Guantanamera 310 Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium
Price: $10.00 MSRP

Number of cigars smoked for review: 2
Accompanying Libation: Water






Today we take a look at the Guantanamera (Miami) 310 Maduro.

This is a brand new blend from Guantanamera Miami Cigars.
There is a Cuban cigar company by the same name and there was considerable litigation involved. The companies make two totally different types of cigars: “Cuban Guantanamera Cuba features only machine-made cigars, Corporacion Habanos’ version of Guantanamera is known as an affordable cigar. The blend is mild with a slightly harsh/tannic aspect to it.
“On the other hand, the United States brand produced by Guantanamera Cigar Company is a premium long-filler hand rolled cigar.”

The blend uses 5 year aged leaves and then the cigar is aged an additional 3 years in Miami.
Their web site is The company is owned by Jose Montagne.
The 310 Maduro comes only in the robusto size.

This is a solid cigar. The wrapper is very oily and a dark coffee bean in color. Seams are very tight. There are very few veins. The triple cap is nearly invisible. Upon close examination, the triple caps are ½” tall. Very unusual. The wrapper is as smooth as glass. The cigar band is simple but classy.

I get a big huff of hay at the foot. Along with chocolate, spice, floral notes, coffee, cedar, along the shaft. The freshly clipped cap exudes rich, earthy tobacco, and cinnamon.

Smoke billows like a forest fire upon torch to foot. A blast of pepper ensues. Then comes the chocolate and cream. There is a bold touch of leather and earthiness. Cinnamon mixes with the spiciness. A new element of freshly cut grass climbs aboard.
The strength begins at medium body.

The draw is spot on. I’m impressed with the way the Guantanamera 310 Maduro is packed. It feels light in the hand yet not a single soft spot and it is turning out to be a very slow burner.

The char line is nice and even but needs a single minor touch up.

A newly added sweetness and fruitiness appears. The Guantanamera 310 Maduro has a meaty savory quality.

The Guantanamera 310 Maduro finds itself taking a big step forward as the second third begins. The spiciness is definitely black pepper. It was a little mix at first of both red and black.

Coffee is now noticeable. This has the noticeable effects of a Nic puro taste profile. The Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper gives the profile an extra kick in the sweetness department. The chocolate becomes a richer, deeper, cacao dark chocolate flavor. It is intense and I can almost taste the cocoa powder on my lips.

The sweetness surges and becomes more definitive: summer fruit, raisins, and cane sugar.

The strength is just about medium/full. By the halfway point, I expect the Guantanamera 310 Maduro to reach that goal.

After 40 minutes, I reach the halfway point.
It is here that the Guantanamera 310 Maduro finds its complexity and balance.

The char line has done fine since that early touch up.

Here is the order of flavors: Sweetness, chocolate, cedar, creaminess, spice, cinnamon, leather, and fresh grass.

The Nicaraguan binder and filler with an Ecuadorian wrapper maintains my interest in the blend. It is almost as if the Guantanamera 310 Maduro is on a learning curve. With each passing moment, the cigar finds new places to go. There are subtle nuances that defy definition. The cigar is excellent more because of the sum of its parts rather than one or two flavors.

Even the char line and ash sharpen their swords as the cigar progresses.

Cinnamon along with the pepper (Now red pepper), make a leap forward in line…dragging with them some extra creaminess.
The meatiness and savory qualities return. The butcher must have his thumb on the scale.

The ash is hanging tough and when I try to rid the cigar of it so it doesn’t fall into my lap, it won’t budge. I shall pay for this later.
And then it gently disembarks the mother ship quietly into the ashtray.

The entire list of flavors is emboldened at this point. The long chewy finish is great. Each flavor takes its turn at the front of the line with each puff and each sip of water.

The Guantanamera 310 Maduro is at the point where it leaves me wanting more when this one is finished.
The chocolate, fruitiness, creaminess, sweetness, and spiciness are at warp speed now. What a great cigar.

I want to thank Johnny Piette of Prime Cigar Co. here in Milwaukee for introducing me to the Guantanamera brand.

This last third alone is worth the $10.

The strength ratchets back to medium+ body instead of medium/full.
The Guantanamera 310 Maduro finishes beautifully without a hint of harshness or heat. And no sign of nicotine.

Sure. $10 is a lot to pay for a cigar. But nowadays, it seems to be the norm for high premium blends. Actually, $10 seems to be the starting point. The average price of an exceptional boutique, or regular production, cigar tends to be in the $12.00+ range.
The Guantanamera 310 Maduro is a special cigar. I have no issue in paying $10 for this cigar without equivocation.

I’ve smoked several Guantanamera blends thanks to the good folks at Guantanamera Cigars. And I’ve found each one exceptionally tasty and excellent blends. Jose Montagne ain’t fooling around. These blends are well thought out and painstakingly designed and developed.
This is a well thought out blend. It is heady and delicate at the same time. There is a nice counterpart between the spiciness and the sweet factors. The strength is not overwhelming but enough to give you a slight kick in the seat of your pants.
While I tend to shy away from most cigars I consider expensive, it has become a base fact that nowadays boutique blends just happen to start at the double digit range with very few exceptions. So casting aside my budgetary restraints, this is a cigar I would love to have in my humidor. I believe that extended rest will make them even more exceptional.

I’ve reviewed the Guantanamera DUO Double Maduro and that was a fantastic cigar.

Orders can be made over the phone at their retail location, and headquarters, at 786-618-5142. Ask for Erik. He’s the man. Address: Guantanamera Cigars 1465 SW 8 Miami, Florida 33135. You can get an idea of their line by going to two web sites: Absolute Cigars and Cigar Cabana. At the moment, the 310 Maduro is only available by calling Erik. Tell him the Katman sent you.
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