Eddie Ortega’s “Wings for Warriors” Sampler | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

I am very lucky to have Eddie Ortega in my life. He has been kind and generous to a fault with me.
He sent me this Wings for Warriors Sampler in which 50% of the proceeds goes to the Wings and Warriors organization.

You can buy the Wings for Warriors Sampler for $29.00 and $6.00 shipping on his web site. This is the place to get it, bar none.

A little about the project from the Ortega Premium Cigars web site:
“This is a 5 Cigar Sampler with 1 each of the 5 cigars in the collection of the Ortega Wings For Warriors 50 BACK program. When you purchase any of the cigars in the Brotherhood collection, Ortega Cigars donates 50% of the proceeds to the Wings For Warriors foundation. Wings for Warriors is a volunteer driven non-profit organization designed to help ensure that our combat wounded Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans returning home, or transitioning into the realm of their disabilities are getting the adequate healthcare and financial benefits that they deserve, and should expect from their local communities this type of support and outreach. We owe them that!

“The Wings For Warriors collection are hand crafted in Santiago, Dominican Republic. They have been blended using only the finest long filler tobaccos grown in South and Central Americain order to achieve a perfectly blended smoke. The blends are all medium to full bodied and should appeal to a wide variety of smokers.

“Please visit and support Wings For Warriors.

“Filler/Binder: Nicaraguan/DR/PA
Wrapper: Ecuador Habano
Size: Assorted 1 each
Squid (Navy) – 6 x 52 Beli
Soldier of the Sea (Marines) – 6 x 50
Muddy Boot (Army) – 6 x 60
Fly Boy (Air Force) – 7 x 49
Coastie (Coast Guard) – 5 x 46”

Can’t wait to review them.
Thank you brother Eddie!

Look at how the Ecuadorian Habano wrapper shimmers with oil!




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