Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Natural Wrapper Double Robusto | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan, Honduran
Size: 5 x 60 “Double Robusto”
Body: Mild/Medium
Price: $6.00
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review: 1
Accompanying Libation: Water





Today we take a look at the Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Natural Wrapper Double Robusto.

From the Rolling Thunder web site:
“Nice appearance. Not a barber pole design, but clearly dual leaves. walnut hints… oaky…. salty pine nuts tastes.. tasty straight forward mild- medium smoke for the recently new, but slightly experienced smoker looking to take the next step up in flavor.”

“Rolling Thunder Cigars distinctive brand of cigars are hand rolled in Ybor City Florida, also known as The Cigar City! Named after Vincente Martinez-Ybor who founded the city in 1885 and created the very first industrialized city in the state of Florida, that industry was centered around the manufacture of cigars. The City is rich in cigar culture and populated with many Cuban born and trained Cigar rollers.

“Before founding Rolling Thunder Cigars I literally smoked my way through Ybor’s cigar makers until I found the company that I was comfortable putting the Rolling Thunder Cigars brand on.

“Combining the finest Cuban seed tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua and rolling cigars with near perfect construction is what sets Rolling Thunder cigars apart!”

I want to thank two people for their generosity and kindness. David Weinberg and Dave Cribbin, owner of Rolling Thunder. Both sent me a nice care package of these fine sticks. How do I know they are fine sticks? Because after I wrote my review of the .50 Caliber Connecticut blend, I got lots of messages telling me: “…wait til you try the Maduro.” Well, I did review the Maduro and it was wonderful. Now, the final review of the third blend: the Natural.

The cigars are sold in 5, 10, and 20 packs.
They also come in two other blends: .50 Caliber Connecticut Shade and .50 Caliber Maduro Wrappers. Price range: $6.00-$6.50.
The size varies on the Maduro with the addition of a Double Corona 7 x 60.

All Rolling Thunder cigars can be purchased on their web site.
Rolling Thunder procures their tobacco from Oliva Tobacco and is made with 100% Cuban seed.
Rolling Thunder also sells a Jetline Touch Torch lighter ($69.00), Colibri V Cutter ($35.00), and a cool looking .50 Cal Cigar Stand ($75.00).

A solid cigar with lots of veins. Hidden seams. A nicely applied triple cap. The wrapper is an oily light brown. Like all Rolling Thunder cigars, the band is at the foot and must be removed prior to lighting up.

5 x 60 Double Robusto $6.00
6.5 x 52 Torpedo $6.50

There are deep aromas of chocolate, spice, herbal notes, sweetness, floral notes, earthiness, and nuts.
The cold draw is earthy, slightly sweet, spicy, and nutty.

The draw is excellent. Very nutty. Like me, of course. A generic sweetness. And then Blam! An excellent dose of spiciness that wipes that smirk right off my puss. Wow. It was like a left jab from Ali.
Creaminess piles on in layers and just keeps coming. Chocolate arrives next.

The Natural has more in common with the Connecticut Shade. That same punch of spicy power at the start is a wakeup call. And yet, the strength is only mild/medium at this point.

Instead of pine nuts, I taste pepitas, or fried pumpkin seeds. I haven’t had pine nuts in ages and can’t remember the flavor. But I love pepitas. Even the saltiness of the fried pumpkin seed comes through.
The char line is on target…maybe the tiniest bit wavy. So nice to review a cigar with a near perfect char line. Especially, when it occurs in all three blends of the same brand.

Cribbin really hit pay dirt with his brand. All three have mystical powers over my palate. Regardless of the strength, all three are super flavorful and none are defined by the other blends.

The sweetness is strong now. I taste cantaloupe. I know that’s odd but that’s what I taste. The Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Natural Wrapper Double Robusto has other sweet characteristics as well: Clotted cream, sweet raw cashew, and sweet Hawaiian bread.

I find a liqueur flavor now. I smack my lips over and over to try and discern its origin. A little like Gran Marnier and a little like Midori. Orange and melon.

Cribbin is going to think I’m nuts. But what he doesn’t know is that I have a highly developed palate from smoking fine cigars for 47 years. At least that’s what I tell everyone.

I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite RT blend. Each one is very good but so different from each other that it is comparing apples to oranges. I do know this…this is the first brand that finds perfect flavor profiles in a milder blend. Normally, I equate mild body with no flavor. That is a generalization of course.

The strength is now a solid medium body. The spiciness was on the wane for the last 10 minutes, or so. But now it’s back in force. It brings to the surface a stronger chocolate with a touch of coffee and toffee.
Damn. The Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Natural Wrapper Double Robusto just hit its sweet spot. Now it is rolling thunder.
That was a big transition.

I will return tomorrow with another rock n roll anecdote.

Here they are: Spice, sweetness, creaminess, nutty, toasty, liqueur, earthy, citrus, pepitas, chocolate, and coffee.
I’ve been very good about not announcing flavor bombs to the dismay of my readers. But the Natural deserves that praise. It is a flavor bomb.

I can’t tell you how much I am digging this cigar. It is the perfect morning blend. And it is a wonder cigar for those with experienced palates. Newbies will love it too because the strength is tolerable for them. Good cigar to glean flavors from to train your palate.
As I approach the halfway point, smoke time has been 35 minutes.

Creaminess and toffee are really sailing now. Flavors are so bold and intense that my toupee is spinning all by itself.
The first touch of nicotine arrives. I can take it.

The strength is a touch over medium body now. The RT web site describes the Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Natural Wrapper Double Robusto as a mild/medium blend. But I am getting something much stronger.

The sun came out. You can now see how the cigar oozes with oil.
We’ve had a gorgeous week with temps around 75° every day. From here on, starting today, it will only be in the low 50’s. A shame.

I always listen to music while I review. The cable station and the oldies channel. I have a home theater so I crank it. Some days, they play nothing but drek. And other days, like today, each song takes me back to my teens in a big way. The 60’s was a great time for music. There was a lot of crap as there is in any decade. But it was full of gems that just don’t occur today.

We used to wait in baited anticipation for every Beatles’ album to be released. Buy it and take it home and listen to it for hours and hours. Great times in my life.

The flavor profile is unrelenting. I think at this point, I can declare that the Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Natural Wrapper Double Robusto is my favorite of the three blends. Don’t get me wrong. I loved both the Maduro and Connie Shade but this blend is a knock out in the first round.

A sip of water and the flavors rush to my palate and explode like fireworks.
As you can see in one of the first photos, I also have this blend in the Torpedo (6.5 x 52). I’m thinking of reviewing it as well. Size matters no matter what your wife’s lies try to convince you.

The strength just barely ekes to medium/full.
Just like the other two blends, the construction has been perfect.

This will be close to a 90 minute smoke. I wouldn’t mind if it were a 2 hour smoke. Hence, the Torpedo in my future.
The fruitiness dissipates some. The major flavors are: Spice, creaminess, nuts, chocolate, toasty, and sweetness.
The nuttiness really takes off. The saltiness is gone.

There is no cruise control for the Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Natural Wrapper Double Robusto. It is so complex that it is ever changing. Like a disco ball at warp speed, it throws out flavors like crazy.
Strength is a solid medium/full. I have no idea why it is contrary to the RT web site description.
It now possesses a healthy dose of Vitamin N. My motor functions are impaired. LOL.
The cigar heats up a bit with 1-1/2” to go.
Final smoking time was 80 minutes.
What a great blend!
And for one new L’Atelier, I can get three Rolling Thunder cigars.

Just friggin insane. $6.00 for this cigar? Obviously, it will go on my “The Katman’s Best 170 Boutique Brands/Blends in the $6-$9.50+ Range.” And “The Katman’s List of 135 Great Cigars in the $5.00-$6.50 Range.”
Thanks to Joe Talotta, I’ve had the chance to smoke some great cigars and most of them very expensive. The Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Natural Double Robusto proves my constant rant that you don’t have to spend $16 on the new L’Atelier or $14 on the new Quesada Reserva Privada.
This is a diamond that should put to shame the greed of those manufacturers.
Remember when an expensive cigar was $8.00? Those days are long gone.

The Rolling Thunder .50 Caliber Natural Wrapper Double Robusto is a masterpiece of blending skill.
The cigar pummels you with intense flavors and you never tire of the cigar experience.
Construction was perfect. No touch ups to the char line were required. No wrapper issues.
Dave Cribbin is a genius. He’s made three blends that are as different as fire and ice. Each one is incredible in its own fashion.
I can’t afford to buy three bundles of each blend when my social security comes through on the 3rd. But I am more likely to buy a few samplers.
A 10 pack is only $59.99. An incredible deal. It’s a done deal on the 3rd.
I highly recommend all three blends. And the 5 count or 10 count sampler is a great way to start and you can decide for yourself.
Thanks again to Dave Cribbin and David Weinberg for the cigars.
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