in Wisconsin.

So one must be diligent about maintaining your humidors if you live in the same type of weather. I must check my humidors half a dozen times or more per day.

I’m making the changeover to 70% Rh crystal beads instead of Boveda packets. It’s cheaper and the beads never need replacement. I got a 15lb bag for $14.00 and free shipping.

The last third begins and this is where the Crux Passport gets really interesting.

I’ve only smoked the Classic and the Passport now. I want to try the other four blends.

The flavors grow in intensity but not explosive. Instead, they merge into one giant flavor ball that is full of all the previous listed flavors: Creamy, coffee, chocolate, malt, floral, herbal notes, orange citrus, cedar, wood, leather, toasty, nutty, and a touch of meatiness. Very nice.

This is an excellent blend. The Crux Passport is just damn outstanding. I’m guessing that the month of humidor time will allow the flavors to expand and find themselves in the start of the cigar and not the end. Now about those higher prices…$6.00 for this Corona Gorda is fantastic price. $8.00-$9.00 for the bigger sticks, if they have the same profile as this little firecracker, I’d have to say go for it.

I took a break while writing and bought two of the blends I haven’t tried: Bull and Bear and Ninfamaniac.

With little more than an inch to go, the blend hits the super charger. For the first time in the smoking experience, the flavor profile goes nuts. It just explodes with intensity. The strength remains at medium/full. No nicotine. No harshness. Just like getting to the Tootsie Roll in the center of a Tootsie Pop. Used to love those as a kid.

It appears that the owners of Crux, Jeff Haugen and Joel Rogers, truly know what the hell they are doing. They will become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Now that I’ve mentioned the Tootsie Roll, the last bit of Crux Passport reminds me of one. Creamy chocolate. But also very toasty and nutty. Lovely.
I most definitely recommend the Crux Passport.
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