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On this day, I want to tell you about my father.
His name was Stanley Joseph Kohn.
Dad was 80 when he passed in 2003.

My father served in the Army in WWII.
He was in the D-Day Invasion on June 6, 1944.

He fought in France, Belgium, and Germany.
He was a brave corporal.
He won the Bronze Star 3 times.

He received a Purple Heart as a result of being shot in the chest charging a German machine gun nest in Germany.

My dad kept that bullet. He stored it in a container in the top drawer of his dresser. When I was 4 years old, I found it and played with it. And then proceeded to lose it.
To the day he died, in mixed company with me there, he told the same story about how his son Phillip lost the bullet that he took in that battle. I was 53 when he died so he must have told that story thousands of times.

My father bought me my first bass amp when I was 15. After he saw how dedicated I was to playing bass, he voluntarily took me to a music store and made me a very happy young man.
My dad was dead set against me going to Europe in 1974. But after I made the big time, he kept every newspaper and magazine clipping that I sent him and posted it on his bulletin board in his office.
Dad was a civil engineer and had his doctorate in law. He wanted me to go into law. Nothing seemed more boring to me.

I miss you dad. You were a good man. An excellent father. A wonderful grandpa. And Pop, I’m still playing the bass 50 years later.

The photo below is of my dad and my daughter Katie when she was around 3-4 years old. Katie is now 29:

My dad putting Katie to work as a tennis ball retriever:

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  1. Thank God for those who served their country and the families that they raised in freedom as a result of their service!

  2. My mom and dad met in a MASH unit in France in 1944 (Doctor and Nurse)

  3. Very cool story! I’ve got no cool vet stories but I’m honored to be able to care for them when I’m at work. Serving those who served is an amazing feeling. Thank you to all those that signed up or were forced to go.

  4. Katman,
    This is my first time on your site in months as life has been extremely busy. As I went through pst reviews to catch up on what I’ve missed, this Memorial Day post really stood out. Your father was a true hero. I have always been in awe of the men who served in WWII for what they did. I’m sure you’re extremely proud.

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