Little Havana Overruns | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5.5 x 44 “Corona”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $2.24



Today we take a look at Little Havana Overruns.
This is an exclusive Holt’s Cigars blend from Pepin Garcia. Hardly any reviews on this inexpensive cigar so I thought what the hell…I could get a bundle of 20 for $45. The reviews and reactions are 50/50. Some absolutely hate the cigar. Others love it.

I am in the latter category. I gave the cigars two months humidor time and it did the trick. The ones that hated all tasted the “green” effects of not allowing it enough humidor time.

So here we go.

The Little Havana Overruns is a well-made stick considering the low price. Tight seams. Minimal veins. They even have a nicely applied triple cap. The cigars are round; not out of shape. And packed nicely without soft spots or hard spots for that matter.

I clip the cap and find aromas of chocolate, spice, grass, sweetness, cedar, and graham cracker at the foot.
Time to light up.

The draw is great with giant plumes of smoke. Red pepper immediately assaults my palate. The Garcia Blast. Even in this little bitty thing.
I also taste curry spices. The sweetness comes from two elements: orange citrus and graham cracker.

Right from the start, the Little Havana Overruns is impressive. It smokes like a $7-$8 cigar.

And I love that they have it in my favorite size: Corona. It also comes in Churchill (7x 50), Robusto (5 x 50 $2.50), Toro (6 x 50 $2.75), and Torpedo (6.125 x 52 $3.00).

The Little Havana Overruns reminds me a bit of the 601 Blue Label. Back when Garcia blended them.

New flavors arrive to meet the old flavors: Creaminess, spice, graham cracker, cedar, chocolate, orange citrus, wood, toasty, nutty, and leather. All very typical flavors for a Nic puro.

The burn line is on the money.

Holt’s claims that this cigar is one of their biggest sellers. I believe the hype now. It doesn’t taste like a second. It’s smooth and refined. It has a nice even character. Nice balance. And burns slowly.

The strength is medium body.

The creaminess increases exponentially with each puff.
I can taste green mint. It is subtle but there it is.
Caramel is next. It just keeps piling it on.

If I had blind taste tested it, I would have never guessed it was an economy cigar. Quite possibly the best economy cigar on the market.

It appears that Garcia took the blending of this little bugger seriously and just didn’t slop it together from floor sweepings.

Which brings me to an unsavory topic. Reader, Tyler Suggs, directed my attention to a video that Brian Glynn of had published. Brian called it “Confirmed Rebanded Crap Cigars.”
NOTE: It was brought to my attention that the video was taken down. I don’t know the reason. Someone check to see if Brian Glynn is now prisoner at Gitmo. The CI Conglomerate has long arms.

He took several CI and Cbid cigars and took them apart to reveal that not only were the cigars not long filler; but they were possibly floor sweepings from the factory floor.

I say Bravo Brian! Took some cajones to take on the CI Conglomerate. After you see the video, you may do the same as I…never buy another cigar from CI or Cbid again.
NOTE: I have read some criticisms of Bryan saying he used cheap cigars for his demonstration. Regardless of how cheap they may have been, they are advertised as “long fillers.” One of the cigar makers confessed that they allowed CI to take over the manufacturing of their cigars. And that apparently, CI turned a long filler into a short filler garbage cigar while still advertising it as a long filler stick.

Back to the Little Havana Overruns. I’m lovin’ it dear readers.
Great cigar, great cigar.

This is more than a yard ‘gar. This is a cigar you can proudly hand to your mooch friends and know they will be pleased. This is the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket for moochers.

The second third begins.

The flavor profile is oozing nuanced flavor.

Each sip of water creates a flood of flavor elements. Especially the cream and caramel.
Black cherry usually comes with a Nic puro and I haven’t tasted fruit yet.

The strength remains at medium.

The Little Havana Overruns is not a flavor bomb but it is trying to get there.
The spiciness is on the wane.

$2.24. Unbelievable.

Well, I done dood it.
I bought my new bass this morning. The ESP LTD B-204SM FL Fretless Bass Guitar.
1. The B-204SM FL Fretless Bass has an Ash Body with a Spalted Maple Top, 5pc Maple & Rosewood Neck with a Rosewood Fingerboard
2. This guitar comes equipped with an LTD BB-604 w/ String-Thru-Body Bridge and LTD Tuners
3. It has a Bolt-On Neck construction with a 34″ Scale with 24 Fret Markers and an Extra Thin-U Neck Contour
4. The pickups are passive ESP Designed SB-4(B/N) with an Active EQ
5. The controls are Vol/Bal/ABQ-3 3-Band EQ
Got it from a web site set up for cigar stores from all over the country to sell their wares. Both new and used. They even allow you to make an offer which I did and was accepted.
And then I found an ESP form fitting hardshell case for it on Amazon and saved $30 over retail.
I’m good to go. The Katman returns to the world of big time rock n roll this summer.
NOTE: There is a new trend to defile fretless basses by putting cheat frets on the neck. They embed them so they are flush with the neck. They are merely there for a player with no ear. I prefer the neck without cheat frets but the price was right and so it goes.


I reach the halfway point.

The Little Havana Overruns is a terrific cigar. Every single flavor I listed earlier is still there and in the right order. The spiciness has returned as we head into the last third.

Still at medium body.

Ignore the naysayers of this cigar. They either didn’t respect it by allowing it the proper humidor time or they have screwed up palates. The Katman wouldn’t lie to you about this and I have no affiliation with Holt’s Cigar Co.

The last third begins.

I’ve invested a good 40 minutes in smoke time.
The sweetness improves and there it is: The black cherry.

My favorite, and most potent elements, are the creaminess, graham cracker, orange citrus, and chocolate. And now coffee has entered the arena.
I’m very happy that I allowed the cigars to age a bit. I smoked a couple too soon and got the same reaction as a couple reviewers out there. The Little Havana Overruns just needs some sleepy-bye time.

Now the strength hits medium/full bodied.

I had a wild hair up my ass when I pulled the trigger on buying a bundle. Mostly due to the conflicting reports. I’m truly glad I did because now I still have 18 cigars left to enjoy.

The construction has been excellent. No touch ups required. No wrapper issues. And even the cap hung in there with my chomping. Not bad for a $2 stick.
The last third sees an uphill transition to the flavor profile. Each component becomes stronger and more defined. It is an elegant smoke. The experienced palate will enjoy the Little Havana Overruns.

And your wallet will love it too. An easy cigar purchase that the wife won’t tear your heart out over. What wife will object to a $2.24 cigar? My wife applauded.

The Little Havana Overruns finishes out great. No harshness or heat.

I highly recommend this cigar. There are 5 sizes. And it’s up to you, of course. But I would stick to the Corona or Robusto. I haven’t tried the bigger sizes. So I cannot commit a recommendation on those.
9 Protection Status


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