Cuban Zirconia by Dignity Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Costa Rican Habano
Binder: Costa Rican
Filler: Costa Rican
Size: 6 x 52 “Toro”
Body: Medium
Price: $7.99
Number of Cigars Smoked Prior to Review: 0
Accompanying Libation: Water



Today we take a look at Cuban Zirconia by Dignity Cigars.
I want to thank Eric Anderson for the gift.

From the Dignity Cigars press release:
“Dignity Premium Cigars hail from the world’s only existing pure ancestral, pre-embargo Cuban seeds – traced by genetic fingerprints to Cuban regions such as Pinar del Rio, Vuelta Abajo, Remedios, Artemisa, San Juan y Martinez of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Our seed varieties were obtained from Habanesis developed in Cuba in 1907. This was the first standardized black tobacco seed and is the forefather to all modern Cuban tobaccos. Each true-to-type seed has been adapted in the high mountains of Costa Rica while retaining their genotypic and phenotypic characteristics.”

From Dignity Cigars web site:
“Dignity Est. Circa 2010. Our Costa Rican puros are cultivated in the richest soil under ideal climate conditions, grown in a pesticide-free environment using organic fertilization methods. Since 2010, Dignity® has been named one of the world’s leading luxury boutique brands. Dignity products are offered through high-end hotels, boutique cigar lounges, private clubs and exclusive retailers.

“Dignity is grown and handcrafted in the high mountains of Santa Marta de Puriscal, Costa Rica, about 3800 feet above sea level. At this altitude, the temperature and humidity exude prime weather conditions ideal for elaborate cultivation of organic tobacco year round.

“After each harvest, the tobacco is graded, separated and air-cured in the high mountains. This elevation also helps to keep pest away. When the natural curing process is complete, the tobacco is separated and hauled into fermentation to mature. Once matured, the tobacco is aged, chosen to create unique blends, tested and re-tested, aged and tested again. Quality and taste is the end result of a combination of the seed, harvest, curing, fermentation, aging, rolling of the actual cigar and aging of the product after being handcrafted.
“Our unique blends are prime for the new cigar smoker and also the seasoned aficionado. We strive to create new and exciting blends as we build our brand on quality, elegance and class. After all is created and done, the presentation is the brands life-line.

“*The origin of our fine quality tobacco can be accredited to the world’s only existing pure ancestral, pre-embargo Cuban seeds of the 1940’s & 50’s. Our seed varieties were obtained from the Habanesis process developed in Cuba in 1907. This was the first standardized black tobacco seed and is the forefather to all modern Cuban tobaccos. Each true-to-type seed has been adapted in the high mountains of Costa Rica while retaining their genotypic and phenotypic characteristics.”

This cigar is one of 10 blends that Dignity Cigars makes and was first released in 2013.
All cigar blends are manufactured at the Tabacos de la Cordillera factory in Costa Rica.
The newest release for 2015 is the Dignidad Elite Reserva.

Ordinary looking stick. Seams are tight for the most part. Lots of veins; both big and small. The cigar is packed nicely with the proper amount of give when gently pressed. The wrapper is very toothy and oily with a russet brown color. Unfortunately, once again I can’t get a good shot of the cigar’s wrapper due to absolutely no sun out and my lighting gear creates a huge glare on the cigar band’s shininess. Sorry.
The triple cap with the small pig tail is expertly applied. And the cigar band is the Costa Rican flag.

Robusto 5 x 50 $6.99
Toro 6 x 52 $7.99
Torpedo 6 x 56
Grand Toro 6.5 x 52

Along the shaft, I smell sweetness, floral notes, and barnyard. At the newly clipped cap and foot, I smell potent doses of honey, chocolate, vanilla, floral notes, toffee, earthiness, and leather. Nice.
I removed the cap yarmulke style. No removal of tobacco underneath the wrapper. I could have been a moil.
The cold draw is very earthy, plenty of wood, and leather.

The draw is perfect. Lots of flavors pour out: Graham cracker, wood notes, creaminess, floral notes, caramel, honey, cinnamon sticks, and deep earthiness.
Nice start. Eric gave the cigar to me over a month ago and he had it for some time so my fingers are crossed.
Chocolate shows up. An Italian herb component appears next. It almost tastes like Italian vinaigrette. Sort of a sweet ‘n sour effect. I dig it. I dig a pony.

Strength is mild on its way to medium body.

An inch in, everything just flattens out. I suspect this is nothing more than an expensive yard ‘gar. Flavors went somewhere besides my palate.
The mild body does a quick turnaround.

I said in an earlier review that I don’t like mild bodied cigars because for the most part they are tasteless. And this is exactly that description.

If I had a second one to try before reviewing this one, I never would have reviewed it. But now I’m knee deep in it and I’m not turning back.
I was on a good streak for a bit. And now it’s over with the Cuban Zirconia. I do believe that this is Dignity Cigar’s bottom shelf blend. The other blends get reviewed a lot but couldn’t find a single one for this blend. Not one. Should have known better. But noooooo….

The reviews of the more expensive blends get great reviews. I’m the chump reviewing the yard ‘gar of the group.
The fact that I can’t get a decent photo of the cigar due to the damn cigar band’s shiny background and lettering was an omen. I guess an exorcist was in order to make this cigar work right.

Creaminess returns to the fold. Other than that, flavors are barely noticeable. Absolutely no hint of spice. That’s a real bummer right there.

Dignity Cigars’ PR campaign proclaims it has been named one of the premier luxury brands in the world. Bold statement. So what am I smoking? This is their bundle brand that they throw out as scraps to the needy who can’t afford cigars.
I’m not even going to waste a good story I had prepared for the end of the review.

And wouldn’t you know it? The Cuban Zirconia is a very slow smoke. Sheer torture.

I went to all that trouble researching this cigar and providing valuable information about the company and how they do things….why? For this thing? This tasteless tampon? (A clean one).
The dignity web site claims that this cigar is medium body. In what universe? And that it has a “Smooth, sweet and creamy profile.” That’s code for yard ‘gar.

In three words, it described the entire flavor profile. There is no way I’m going to sit here for 90 minutes and finish this cigar. I am sorry. Can’t do it. And too late to review another cigar as my palate has been tarnished. LOL.
Come on baby…just get me to medium body and I will let up on you.

There is a valuable lesson here. Never. Never. Never. Review a cigar when you have only one stick. I will never do this again. That is what I got into a big fight over with jack torano over when he was still with the company. He would send me single sticks for review. Some were very good and some were stink bombs. I wrote them as I saw them. I kept all of his emails. One day, when I’m not afraid of a defamation of character lawsuit, I will post them.

Here is a good laugh. I just noticed this on the Dignity web site about the Cuban Zirconia: “Handcrafted Style: Entubadu”
I’ve tried other Costa Rican puros and I can’t remember liking any of them. Sometimes, the leaves have been mixed with other concoctions of leaves but going puro…does nothing for me.

Once again. The mantra of Dignity Cigars: “Smooth, sweet and creamy profile.” That’s all the Cuban Zirconia has to offer.
This cigar belongs in the clearance portion of the big online stores in bundles that cost $35.00.
It still sits on its ass at mild bodied. Medium/Shmedium.

There is an uptick of creaminess. Hold the presses!
You know what this blend tastes like? The cheap CAO blends.

Or maybe what Macanudo tasted like a couple decades ago. Before they got really smart and made medium body smokes with excellent tobacco and plenty of flavor. But I still don’t smoke them. Too blasé for me.

Torture. Someone plant an IED at my door step and ring the doorbell. You can keep the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that still lies there since the wife ain’t up yet.

I know. Pretty harsh words. It just pisses me off to write a really negative review. I was told this was supposed to be a pretty good cigar. Blecch.

I’m going to endure smoking this disaster to the start of the last third and if a miracle doesn’t occur, I’m done.

I’m getting frustrated and angry now. Ever screw a girl, when you were young and desperate, that just lies there and tells you to get it over with?
I’m getting the same lay.
Uh-oh. Three new flavors: Black pepper, bitterness, and harshness. Way to go.
I’m not going to waste anymore of my, or your, time.
Review done. Over and out.

$8.00???? What a joke. This is a $2.00 cigar.

The cigar sucks.
All the signs were there and I ignored them. Shame on me. Protection Status


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  1. “This tasteless tampon? (A clean one)” Would you have preferred a used one? That being said, I agree that very few cigars listed as “mild” have the interest factor to make them worthwhile smokes. I honestly cannot think of ANY right now.

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