BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5.7 x 56 “Toro – The Crossbar”
Body: Medium
Price: $10.00




Today we take a look at the BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent Cigars – “The Crossbar”
It is made by Rocky Patel Premium Cigars at his Esteli factory.

It is an homage to the great Bernie Parent of Philadelphia Flyers goalie that helped give the Flyers two back to back Stanley Cups. Plus many more personal awards. He played hockey from 1965-1979. Back then, I was a huge hockey fan. And I definitely remember him. My dad had company tickets to the L.A. Forum so I got great seats to see hockey and basketball.

This is the second cigar by Patel made as an homage to an athlete with the first being baseball player Gary Sheffield. Now that was a great cigar and lulled me into a false sense of well-being that this “Homage” cigar would be great too.

While these cigars are not cheap, I paid $6 on Cbid for four sticks.

Three other sizes: 7 x 60 “Between the Pipes” $12.60, 6.2 x 52 Torpedo “Hall of Fame ‘84” $10.85, and 4 x 54 “Short Robusto” $7.65.

The cigar’s name is one more homage to Parent as it was is jersey number.

There is a BSB 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition box of 12 cigars that contain 3 different blends: Habano, Sumatran, and Broadleaf wrappers. All the same size: Toros. And each box contains an autographed puck from Parent. Only 1000 boxes were made at $160 a pop or $13.33 a stick. Yikes!

I’ve had this stick for only 7 weeks now. And that scares the bejeezus out of me. A Patel blend ready in only 7 weeks? I’m forging ahead and if nothing else I can report on its potential.

Construction is consistent from one stick to another. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper is a gorgeous, very oily, dark chocolate brown. Seams are tight. Veins are hidden by the darkness of the wrapper. The triple cap is nicely done but some caps are flat and others rounded. There is a small sense of toothiness to the touch.

I clip the cap and find aromas of spice, chocolate, cedar, floral notes, honey, and leather.
Time to light up.

Takes a while to toast this large foot. I’m rewarded with a bunch of flavor: Chocolate, red pepper, coffee, sweetness,
It’s a good start.

The burn line begins wavy but I will wait on it.

The BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent is spewing smoke like an industrial chimney in Pittsburgh.

Funny though, the cigar should really be called BSB No.1 “The Crossbar” by Bernie Parent Cigars by Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. That would make the online stores go nuts.

I couldn’t sleep so here I sit at 6am writing a stupid review. I crack the window and a blast of arctic air sweeps the dining room. I check the weather and it is -28° with wind chill. And my darling wife, who never goes out in this weather, is going back to the mall to finish her anniversary gift card shopping. She was very proud of herself yesterday when she got home. $450 in card money. Sales galore so $800 in clothes and girly stuff. Not a single word to me about cigars and I better not buy anymore.
A bag by Liz Claiborne can soothe the savage breast.

The BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent is chocolate heavy. A bit of saltiness going on but not obtrusive.

A sour element shows up. It is citrus. But even more tart than lemon. It nearly zeroes out the sweetness element.
It is missing the creaminess factor but it is early. I have a Diet Coke just for when it appears. Love my Egg Cream.

I got my four sticks close to 7 weeks ago. And this is the second one I’ve smoked. I lit up the first one at the 4 week mark. Not ready although there was potential sneaking out from under its skirt. Three weeks later, here I am. I think I made the right decision. This may actually be the first “Homage” cigar that is good. And for $10, it better be.

Another funny thing, it Patel’s previous life, he was an entertainment lawyer. Yet his two Homage cigars are sports greats. What? Beyoncé not good enough for you Rocky? Who wouldn’t smoke a cigar named after Walter Brennan? The cigar band could be that toothless smile and crinkly eyes. Or how about the Andy Griffith? “Hey Opie.” Now I would definitely buy a “Barney Fife” cigar. Just put one bullet on the cigar band.

I have some cracking going on between the band and the foot.

And the char line needs a major touch up. When I put lighter to foot, smoke pours out of the seams that appeared tight but, obviously, are not. So much for dashed expectations.

And once again, I say it’s not me. I’ve reviewed cigars in the last few days that were magnificently constructed and posed zero problems.
The rolling of the BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent appears to be not up to snuff.

Creaminess jumps in at last around the 1-1/2” point. Something else. The chocolate merges with the citrus and coffee and creaminess and creates sort of an odd flavor.

The citrus is lemony but also has an orange zest flavor as well. It creates a fruity bitterness.

It is always a problem as one’s palate develops. You begin to taste phantom flavors. I’ve read some of the reviews from the younger fellas and they taste things I never knew you could taste. It’s like thinking too hard or something.

The BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent is a pleasant cigar but 7 weeks might not be enough humidor time. It might need months. Or maybe this is all there is.
The second third begins.

The flavors are potent and zesty but not complex. No real balance.

I don’t get it. There are dozens and dozens of brilliant blenders out there who can make a cigar that can be smoked around the 3 week mark. And get the full intent of the blender’s imagination. And then there are the old school guys who just won’t let go. You either humidor rest their cigars for 9 months or go home. The problem with that is that these manufacturers want great reviews but if you can’t really determine the full extent of the flavor profile for ¾ of a year, then what are they thinking? They get so so reviews. Unless they are a reviewer’s sponsor and then they get a kind and polite review.

The char line is a mess and needs another fix.

The HR500 Gary Sheffield only got 6 weeks of humidor rest from me and it was fantastic.

Here is where I admit to being a real dumbass. I got four singles on Cbid a couple months ago. I paid $6 a stick.

Then not long ago, someone had a special and I got a 5 pack for $20. I had read all these wonderful reviews. And I fell for it.

The BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent has been out for around 18 months or so. The other reviews I read had either this set of double bands or a completely different band.

The one review I didn’t read describes exactly what I am going through. And this is a well-respected A List reviewer. So now I feel duped.

The wrapper is trying to escape at the burn line to the band. Too much to glue. Will have to wait and hope it burns away and doesn’t travel.
Well, it does travel so I bring out the glue and fuck up the cigar even more. Now it’s wrinkly.

The flavor profile hasn’t changed an iota. Except for maybe flattening out. Only two flavors exist: Citrus and chocolate way, way back behind the citrus.

I should add that the reviewer who gave the BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent a similar review as I did is not tied to Patel and was gifted the cigar by a friend. Interesting.

What would be really good for the reviewing folks is no sponsors allowed. Everyone has to go out and buy their own cigars. Can you imagine how that would revolutionize this little business of reviewing? In fact, it would no longer be a business with reviewers cowering under the might of their sponsors. Truth would blossom. And I would just melt into the wood work.

“Daylight come and me wanna go home.”
Weird starting a review so early.

I reach the halfway point.

I’ve invested a good 60 minutes, or longer, in this smoke.

If I weren’t reviewing it, I’d have put it down by now. But I am hoping there is redemption found in the last third.

On the good news front, we got our taxes back and I immediately bought a cart full of cigars. More cigars for me to enjoy than for review. Review cigars are twice the cost of what enjoyment cigars are. This is the first time since last tax return that I have been able to stock up and allow good cigars to rest appropriately.

What a boor ass this blend is. Damn. I may never eat an orange or put lemon on my fish again.

The strength has been medium body this whole time. Where is the oomph? Where is the Ha-Cha-Cha?

WHAT? It’s life I tell you! LIFE!

The BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent is showing life. 2-1/2” to go and the cigar comes to the surface choking and gurgling expelling the water from its gullet that was drowning it.

The chocolate blooms. Sweetness returns. So does the creaminess. The citrus is not alone. It becomes paranoid looking over its shoulder quickly to see who is there.


This concludes ladies and germs that either the BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent needs 9 months of humidor time or the spark of life only germinates in the last half. I would have had to shoot myself if I would spend another hour of doldrums.

No more wrapper tearing. The cigar goes out so I re-light it fixing the char line. Fingers crossed from here on in.
I’m going back to bed when I’m done.

Well, not right to bed. Walmart had this killer deal on Medjool dates. $1.50 for an 8oz container. This shit goes for $5-$7. So I bought a bunch and now I’m paying the real price. Toilet be thy name.

The BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent gets better with each puff and puts a big smile on my puss.

I won’t mention the online store in Florida. But it is a big one. The manager had me writing for him a few years ago and I used that term: Puss. As in face.
He called me and told me that he couldn’t post that. It was dirty. I had to explain to this non-green card gentleman that it is a colloquialism. Puss means face not vagina. Then his whole staff got on the speaker phone to help me understand I was wrong. I don’t think they had green cards either. I couldn’t take it anymore so I just told them to substitute the word “face.” For chrissakes. Foreigners. LOL!

I shouldn’t say that. I’m only first generation in this country myself. German/Hungarian. Tiny part of both families escaped just before the Holocaust in the late 1930’s. The rest of the family stayed and then disappeared forever.
Family get togethers were very small.

Back to the BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent. This blend is now complex. Nice balance. Long finish. This is what it will taste like 8 months from now. I hope since I have 7 in my humidor. (What a schmuck).

The last third begins. I will make it short. (HA!)

More small cracks form. Drat.

It’s not me, I tell you, it’s not me. I now have four humidors full of cigars all at 69%-70% humidity. Most are there for my everyday enjoyment and I haven’t had trouble with a single one. Until this morning. It is the rolling.

I’m pushing two hours with the BSB No.1 by Bernie Parent and I’m bored silly.
Let’s just say that the rest of the last third is tasty and leave it at that.
Oh yes…the price point. $10.00?. Don’t think so. $6.00? OK. $4.00. Now we’re talking.
9 Protection Status


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