La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian HVA Maduro
Binder: Brazilian
Filler: Dominican (2 Varietals), Nicaraguan, Brazilian
Size: 6.5 x 50/60 “Salomon”
Body: Medium
Price: $18.52 starting bid for the 2015 ProCigar Festival. Not yet at stores
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review:
Accompanying Libation: Fleet Enema on the rocks (so to speak)





Today we take a look at the new La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario.

From the La Aurora web site:

“In a spectacular box, replica of the La Aurora 1906 original boxes, within 18 salomon format cigars (6 1/2 x 50/60)
“Handmade with especially selected tobaccos from 2006 harvest. It is a limited edition to only 1,500 numbered boxes for the whole world.

“February, 21st-2015.- La Aurora, the original cigar factory of Dominican Republic, proudly presents its last great creation: La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Anniversary, a super-premium cigar which only 1,500 numbered boxes has been manufactured in a very special packaging: cigars are presented standing up with a top cover and a hinged front for a perfect exposition. The box is a replica of the original La Aurora 1906 year box, with cedar inside and in dark tones outside.

“The blend is composed only by tobacco leaves harvested in 2006 that had an extra aging process in our warehouses of nine years. The wrapper color is bright maduro, HVA seed grown in Ecuador; the binder is from Brazil and the filler have two different varieties from Cibao Valley, Dominican Republic and a part of Nicaragua and Brazil tobaccos.

“The result is a full body cigar (9 over 10) with leather and earthy flavors and enormous complexity in aromas in perfect balance with its high strength: woody, nutty, sweet, but at the same time, with the bitter elegance of cocoa.

“La Aurora Puro Vintage is La Aurora super-premium line, a flavorful cigar that is shipped to the markets every two years, with extra aged tobaccos, always in salomon shape and with leaves harvested in a given year. Prior to this 2006 edition, La Aurora has launched the 2003, 2004 and 2005 versions and all of them have achieved ratings higher than 90 in international magazines.”

“Procigar Auction:
“In addition, La Aurora has developed two very special boxes for the VIII Procigar Festival, one for the auction that takes place in the gala dinner, and another one to be exposed in the factory museum. Inside, three more La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Limited Edition 111 Anniversary boxes with a total of 54 cigars made with the same blend, in salomon, preferido No.2, the classic La Aurora Doble Figurado 5 x 54 mm, and Robusto Gordo format (5 x 54). These two last shapes won’t be manufactured again with this blend. The opening bid for the auction was placed in US $ 1000.00.”

These cigars were made for the upcoming 2015 ProCigar Festival in the DR. It is a charity auction that donates all proceeds to go to the Voluntariado de Jesús con los Niños and the Hospicio San Vicente de Paúl. This charity helps sick children and very poor seniors.
There is no information about releasing these cigars to the public. La Aurora chose not to mention anything. Is it only an auction cigar? Will it be produced for the public? And when? If you know anything about this cigar and its release, please comment below.

Rolling a salomon ain’t easy folks. I don’t know if it requires a #9 roller or not but it is a work of art. I was sent two samples from Miami Cigar & Co. Both are very consistent. The oily wrapper has a reddish tinge on top of a medium brown color. Strangely, both have a huge vein emanating from the secondary cigar band downwards. Seams are very tight.
The triple caps are well done but not flawless. One is very pointy and the other has a more contoured look.
I love the double cigar bands. Now this is class. No goddam cartoon on it like you know who. A simple, but elegant pair of bands that are very pretty.
The cigar is solid, man. But with a nice give when pushed.

Sizes are Preferidos (5 x 54), Robusto Gordo (5 x 54) and Salómon (7 1/4 x 52/60). Each box, which is designed as a replica of the original La Aurora 1906 packaging, contains 18 cigars.
The Puro Vintage is always made in the Salomon shape and comes in one size.
This 18 count box auction starts at $1,000.00.
I am just guessing at the single price. It could be an $8 cigar or it could be a $25 cigar if released to the public. I have a feeling that it will be. And La Aurora is a sensible company with sensible price ranges. We shall see.

I choose the cigar with the more contoured cap to clip and smoke. Easier to hold in my mouth while typing.
The shaft is a chef’s kitchen of wonderful smells: ginger, cinnamon, spice, cocoa, coffee, sweetness, and black cherry. At the foot and clipped cap, it is just more intensified with the addition of black licorice at the foot. A slight floral note prevails in all spots along the cigar.

The draw is perfect.
The strength is mild. And the first touches are of a rich earthy tobacco. I especially worry about lighting up salomons. The char line can go awry very easily if not monitored closely.
And then the flavors begin to build starting with: Spice, muskiness, malt, sweetness, fruit, and toasty with a hint of peanuts.
The char line is as sharp as a pencil point.

The spice continues to ratchet up. It doesn’t start off like a Garcia blend with that Power Pop of spice. This one builds slowly and easily.
Notes of graham cracker show up next. Along with a touch of cocoa.
There is a honey suckle note. And red wine.
None of these flavors are bold but very subtle and difficult to discern.
Creaminess appears next. This is definitely a slow roll.

The La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario is extremely smooth and now hits a solid medium body. In the vague information I could find about this cigar, none of it declared what strength it is. So I am finding out as I smoke and write.
With each swig of water, the flavor profile intensifies until we are very close to seeing boldness in certain flavors.
As so many previous cigars I’ve reviewed, sweetness seems to be the driving force.
Here they are: Sweetness, spice, creaminess, cocoa, wood, black cherry, red wine, toasty, graham cracker, honeysuckle, malt, and leather. With a big dollop of earthy tobacco.
The char line is spot on. Although, I find holding this log from my lips as I type a bit trying.

We have found the sweet spot. Flavors blast away.
And the sun has come out allowing for nice shots of the oily, red tinged wrapper.
I recently came into possession of some La Aurora 107 natural and maduro. (Hi Joe).

Superb cigar. La Aurora is one of the most underrated cigar companies on the planet. They put out some excellent blends that fly under the radar and are inexpensive; once again proving my point about excellence vs. greed.
We have complexity. We have a very nice balance. We have a very chewy, long finish. Smacking of sweet curios.
Nuttiness enters for the first time.
The spiciness is on the wane. Maybe it will return.

The ash is hanging tough. I am waiting for that fateful moment when this monstrous sized ash falls on to my lap and hanging camera. But is sure does make for great photos.
Strength remains at medium body.

The La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario is an incredibly slow smoke. With 4” to go, out of 6” total, I’ve invested 30 minutes of smoke time. Thereby making this at least a 2 hour experience.
It doesn’t have the flare of the Padilla Vintage Reserve (6.5 x 52 Torpedo) that I reviewed yesterday. But then I’ve only given the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario a few weeks humi time.

The draw becomes a bit tight. But I don’t want to mess with it. If I use my cigar awl, I would most certainly lose the big ash.
Flavors are flying their Freak Flag. Power to the People. You know, back when John Lennon was doing all that weird peace shit with Yoko, I never got it. I understand his head was in the right place. But he was also a heroin junkie at the time. Yoko too.
Scratched my head a lot at his antics.
I do have something special though. Lennon’s last radio interview was just two days before he was murdered. It was turned into a 5 hour series on radio. My buddy, Marshall Thomas, got to do the voice overs for the short commercial breaks. So he got a copy of the whole thing on vinyl albums.

He let me copy them on to cassette. The interview was a masterpiece as it took Lennon from his beginnings to current day of the time. All interspersed with loads of music.
I used to listen to all of the cassettes on road trips. It was invigorating. I’ve kept them safe and in mint condition for 35 years. And thankfully, I bought the finest cassettes you could buy at the time so the sound quality is excellent.

Back to the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario. Man, that’s a long name for a cigar.

Absolutely divine cigar blend, dahlings. When I had my recording studio in Long Beach in the 1980’s, I learned gay really well. I didn’t know when we moved in, but that area downtown was all gay. Like Seinfeld, I was thin, good hair, neat and looked gay. I used to watch them from my office window and I got to be a good imitator. Even the speech of the raving queens. The recording studio was in one building and the rehearsal studios were next door. I made sure that if I walked back and forth between buildings and saw good looking girls; I would do my best John Wayne macho walk impression.
So where were we?

The La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario is on cruise control.
This is a great cigar for newbies and experienced palates alike. The strength is easy going. And a great way to teach your palate.
The peanuts come back. So does the spiciness.
I’ve now invested more than an hour of smoke time.

A few weeks are not enough real humidor time. A salomon really needs months, or a couple years to really shine. I’m basically reporting the massive potential of the cigar blend. I’m very impressed so far.
I rarely, if ever, buy salomons. For the simple reason that they take forever to reach the blender’s intent in your humidor. And for a non-working class stiff, I need to buy cigars that are ready in weeks, not years.

Graham cracker and creaminess are working together and there is a cream cheese note to top it off.
There is a firework laden flavor explosion here. Just amazing. I really hope this cigar comes to market. I’m sure that the high price for the auction will come down considerably when it does.
The sun is out. There is a nice breeze coming through my living room window where I do my writing. Just lovely. The last week has been dreary and full of rain. Beautiful change up.

I believe the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario has reached its zenith at this point.
Each puff is redolent with delicious and diverse flavors.
I’m closing in on two hours.
Another change occurs. Flavors were so complex that they had morphed into one giant ball. At this moment, they spread out as Moe would say. The sweetness is very intense. The spiciness is right where I like it: Strong. The graham cracker dominates. So does the wood, nuts, and toasty elements.
The earthy tobacco is really showing off now. Sometimes you are lucky enough to actually taste the soil where the tobacco was grown.
The red wine begins to make a big come back.
I fondly say good bye to the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario.
The strength makes a push for medium/full and brings some nicotine with it.
Final smoke time is 2 hours and 15 minutes.
I want to thank Miami Cigar & Co. for sending me samples. This was a real treat.

It is really hard to comment on this as I don’t know the real price point until the cigar reaches market. If I were to guess, I’d say it is a double digit price for sure. Maybe $10-$12. After all, it is an anniversary stick and a lot of thought and experience went into the design of the blend.

I really loved this cigar. I have one single criticism. I wish the body was stronger. I get it. You make an anniversary cigar and you want it to appeal to the masses. So it becomes a medium body blend.
The large display of flavors is what saves the day for me.
Construction is top notch. And with the sun coming out, you can see the beauty of the flawless wrapper. Gorgeous color.
For only having weeks of humidor time, this salomon shows a potential of becoming a masterpiece of blending.
I would love to have a box of these. But not at $1000. I will wait and cross my fingers that the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 Edición Limitada 111 Aniversario comes to market soon at a reasonable price. Hopefully, it will be in 10 count boxes. No way could I afford a 20 count box. I will leave that for the guys whose wives leave them alone.

And now for something completely different:

I’ve written this anecdote before. The summer of 2014 to be exact. But a buddy wanted to see it as he had never read it. Instead of just sending him the link, I decided to torture my readers with “…one more time…”

We had played our first gig in Amsterdam…always the first city on the European tour.

We always took the opportunity the Dutch government provided by going to the Paradiso Club which was government run and required a lifetime admission of 5 Guilders. Back then, a Guilder was around 25 cents. It was a multi-tiered humongous venue with different types of music on each floor. And a giant main arena for headlining acts. It was always a gas because we would go to the basement where the hash and weed was sold and stocked up for the entire tour..which normally lasted 6-7 weeks.

Needless, to say, we were stoned out of our brains when we hit the big stage that first night. Stew and Sonja liked to drop acid before a show.
Our Dutch agent took the band and the upper echelon roadies out to dinner after the concert.
It was around 1am and when we finished, we were stuffed.
Our BTM agent, Rik, asked everyone if they wanted to go to the red light district and get laid? Only Darryl and I raised our hands. The others were chicken shit scared. Shit. We were rock stars!
So off we went to the red light district.



We got out and surveyed the territory. All the girls sat in tiny bay windows that were back lit with red lamps. All lined up in a huge row along the famous canals.
Prostitution was legal and the girls had to get checked out on some sort of timetable. Of course that didn’t help if the guy before you had the clap.

Rik saw a girl he liked and went in. Darryl and I waited beside the car.
He came out and told us he made a deal for all three of us. $20 each.
He announced that he would go first. Since he was paying for it.
I was nervous as hell as I had never paid for it…in cash, anyways.

He came out 20 minutes later with a shit eatin’ grin. He slapped us on the backs and proclaimed with pride; it was GREAT!
Darryl announced he was going next. Great. I was getting thirds. This did not make me happy.
All I could think of was a gooshy quedgie. But then these girls were pros. They wouldn’t last if they weren’t clean.
Darryl came out 20 minutes later with that same shit eatin’ grin and bragged what a stud he was.
Now it was my turn.

I lumbered into the room. It was the size of a closet. Big enough for a single bed and a make-up table.
The girl was of Heinz 57 heritage. She was from who knows where but she was gorgeous.
I made small talk but she would have none of it.
“Hurry up. Get your clothes off.”
I did as she commanded.

I tried to impress her with who I was but she said that she only liked R & B. And had no idea who Curved Air was.
She lay on the bed and was naked from the waist down. She kept her halter top on. Well, that was no fun.
She handed me a rubber.
Then she took a handful of something from a jar and slathered her quedgie with it. All I heard was this squishy sound.
She jerked on my dick a few times to get me hard. I was so scared that it wasn’t that easy to get an erection but, hey, I was 24 and anything could give me a hard on.

I climbed on board missionary style and she guided me in.
Not 30 seconds later, she said, “Can’t you cum? C’mon…cum already.”
I told her to shut up. I was concentrating.
She kept up this mantra and it was driving me nuts. The fun was gone.
So I tried to take her top off. She stopped me.
“That will be another 20 Guilders.”
I didn’t have 20 Guilders on me at that very moment. Back then, that was around $5.00.

I couldn’t cum and I wasn’t having any fun so I began to sing Simon and Garfunkel’s “Keep the Customer Satisfied.”
She got mad and let me put my hand inside her halter top if it would make me cum faster.
I succeeded in spite of the obstacles.

As I got dressed, she told me: “You didn’t drink tonight, did you?”
I smiled and said no. I don’t drink. “Why?”
She said the other two guys obviously had a lot to drink.
I looked confused.
Then she took her index finger…made it stand up straight and then allowed it to droop.
I laughed so hard my sides hurt.

So after all this, I was the only one to get laid. The others were too drunk. And they came out bragging about how good it was.
I sauntered out to the car with a big smile.
They looked at me and knew in an instant I knew.
They hung their heads and said nothing. I laughed.
It cost Rik $60 for me to get laid. I thanked him.
The experience cured me of my curiosity. The idea of paying for sex was wiped clean off of my Bucket List.




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  1. Also a great smoke. At least 4 years in humidor and paid less than $200 for box,

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