Dram Cask No. 4 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 54 “Toro”
Body: Full
Price: $11.50 MSRP





Today we take a look at the just released Dram Cask No. 4 from C & Cigar Cigars and distributed by Orleans Group International. Technically, it is Dram Cigars.
I would like to thank Rene Castañeda, vice president of sales, for the samples.

From “PR Newswire:”
“Joe Chiusano, founder of C&C and creator of the blends commented “We were sipping scotch and smoking cigars one night in the Dominican Republic and the conversation turned to what could we do to make the cigars pair even better with the whiskey we were drinking. We talked about how we could make that great night even better and Dram Cigars for Whiskey was born.”

“Orleans Group International LLC, based out of Boca Raton, Florida, is the exclusive distributor of cigars, C&C Cigars, and a designer and supplier of humidors and cigar accessories.”

Portions from the Orleans Group International Press Release published recently:
According to Rene: “In this blend, we found that the true Broadleaf wrapper really shines and is especially well paired with heavier whiskeys and that was our goal. It gives us a rich, heavy, intense smoke that provides complexity while not being over the top in terms of strength. It is a medium to full cigar which makes it approachable to all.”

“Specifically crafted to go perfectly with whiskeys from Islay, Highland scotches, and Tennessee Sour Mash Bourbons.

“Made at Ernesto Perez-Carrillo’s Tabacalera Alianza in Santiago, Dominican Republic.
“These are regular production cigars.

“Cigars were released on June 8.”

All Dram Cask series cigars are reviewed here on my web site.

The Dram Cask Series:
1. Cask No. 1 Double Connecticut – Smooth Connecticut with broad flavor in mild plus strength for lighter whiskeys such as Glenmorangie, Balvenie Single Barrel, etc.
2. Cask No. 2 Double Corojo – Smooth flavorful Corojo made for woody whiskeys but bridges to citrus and caramel driven whiskeys in a medium strength
3. Cask No. 3 Double Habano – A medium plus spicy Habano for whiskeys and particularly bourbons that have more spice to them and also ties to smoky whiskeys
4. Cask No. 4 Double Binder Connecticut Broadleaf – A fuller body dark rich wrapper that highlights smoky, peaty and spicy heavier whiskeys

I smoked one last night. I did so to get an idea of how much humidor time was needed and I was blown out of my chair. I’ve had the samples for only days.
Mind you, I’m not reviewing this cigar to be the first on my block to do so. If I hadn’t smoked one last night, I would never have done this. But it has that fresh rolled flavor that is exuberant and bold.
These cigars have gorgeous, oily, mottled wrappers. They have tight seams, few veins mostly hidden by the dark wrapper, packed to the gills but with the right amount of give, and a beautifully applied triple cap.
I love the cigar bands. Not only beautiful but informative as well. They tell us that the accompanying whiskey should be woody and smoky. The profile is intense and rich. And the strength is medium/full.

Robusto: 5 x 50 $11.00, Churchill: 7 x 50 $12.00, and Gigantor: 6 x 60 $12.50.

There is an earthy peaty aroma on the shaft. In addition, I can smell a floral sweetness, herbal notes and black tea.
On the freshly clipped cap and foot, I can smell black licorice, herbal notes, earthiness, cocoa, coffee, spice, and that earthy peat once again.
The cold draw provides flavors of sweetness, spice, wood, leather, and earthy tobacco.

The draw is a tad tight. In spite of that, giant plumes of smoke fill the room.
That wonderful peat flavor mixes with rich earthiness and a building spiciness. A slight sweet element tops off the start of the cigar experience.
Smokiness hits the ground running.

The char line is dead nuts perfect. It has a lovely, mostly white, ash.
Last night’s smoke waited about 5 minutes before I was nailed in the puss with a combo of red pepper and jalapeno. I’m hoping it happens again.

This a deeply rich and meaty cigar. Strength is already medium/full.

The Dram Cask No. 4 is most definitely a different animal cracker than the previous blends. I enjoyed the previous three but this fourth blend is more my style.
I pick up a dark berry component. Complimented by nougat.
And the pepper hits me like a lemon meringue pie in the face. Very spicy. It ramps up the other flavors as well instead of covering them up.
The char line is perfect.

Lots of subtle flavors: Wood, spice, earthiness, peat, smoky, sweetness, berry, coffee, meaty, licorice, and herbal notes.
A mesquite element appears that reminds me of really good homemade beef jerky.
I can only imagine how good this cigar will be 6 months from now.

30 minutes in, a mellow creaminess shows up. And it is here that the cigar blend finds its complexity.
The flavor profile opens up like seeing the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” for the first time. You know the part I’m talking about. The freak out special effects part at the end of the movie.

I’ve got flavors zooming past my palate just short of light speed.
I must have had a small plug near the foot and I burned through it letting loose a fusillade of flavor points.
The spice is ragin’ Cajun.
The complexity is so rich that it’s like eating a $40 steak.
The strength hits full body.
The Dram Cask No. 4 is for the most experienced palates. At this early stage of aging, or lack thereof, it takes a finely developed palate to pick up the wonderful nuances the blend brings to the table. Six months from now, they will be come out from behind the trees and be the bold and the beautiful.

Damn. This cigar is delicious. A burnt caramel flavor flows like hot lava.
I’m 45 minutes in and it seems to have gone much too quickly. Transitions are on a roller coaster.
I’m floored that a cigar with this little humidor time is this terrific. Orleans Group pretty much keeps the important information close to their chests. I am not a cigar insider and therefore do not have access to the whispers and insights to how they made this cigar blend.

Here they are: Wood, spice, smoky, peat, creaminess, leather, cocoa, burnt caramel, meaty, mesquite, berry, coffee, and herbal notes.
And the complexity keeps on getting stronger.
The strength is very full bodied.

The cigar bands use somewhat porous material which forces the glue to really bond. In both cigars, I had trouble removing the cigar band without doing a little damage.
The construction is impeccable. Solid. A perfect burn line. An elegantly slow smoke. One that should be savored without distraction. The wrapper, with the help of my lighting rig, really shows the texture of the toothy wrapper to a tee. Not to mention the combination of caramel and charcoal colors.
I take a sip of water and get a splash of ginger.

The Dram Cask No. 4 is smooth as glass. The tobacco is so rich that it is like a fancy French dessert.
No let up to the spice. My eyes are watering.

This is masterful blending. When these hit the shelves, grab some. And do what I did…smoke one the day after you get them. And tell me I’m wrong about this cigar. I dare you.
I’m not a whiskey drinker. If I drink at all, it’s Scotch. I’m going to save my last sample for when I buy a bottle.

I asked Charlotte this weekend if we were getting any weather? She said she didn’t think so. It is black as night outside at 10am and pouring like cats and dogs. I asked her that question because my back was killing me. How about the rest of you old dogs out there? Feel weather coming on before its forecasted? LOL.

The sweet spot has hit. With more humidor time, I am convinced it will hit in the first third, not the last.

This blend is quite unique. I can’t think of a single blend I can compare it to. It does have a very big boutique blend flavor. Meaning that a lot of passion went into the design of the blend. Something lacking in most cigars. This is why I generally prefer boutique blends. A lot more love goes into the art of blending. As opposed to just cranking out another blend like the big guys.

As strong as the Dram Cask No. 4 is, there is only a hint of nicotine. This helps maintain the smoothness of the cigar experience.
As I close in on the end of the cigar, I begin to think how Cubanesque this blend is. It reminds me a bit of the Cohiba Behike BHK 54. Yeah, I know. Bold statement.
The Dram Cask No. 4 is a magnificent cigar. It finishes smooth and without a touch of heat or harshness.

The four sizes range from $11.00-$12.50. Worth every dime. If this was a new blend by some of the outrageous boutique blends or expensive regular production manufacturers, this would be an $18 cigar.

Again, thanks to Rene Castañeda for thinking of me.
A truly wonderful cigar with rich earthiness and a deep complexity. A full flavored cigar that makes your palate do the happy dance.
If you find them, grab them. Try the other blends as well. All great cigars.

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  1. I’ll have to keep an eye out for the No. 1 Connecticut, as my tastes are still leaning more towards the milder cigars.

    Awesome review as always!

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