Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2012 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Dominican Sun Grown Rosado
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican (Same as Don Carlos)
Size: 5.75 x 48 “Corona Gorda – Soft Box Press”
Body: Mild/Medium
Price: $9.50 Original Pricing/ The 2014 is $16.00 (This goes beyond the cost of living index by a factor of ….GREED)



Today we take a look at an oldie but real goodie: Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2012.

This was the first in a line of 3 consecutive years in which an Unnamed Reserve was released.
Good luck finding one now. They were an extremely limited production.
Thanks to Brian Gulley, I have one.

Naturally, the cigar was produced at the Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia Factory.
2012 marked the 100th year that the Fuentes made cigars.

When it was released, the Fuentes kept the leaf stats close to their chest and did not release them. Now, we know.

The follow up in 2013, saw the release of two Unnamed Reserva cigars. One was a Toro (5.75 x 50) and the other a Robusto (5.25 x 48).
And of course, in 2014, it is the dreaded Gordo 6 x 60. WTF?

Whoever is whispering into the ears of cigar makers saying that there aren’t enough giant cigars in the world needs to be shot.
But I have my favorite size: the Corona Gorda.

It has held up pretty well for a stick that is 2-1/2 years old. Barry coddles his cigar collection. The seams are kind of sloppy. Lots of non-geometric veins. The dark brown wrapper feels dry. And the innards feel like there isn’t much tobacco beneath the wrapper. When I gently push on the stick, I hear a cracking and feel no resistance. And even a place where it looks like the roller had to fix the wrapper seam. The triple cap is nicely done.

As is the course for most of the Fuente blends, it is damn near impossible to know what you are smoking because the cigar band never tells you what it is you are smoking. Of course, serious Fuente smokers know this like they know what is in the back of the fridge.
I had to look it up.

I clip the cap and find aromas of sweetness, leather, cedar, cocoa, and dried fruit.
Time to light up.

The draw is very good. And the first flavors are sweet dates, chocolate, very salty, lots of leather, and wood.
The strength starts off at medium.

The saltiness is pretty annoying. It is reminiscent of when you had a sore throat and gargled with warm salt water. Leaves a bad taste.

This is a fast burner. I’m an inch in at less than 5 minutes. The burn line is wavy but no touch ups required.

I’m having my doubts that this blend is the kind that can take the test of time. Probably best smoked at the 2-6 month timeline.

It’s hard to equate the price differential between 2012 and 2014 because the size of the Unnamed Reserve changed so drastically. I would expect a $9+ plus cigar to maybe hit $12 two years later. But almost $7.00? Yikes.

With about 1-3/8” smoked, I’m underwhelmed by the flavor profile.
Although, some creaminess enters and helps out.

At the moment, it could be any good $6 cigar. This just may be one of those cases in which I’ve held an opinion that over humidor aging takes all the oomph out of a cigar. I reviewed the Arturo Fuente Rosado Sungrown Magnum R44 that Brian also gave me and it was from the same year…2012. Now that blend punched me right in the shnoz. It was potent, bold and delicious from the start.

The Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2012 is simply one of the least exciting cigars in which I expected good things from. Especially, after being spoiled by yesterday’s Fuente.

I find exactly 8 reviews of this cigar. That’s it.

I did find one online store, Cigars Direct, that carries the stick in box form for only $500.00! That’s only $20 a cigar. What a great deal! Ptooey.

The second third begins.

It’s taken less than 15 minutes to get here.

I feel like reporting on the flavor profile is sort of waste of time as it hasn’t changed to any extent. Even the creaminess is drab.
But there is a bit of citrus, earthy, wood, dried fruit, cedar, and that’s it. The chocolate seems to have disappeared.

Spice makes its first appearance. Black pepper at the back of the throat. Mild, but there all the same.
And the terrible saltiness is still there.

I took the time to read the reviews of the Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2012 during the normal reviewing period.

Everyone loves this blend. And it is nothing like what I’m smoking now. Time to call 911 and do CPR on this cigar. I think it’s dead.

The Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2012 couldn’t withstand the test of time. Too bad. I had high hopes for it.

I reach the halfway point.

Flavors improve a bit. The sweetness turns its love light on. There is some caramel. And the dark chocolate returns.
Just like that. Like flipping a switch. It went from DOA to “IT’S ALIVE! IT’S ALIVE! KILL IT!”

The saltiness tamps down a bit. It put a real damper on the whole experience.

This will be a short review. Basically, you can’t get this cigar unless you know someone. Also, I am not tasting the blender’s intent. Instead, I am tasting leftovers.

The trifecta of creaminess, cocoa and caramel make a nice taste experience. But too little, too late.

The strength has dropped from medium bodied to mild/medium.

The last 2-1/2” seems to be on the hunt for what the Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2012 should taste like. It is pleasant. The black pepper becomes quite a bit stronger.

That first half was so miserable that I thought of just tossing it and reviewing another cigar. I’m glad I didn’t.

Jimi is playing “Crosstown Traffic” in the background. My head is bobbing. I always loved being in cover bands that did Hendrix. A lot of fun to play and crowds loved it.

And ladies and germs, we are following Jimi with the Beatles. There is hope.

The last third begins.

Maybe 30 minutes of smoke time.

Despite my worries of the poor construction, it has maintained an even keel. No serious burn issues. Wrapper stayed in place. Only one clip of the cap required.

But squeezing it allows me to feel a great void of where tobacco should be.
The flavor profile is giving all its got. It does not seem able to rise above the just OK stage.

I’m afraid Father Time did the Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2012 no favors.

The cigar finishes without complexity, balance or a long finish.

By Jove, I am amazed. The weather is warm. It has risen to 33°. It feels balmy when I open the dining room window. Normally when I do that, my testicles retreat like a turtle into its shell. I remember growing up in So. Cal and mom would make me wear a sweater if it dipped down to the 60’s. Haha.

Well Sayonara Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2012.

I want to thank Brian Gulley once more for gifting this cigar to me. It was a very kind and generous thing to do.
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