Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro by Maya Selva Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Honduran Maduro (Jamastran)
Binder: Brazilian Mata Fina
Filler: Honduran Habano (Jamastran) & Ligero Azacualpa
Size: 4.75 x 50 “Robusto Maduro”
Body: Full
Price: $9.50 MSRP

Number of Cigars Smoked for Review: 2
Accompanying libation: Water




Today we take a look at the Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro by Maya Selva Cigars.

The company started under the helm of Maya Selva, in France, in 1995.

From the Maya Selva Face Book page:
“Wholesale distribution of Flor de Selva (Honduras), Cumpay (Nicaragua), and Villa Zamorano (Honduras) cigars.”
Gabriel Alvarez, Operations Manager at Kuuts LLC, made the move to Maya Selva to become Director of Sales.

The oily wrapper is almost charcoal black with a slight purplish hint. Seams are impeccable. Veins are small and mostly hidden due to the dark hue of the wrapper. There is a slight toothiness in different parts of the cigar and smooth as silk in others. The execution of the triple cap makes the cigar look seamless.
Besides the simple, but elegant, main cigar band; there is a blood red foot band that reads “Maya Selva Cigars.”

Cold Draw Notes:
There is an intense dark chocolate presence accompanied by a mineral earthiness, cedar, espresso, wood, dried fruit and wonderful baking spices.

There is a massive blast of pepper that attacks first. The draw is excellent as smoke begins to fill the room. Right behind the spiciness is an adult portion of dark chocolate and cedar.
Other flavors include espresso, dried fruit and a bit of sweetness; probably derived from the dried fruit.
The spiciness seems to morph from black pepper to red pepper to jalapeno and then back to black pepper. This, too, is an adult sized portion of spiciness.

Almond enters for the first time but the bit of sweetness gives it a marzipan influence.
For a brief few moments, there is an intense charred hickory flavor.

Out of the gate, the strength of the Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro hits full bodied. In the other cigars I smoked, the experience was identical.
A superb flavor with early signs of big character, complexity and balance.
The char line is on point.

Creaminess appears for the first time rounding out the boldness of the full bodied Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro.
The baking spices during the cold draw finally manifest themselves as the second third begins. At the highest point of impact is cinnamon and then moving down the chain bringing nutmeg and allspice to the party. And just the slightest hint of clove.

The creaminess mixes with the sweetness and foals a touch of caramel. The spiciness has not faltered in its intensity. The complexity is fervent in its desire to lure you on to the rocky shoals.

The very bittersweet dark chocolate relaxes into a more basic milk chocolate. Thus allowing the sweetness of the dried fruit to blossom into a combination of raisin and plum. What was once espresso becomes a caramel macchiato.

The strength remains at full body. This is an experience for the cigar connoisseur.

The Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro is a stunning example of the art of perfection. I have zero criticisms. The spiciness remains at full throttle. The full body is acute. Yet, there is not sign of nicotine.
Each sip of water enriches all these flavors and my palate applauds.

This is one of the finest cigars I’ve smoked in 2015.

At this time, the Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro presents these flavors: Chocolate, creaminess, cinnamon, cedar, caramel macchiato, raisin, plum, and almond.

As full as this strength is, it does not bring on the spins. And with no food in my stomach, this totally surprises me.

The balance of the Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro is spot on. There is a long chewy finish. While the strength started out at full body, at this point in the burn, it becomes even fuller.

This is not a cigar for newbies. But not only for the reason of strength. The complexity of the flavor profile is something so delicate that it finds recesses to fill in a most interesting way. They are to be found with each sip of water.

There is now a generic nuttiness. The almond/marzipan is still there but it has that taste of popping a handful of roasted nuts into your mouth.
The creaminess intensifies. The chocolate returns to bittersweet dark cocoa.

The Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro is packed to the hilt. And therefore, has been a nice slow smoke.
The burn line has lost its crispness. And a small piece of wrapper comes loose near the foot. It should burn away without any negative impact on the cigar.

The coffee element makes a surge at this point making it neck and neck with the chocolate and creaminess. Same goes for the cedar component.

At first glance, $9.50 is a lot of dough. But if one looks around, you can find the cigar for much less. But even so, I think that this stick is worth every dime of the almost $10 price tag.

The Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro has turned out to be a big winner. The brand spent a long time making consumers in Europe happy. Now it is America’s turn.
The Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro finishes with a nice even keel of bold and delicate flavors. It does not become harsh or bitter. And cool as a cuke.
The cigar provides nearly 90 minutes of burn time.
I believe that this cigar is a masterpiece of blending artistry. It is going to end up on a lot of reviewers’ top 25 cigar list.
While full in body, the Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro had a very smooth approach.
I highly recommend the Flor de Selva Robusto Maduro by Maya Selva Cigars.

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