Cuvée Grand Lancero 2009 (Vintage) | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian
Binder: Mexican Sumatra
Filler: Honduran (Jamastran), Dominican (Piloto Visus and San Vicente Ligero)
Size: 7 x 40 “Lancero”
Body: Full
Price: $12.00 in 2009




Today we take a ride in the Way Back Machine and look at the Cuvée Grand Lancero 2009.

At the time of its release, it was a European market cigar…for the most part.

Cigar Aficionado rated it a 90 in 2007.

A limited production cigar. Only the most prime 100 tobacco purveyors in the world get them. And less than 20,000 cigars are produced.
Each cigar is individually numbered. Mine is numbered 13812

It was rolled by only #9 rollers in the Tabadom factory in the DR.

Cuvée Grand 2010 can be purchased in Robusto size for $8 on CI.

I want to thank Johnny at Prime Cigar in Brookfield, WI for the gift from his own stash.

This should be really interesting.

I pray to the Cosmic Muffin that it doesn’t fall apart on me. That would be a bummer of the most major proportions.

The stick is in remarkably good shape. I’m even able to squeeze it without doing any damage and it is solid, baby, solid. The wrapper is still oily and is the color of rubbed calf’s leather. There are a couple of major veins. Seams are tight. And the cap is so one with the shaft that it is impossible to tell how many there are. A nicely constructed cigar.

So here comes the time for truth as I carefully clip the cap. I get a perfect, small cut with my Palio.

The aromas consist of hay, coffee, spice, wood, a sweet floral note, and grass.
Time to light this baby up.

The first puffs are full of red pepper, sweetness, wood, coffee, cream, fruit (cherry), and leather.
It appears this baby still got’s it, honey chile.

The strength is surprisingly medium+ body right off the bat. Never would have thought that.

The draw is spot on.

I may have to check out the Cuvée Grand 2010 on CI.

Meanwhile, the Cuvée Grand Lancero 2009 is doing a splendid job of putting a smile on this old puss. It really is a solid cigar as it smokes oh so slowly; with a dag nab it..perfect char line. Take that Illusione Ultra (Yesterday’s review).

The lancero is a good size for me for two reasons: The first is that I can hang it from my lips without chomping on the cap, and second: It was designed for this shape and size only; therefore making it the best possible petri dish for an intensely flavored smoke.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Johnny at Prime Cigar. I had some trepidation over the structural worthiness of a cigar this old and whether or not the flavors would have been sucked right out of it…but it is like a fresh cigar. Nyuck, Nycuk, Nyuck.

The spiciness is strong and potent. Who’da thunk it?

The cherry sweetness is wonderful. Add the terrific coffee, leather, nuttiness, and creaminess and it is a winner, folks.

This dashes and deconstructs my theory that most cigars lose their soul with long humidor time. But like Gollum, Johnny gave his “precious” loads of love and care.

The strength is definitely medium/full. Oh lawdy, lawdy.

And I’ve still got the Colon from Panama to smoke and review that Johnny gave me. It is 8 years old!! When I took the cello off, the thing was so yellow and full of plume it dazzled me. But I couldn’t get a decent photo of it. I kept getting funky glare.

Now the downside to a lancero. Only if you are reviewing it…getting up constantly to take photos as the lash doesn’t last more than ¾’.

I am truly digging this cigar. I wish I had Taste-O-Vision so you could experience this with me.

I’ve burned 1-1/2” and it just keeps getting better. This is the first time I’ve really appreciated a good leather element. It is like your favorite old baseball glove. That wonderful aroma. Though, I don’t know how it tastes.

There is an extreme Cubanesque-ness about the Cuvée Grand Lancero 2009.

I look closely at both the foot band and the main cigar band and find tiny writing. There is an “SDT” on the foot band but could not find its meaning. There is the tiniest writing I’ve ever seen on the main band that is the signature of Michael Chiusano of Cusano Cigars. If you know what the SDT means, please leave a comment.


The second third begins.

The pepper keeps on chooglin’.

Coffee and creaminess take over as the main flavors. The cherry begins to fade but leaves the sweetness. But the cherry remains in force in the aroma after each puff. The leather is still going strong.

I get some caramel. Most of the time I get heavy cream influence along with sweetness, I tend to taste a caramel component.
A savory gravy element shows up for the first time. Not beef. Some sort of bird.

The char line continues to be spot on. And there isn’t a single wrapper issue. Marvelous.

Now I’m dying to try the CI 2010 version which I think is just the name and not from 2010. But they are out of stock. A 10 count goes for $70.00.

As the Cuvée Grand Lancero 2009 progresses, another flavor comes to the surface: Cinnamon which takes over for the red and black pepper.

There is an almost elusive flavor. But I know what it is. It’s that mystical Cuban Twang.

With 4” to go, the flavor profile is outstanding.

I would advise, tentatively, to try the CI 2010 model and let it rest for 6 months.

I’m going to send this review to Michael Chiusano and let him tell me what the SDT means. It is probably obvious and I will feel like a schmuck when he tells me.

The Cuvée Grand Lancero 2009 finds its complexity at this point. A perfect balance. And a nice long finish.

I reach the halfway point.
I have about 35 minutes invested.

The spiciness is even stronger now. It clears my sinuses.

And now some nicotine shows itself. My head begins to spin a little. I grab the crash helmet.

The Cuvée Grand Lancero 2009 is ultra-smooth. What an unexpected wonderful surprise. A terrific cigar experience.

I’m amazed at the strong structural integrity of this stick. No troubles whatsoever.

The last third begins.

The strength is full bodied now.

And the nicotine is taking my breath away.

If it’s possible, the spiciness is even stronger. It is burning my lips. It’s like those hot cinnamon tooth picks.

But the coffee is strong. The creaminess is strong. And the leather is strong. The cherry has returned and brings a nice sweetness to counter balance the spiciness.

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny of Prime Cigar. How can I thank you?

This is the part where I tell you about the price point. And whether I recommend the cigar. Obviously, I can’t do that. If you hit some B & M’s, you might find one. But at a ridiculous price. Especially, if the cigar was $12 in 2009.

So all I can do is recommend that you give the 2010 version from CI might be worth taking a look at.

And now for something completely different:

For being a bona fide rock star in England, I sure wasn’t getting my share of the pie. When we were off the road, I got £40 per week. And Miles Copeland’s management firm paid for my rent and clothes. Back then, the English pound was worth $2.40. So I got $96 per week to live on. Mind you, this was 1974.

And in the two years I was with the band, I never saw one red pence for album royalties.

When we went on the road, I got £70 per week. But all of our food and amenities were paid for. Still, I had a girlfriend with a 3 year old toddler at home. The kid wasn’t mine but we lived together for 8 years so she felt like mine.

When her mother dumped me for another man, she really must have done a number on me with the kid because the little girl, now 45, never tried to get in touch with me. I have no idea what her last name is so it is impossible to search for her. But clearly, she wants nothing to do with me. Her mother is evil.
Yeah, I have a 45 year old daughter. LOL.

Damn, I’m old.

I used to ask Miles, or his managing director, to take a peek at the books on a regular basis to see how we were doing. I got the “Come back tomorrow” blow off each time.

The band had to pay for everything. Meaning that we paid for the entire tour. And we toured for 6 weeks, a month off, and then back on the road. It amazed me that we kept seeing upcharges for the use of the equipment; such as P.A. and lights and crew each time out. It was explained to me that the costs went up. It went up after a month? C’mon. Who are we kidding?

We recorded the Midnight Wire” album at Trident Studios. It was in the Jamaican district so the free food brought in was out of this world.

Jose Feliciano made his first English tour while we were recording. He came in and recorded with us.

I wrote a tune called: “I Broke My Leg in Yucca Valley, but My Heart Lies in Palm Springs.”

It was a real jazzy bebop tune. The bass riff was way out front. Sonja couldn’t sing it even though I worked with her. But Feliciano loved it and played the hell out of it so it became an instrumental with the bass holding down the tune. Feliciano brought with him the world famous Brazilian percussionist, Paulinho Da Costa with him. And he sat in too. I had the best song on the album.

Everyone hated it.
The record company, RCA, hated it more. I was ahead of my time. They wanted us to sound like 1975 “Yes.” Ptooey.

RCA rejected the album. I got blamed for everything and got fired. Yeah, it was my fault.

The band left me out in the cold. No severance. No money. Dead broke. I pleaded and begged. No deal. I was 6000 miles from home with a girlfriend and a toddler.
I will never forgive them for that.

Now the new management team for Miles Copeland has been communicating with me. The band is looking for the original tapes of that recording and nothing can be found.

So they want to know if I have anything?

I told them to send me a check and I will let them know.

Feliciano bought the rights from me to use my song. I was so bitter that I never checked to see if he did his version on a later album. I just don’t care.

So now it seems that it wasn’t my fault as the re-recorded album was not a hit. It got panned by all the critics. It had no soul because I wasn’t playing bass. They brought in some session bassist to replace me for the recording.

They want to re-release the album with me on it.
Using the Latin term, Go fuck yourselves!

The accounting they figured out that Universal Music UK cheated me out of only goes back to 2011. What about the previous 36 years of record sales? When they address that, I will be more cooperative.

On top of that, songs I played on were placed on compilation albums. Including a new one that just came out. They used the song, “Marie Antoinette” that was on the “Live” album.

The music business is cut throat and ruthless. And I learned that lesson at the young age of 24. I was with Curved Air for two years. There is also a BBC Live album I’m on. One side is me playing and the other side is the bassist, Tony Reeves, playing. No, not a cent for the Katman.

If you go to Amazon and type in Curved Air, you will be shocked at how many albums the band put out. At least 18. And I’m on a bunch.
So I will just sit back and see how this plays out. Protection Status


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