Regius of London Claro Especial Exclusivo U.S.A. | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan (Double Binder)
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 4.75 x 52 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $12.50 MSRP ($10.00 @ Small Batch Cigar – 10% = $9.00)



Today we take a look at the new Regius of London Claro Especial Exclusivo U.S.A.

This is not to be confused with the Exclusivo U.S.A. Red Label. Which I did in my hunt for information on this cigar.

Regius is a British based company. A couple years ago, their aim was to take over America and get back from the Yanks who stole it in 1776.

There are 6 sizes:
Fat Perfecto: 5.75 x 60 x 54
Pressed Perfecto: 6.5 x 56
Toro Extra: 6.5 x 56
Lancero Extra: 7.5 x 42
Robusto: 4.75 x 54
Toro: 6 x 52

I’m sure most of my connoisseur readers snagged this cigar as soon as it came out.

I measure my Robusto and it only comes out shy of 4.25”. Not 4.75”.

Researching the two latest sizes of Robusto and Toro is impossible.

Nice looking construction. Visible, but tight seams. Few veins. Perfect triple cap with a nice little piggy tail atop. The wrapper is a medium brown with some oil and very toothy. The stick is solid but with a bit of give. Nice. There is a double cigar band and that damn white background with chrome lettering is my bane, I swear it. Trying to not wash it out in photographs takes enormous skill and patience which by now you know I don’t have.

I clip the cap yarmulke style to retain the cap and pig tail. I successfully remove only the wrapper and none of the tobacco. Man, I could have been a Moil.

I find aromas of spice, cinnamon, hay, wood, gingerbread, natural tobacco sweetness and a bit of orange floral notes.
Time to light up.

The detritus of my sinuses wash up upon the table as I am hit with a giant blast of pepper. A generic sweetness underlies and creates a bedrock for the red pepper.

And then some welcome creaminess tamps down the spiciness a bit. This was very much like a Garcia Pepper Bomb Blast!

Wood accompanies the other flavors. Something fruity, besides me, is riding side saddle on the flavor profile.

The draw is spectacular as is the giant plumes of smoke that fill the room. I open the dining room window a bit more to allow it to exit before the Queen comes down from the bedroom to address her subject: Me.

The flavors are a little mish moshed right now. Not as distinctive as I hoped. Then again, I am only less than half an inch into the cigar.
I’m now getting some lemon citrus, stronger wood impact, coffee, and a touch of leather.
There is a small amount of nuttiness but I get flashes of peanut butter.

The char line has been wavy but not yet requiring a touch up.

The strength is a tit higher than medium body.

The fruitiness is complex. Like eating the fancy fruits on some island concoction. And by fancy fruit, I don’t mean my cousin Lowell. He did become one of the most important fagelas in the country though. I am tempted to tell a story about him and his partner, Gib. I do it with love mind you. I have no prejudices against anyone no matter how inferior they may be to me. (Just kidding). I was brought up in a very progressive Jewish liberal house. The “N” word was verboten. And to this day, I cannot bring myself to use that word. My parents had a big impact on me in terms of how I looked at the world and those that inhabited it.

I’m a little over an inch in and the Regius of London Claro Especial Exclusivo U.S.A. is smooth as silk. Very sophisticated and rich. Not like me.

The second third begins.

I should once more thank Johnny from Prime Cigar for gifting me this stick. It has a lot of humidor time on it. Probably since they first came out. As he works in a B & M, he gets to cherry pick his personal stash. And he parted with some of it for me. Sweet guy.

The Regius of London Claro Especial Exclusivo U.S.A. hits the complex mode now. Nice balance. Long finish. More definitively clear flavors.

The top half of the cigar is so toothy that it looks like it has zits. The secondary band is removed.

This is a very nice cigar but to be honest, not bowling me over. The flavor profile is somewhat limited. I found the Regius of London Black Label and the Regius Seleccion Orchant Limited Edition to be better cigars. The Regius White Label didn’t impress me at all. I reviewed all three cigars.



The Regius of London Claro Exclusivo U.S.A. is hitting somewhere between the Orchant Edition and the Black Label. I consider the Orchant Edition to be the best blend of the lot. And all are in the same price range.

Which brings me to the price point. I did not pay the $12.50. Small Batch Cigar, as usual, has the best pricing. With the 10% discount, the stick is at $9.00. There is no way I’d pay almost $13 for this small cigar.

It’s small, but a slow smoke. With 2-1/2” to go out of 4-1/4” (I got gypped out of 1/2”), I’ve invested a good 35 minutes of smoke time. This will be an hour smoke.

The char line is in very good shape. And the strength has hit medium/full.

It seems the only ones being reviewed from the size chart are the Perfectos. Fancy Shmancy. And they are getting rave reviews. Just about everyone knows that a shape and size can determine the outcome of the flavor profile.

I received a Wings for Warriors Sampler from Eddie Ortega and the sizes are all over the place, as it should be. I may just review the smallest (5 x 46) and the largest (6 x 60). This is for a good cause and should be checked out. At $29.00 for the 5 stick sampler, this is a great deal on an Ortega cigar. They look gorgeous.

The halfway point is reached.

I want to say hi to Dr. Howard Grossberg. This kind man of science has a 4000 count humidor chock full. And he has decided to send me 3900 cigars. I will store them in the dog’s belly. Should keep them nicely humidified and it will always be a surprise what I will get to smoke each day. Thanks Howard baby.

Here are the flavors: Creaminess, red pepper, sweetness, wood, coffee, ginger, fruit, citrus, nuts, toasty, and leather.

The complexity affords each flavor its own time in the limelight as I take each puff.

I remove the main cigar band and just like the cigar industry news service declares, there is a group of initials of everyone that took part in the production of the cigar.

The char line needs its first minor touch up.

Other than that, things are going swimmingly.

The most prominent flavors are the first 5 items on my list. The others are faint.

The last third begins.

The Regius of London Claro Especial Exclusivo U.S.A. is an extremely pleasant cigar. But….it is not a powerhouse of flavor. It is a nice, even keeled smooth blend.

I’d be keen on trying the two perfecto sizes. Reviewers seem to rave on those.

My impression of the Robusto is that it is an overpriced cigar. I think that they missed the mark on this one; or at least this size.

Pleasant is good. Fantastic is better. And there are plenty of fantastic cigars in “The Katman’s Best 151 Boutique Brands/Blends in the $6-$9.50+ Range.” While the Orchant and Black Label are in that list, I don’t think that the Regius of London Claro Especial Exclusivo U.S.A. will make it.
And I am basing that on the Small Batch Cigar price. Not the retail price.

The Regius of London Claro Especial Exclusivo U.S.A. finishes without a lot of flare and bombast. I’m not saying it’s going out on a whimper. But rather, just a nice $7 cigar. Or should be.

I have less than 1-1/2” to go when the cigar begins to shine. The flavor profile returns in all its glory. Including a nice dose of spiciness. But no nicotine. No harshness or bitterness and cool as a cuke.

Another case of too little, too late.

And now for something completely different:

Road life is not what it’s cracked up to be when you are in a big time rock band. Anyone that travels goes through the same thing. You wake up in look-alike hotels with the same fake paintings on the wall. And then there is that moment just when you wake up and you shudder.

Where am I? Space and time disappear. I could be in Switzerland or I could be in Manchester. It is a bizarre feeling.

The routine becomes wearing. You get dressed. You go downstairs to the hotel restaurant for the same breakfast as the day before.

You sit with the band bleary eyed because you stayed up so late. The road manager controls how much sleep you get because you have to get into the car and head to the next gig.

The roadies stayed up even later than the band because of their duties. And they get up way before the band to get the 18 wheelers on the road. I often felt sorry for them. Tough job.

This one morning was different.

We had played a gig in Amsterdam the night before. A wild town back then.

As we sat and ate breakfast, Stewart shushed everyone. Sonja had not said a word the whole time at the table.
We all looked at him quizzically.

He said, “Can you hear that?”
We shook our heads no.

He slowly leaned his head towards Sonja’s lap. And then he yelled out for everyone in the restaurant to hear: “She has a dildo inside her!!!”

Yep. She had taken a small personal vibrator and put it inside her quedgie. The vibrator was making a small hum.

She sat there with a Cheshire Cat smile. Never said a word. She was happy and not very hungry. Sonja was a vegetarian. Which always struck me as odd since she was a recovering junkie still on methadone.

You ever done methadone? It gets you very high.

The whole restaurant clapped with enthusiasm.

This did not faze Sonja.

Stewart insisted she get rid of it before we took off. Reluctantly, she did so.

Sonja always wore a G String. So right at the table, she lifted her skirt and removed the dildo at the table. She pulled it out and waved it in our faces. We all screamed in horror.

Stewart yanked it away from her. We let the road manager pay for breakfast and we beat feet to get out of there.

So not every morning was the same. Protection Status


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