PSyKo SEVEN Maduro | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Ecuadorian Hybrid 151
Filler: Nicaraguan Ligero, Peruvian Pelo de Oro, Honduran Seco, Dominican Hybrid, USA PA Ligero
Size: 5.5 X 50 “Robusto”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $7.00 Range
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review: 1
Accompanying Libation: Water




Today we take a look at the new PSyKo SEVEN Maduro by Ventura Cigar Company.

I think it better to let the PR release do the talking:

The PSyKo SEVEN Maduro comes in three sizes:
Robusto: 5.5 x 50
Toro: 6.25 x 48
Gordo: 6 x 60 ($7.20)

Removing the cigar bands is like undressing a girl’s bra back in the 1950’s. It requires dexterity, precision, and dedication to the outcome. Underneath the “Prescription” is another cigar band that is pretty cool. At my age, one needs a magnifying glass to read the prescription. Loads of info on that little stolen script.

The cigar is solid, man, solid (Keeping up with the 50’s theme). Not a single soft spot. The dark chocolate fudge colored wrapper is semi oily with just as much a matte finish. I suppose if the sun comes out, we will see. But my lighting set up just creates glare on the cigar bands so I couldn’t use direct light.
Seams are literally invisible. A few veins but nothing much. A perfect triple cap. And the cigar feels very toothy.

Aromas along the shaft smell of earthy tobacco, coffee, chocolate, and spice. The exposed cap and foot smell heavily of barnyard, spice, and espresso.
The cold draw reveals chocolate, earthiness, espresso, and nuts.

The draw is pretty good for such a well-packed cigar.
Smoke gushes from the end of the stick like a house afire.

And then flavors begin to line up: Spice, sweetness, wood, roasted nuts, and strong espresso.

And there it is: Cherries. I was skeptical at first as the Ventura Cigar Co. web site describes the flavor of cherry. But here it is. Damn. Actually, there is a single review on the Ventura web site and that described cherries. And there is a single review in the blogosphere that describes the same thing.

I have to concur. The flavor is so bold; it cannot be imagined by a derelict palate. I don’t remember where I read it…Best Cigar Prices; that’s where. They sell the Gordo only and they describe the PSyKo SEVEN Maduro as mild/medium strength. I don’t think so.
It is already at a solid medium body and it wants more, I tell you…MORE! (Trying to impersonate a 1950’s mad scientist).
The char line is on the money.
Cedar and creaminess kick in.

At the 1-1/2” burned point, the “It” factor is present and accounted for.
Complexity shows itself in what I consider an early stage of the smoking experience.
Steak sauce. A generic sauce. I can taste something like a cross between Worcestershire and A-1. Very subtle but most definitely in play. I taste soy, garlic, a hint of vinegar, raisins, and herbal notes. There you have it. The perfect cloning of the two sauces.
The creaminess really takes off. So does some toffee and nougat.
The steak sauce looms large now.

New flavors as the flavor profile opens up: warm sourdough bread, leather, and orange citrus.
The pepper element is a combo of both black and red. And has maintained an even keel.

So here they are as we traverse the second third: Steak sauce, sweetness, cedar, cherry, wood, roasted nuts, chocolate, toasty bread, strong espresso, orange citrus, and leather. And big dose of earthiness. Quite the lineup.
The construction is totally on point. The char line is dead nuts. Perfect. No wrapper issues. And the draw is right on.
Strength is medium/full.

I believe the strength of the PSyKo SEVEN Maduro will hit full body by the last third.
This is a very potent blend.
I loved the original PSyKo SEVEN. You can read my review HERE.

This is a quantum leap for the folks at Ventura Cigar Company. The original blend was great but the PSyKo SEVEN Maduro is even better. Of course, I’m a maduro man.
The kitchen sink list of flavors is completely intact and blowing steam as they rush past my palate. Each sip of water creates an explosion of flavor.

You know how you just get a feeling in your gut that a cigar is ready to smoke? It happened with the PSyKo SEVEN Maduro. I had planned to let it humidor rest for a month but then I lit one up last night. Wow. Time’s a’ wastin’.
I’ve had this cigar for less than a week. I can’t even begin to imagine what it will taste like with proper care and rest. If all I’m getting is the potential, then look out.
Not a single flavor has dropped off.
I want to discuss the price point. Later.

This is a wonderful cigar. I have a couple left due to the generosity of Ventura Cigar Co. They sent me 4 cigars and some cool swag. That’s class. With the big manufacturers, who I won’t name, make you feel lucky to get two cigars. Some only send one stick.

We have full body.
A little too much glue on the main cigar band. One must start peeling at the “V” on the band. Tricky business.
So far, no nicotine.

Another sip of water and everything comes rushing back in droves.
The PSyKo SEVEN Maduro finds its smoothness. The complexity is off the charts. The balance is perfect. And it has a nice long finish. Keeps me smacking my lips.

I don’t want this to end. I’m having a ripping good time.
And clearly I jinxed it as nicotine does show up. I expect my motor skills to diminish severely.

I’ve said this a million times but I review first thing in the morning before eating anything. Even a bowl of cereal can affect what you taste when you light up.
The experienced palate will love this cigar. It’s like “Find Waldo” as far as the huge mixture of flavors. Or as SNL once said, “Find the Popes in the Pizza.”

The PSyKo SEVEN Maduro is a slow roll. Building in flavor and complexity. No boredom with this blend.
The PSyKo SEVEN Maduro finishes with a surge of spiciness.
Great cigar. Ventura Cigar Company should be proud.

While this cigar is not officially released that I can tell. The web site says it will be released this August. So the Gordo that Famous Smoke is selling is a tease.
If the Gordo is going for $7.20, I can’t imagine the Robusto being more than $7.00. Kudos Ventura Cigar Company for your impressive lack of greed. Like so many other manufacturers, their new blends are taking advantage of a better economy and nailing the consumer with serious double digit pricing.
The PSyKo SEVEN Maduro is every bit as good as a double digit priced blend. I definitely want more of these and can’t wait til they are on the market in August.
The web site doesn’t say that the PSyKo SEVEN Maduro is a limited edition cigar so I assume it will be a regular production cigar. Even so, there will be a run on them when they are released. Stores won’t be able to keep them on the shelves.

I found this cigar to be the complete package…flavor, complexity, balance and finish.
As I said earlier, I am really anticipating the release of this cigar.
It’s always a great morning when I can praise and fawn over a cigar.
There is no doubt that this will be a very popular cigar. Word of mouth will sell the PSyKo SEVEN Maduro like crazy.
Thank you Ventura Cigar Company. This was a real treat.
10 Protection Status


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