Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Peruvian, Nicaraguan, Dominican
Size: 7 x 56
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $12.00 MSRP

From L-R, the 2015 Collection: Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro:





Today we take a look at the Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) Red Label.

This is the 25th anniversary of Miami Cigar & Co. To celebrate it, there has been an overhaul of the Nestor Miranda Collection. The original Danno collection began in 2009. A year after the passing passing of Nestor’s son, Danny.

The wrappers change but the fillers are pretty much the same with the percentages of fillers changed to fit the wrapper blend. The fillers are from Brazil, Honduras and Nicaragua.
Inside the cigar box, it reads:
“Every family has its prized possession and ours is the Danno. More than just a limited edition release, this cigar was created to celebrate the life of DANIEL LUIS MIRANDA, a man who left us too early, but whose values will never be forgotten.”
The cigars are produced at My Father Cigars S.A.

This is a very rustic looking tree trunk. I have no idea how I’m going to finish it. Some very good cigars get away with these giant logs, but I believe most of us prefer the smaller sizes. Yet, there is a trend in our midst that calls for bigger and bigger cigars.
Rough looking cob. Lots of wrinkles, veins, bumps and lumps and unseemly exposed veins. Not a single No. #9 rollers were on this job.
The cigar is packed solid like yellow cake uranium but has a slight give when pressed.
Even the short pig tail varies from cigar to cigar. The triple caps are a bit sloppy.
The billboard sized cigar band is quite the sight. Bigger than life lettering and logo. It certainly catches your attention.

The cigars come in this size only and each one is $12.00 MSRP.
There will be 1,000 boxes of 20 made for each wrapper.

I do a yarmulke cut removing only the wrapper portion of the cap so I have a neat little add on to my photos. I should have been a moil.
There is loads of earthiness, baker’s cocoa, cedar, spice, and espresso along the shaft.
At the clipped cap and foot, those aromas are intensified with the addition of grass.
The cold draw tastes of light touches of cocoa, earthiness, grass, and leather.

Toasting this giant foot will take a while.
The draw is good. Not great, but good. It requires a lot of suction. My cheeks invert.

There is absolutely no way I can dangle this cigar from my mouth while typing. I weigh it and it comes in at 17.8lbs. So, having to puff, put it down, puff, put it down, etc., will make this a long journey.
The cigar is so big that it feels like I’m using the Hubble Telescope to take photos of it.

Only had these samples for a couple weeks. Let’s face it, if I wait for this cigar to properly humidor age, it will be Chanuukah before it’s ready. So I’m hoping it delivers lots of potential to report.
All of us reviewers that are reviewing it or have reviewed it are idiots. That includes me. But then it just might surprise me.

I’m still feeling under the weather but I needed something to cheer me up so that is why I came out of my cave this morning to write the review.
There is a bit of sweetness. Some saltiness. Maybe a little too much.

Dry boxing makes no sense with the weather we are having. There is less humidity in my humidor than outside it.

Here are a few other flavors I detect early in the experience: coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, mango, and only a dab of spiciness.
Maybe with more time, the Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) will start off with a jolt.

Clearly, this cigar blend is going to take a year before it’s ready to smoke. I am grateful to Miami Cigar & Co for sending me samples of all three blends. But as these cigars will be on the shelves soon, it might have behooved them to send the cigars out earlier. I’m sure they would like the wonderful reviews to hit the same time as the retail release of the cigars.

At the time of writing this review, there are only two published reviews. Both from experienced guys. They don’t have a kitchen sink flavor profile to report as it would be impossible with such short notice on the humidor time.

But I sneak a peek at both and the Cigar Authority (I think this is Barry Stein) nails the flavors. Even the aromas. He smells a paprika element prior to lighting up. I smell the unlit stick and sure as shit, I now smell paprika. That young man has got quite the shnoz.

Sometimes I’m jealous of reviewers like these two gentlemen. They only show a couple photos of the cigar. So what do I do? I gotta show off and take a goddam photo every 30 seconds. See..this way they don’t have to actually finish the cigar. Now I’m not saying that they don’t. But at least they have an escape tunnel should they choose not to finish a 7” long cigar. I wish I were smart.

I don’t have other cigars to review. So I pick my last one to be a giant behemoth that isn’t ready to review yet. And it will take at least 2-1/2 hours.

Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy..the flavor profile picks up. I’ve smoked about 2” and a transition occurs.
The combo of red and black pepper kicks into gear.

The coffee/chocolate combo does the same. The sweetness is at the top of the line. But where is the creaminess? That would really top the flavor profile off.

I taste a maple bar doughnut. I used to love those before I had blood sugar issues. Someone should submit my name to Guinness because I have not had a bite of a doughnut since 1981. 34 years!! First it was hypoglycemia and then in 2006; Diabetes.

I read a study that lots of folks my age developed hypoglycemia as a result of smoking weed when they were young. What do you think the munchies are? It is the lowering of your blood sugar and it makes you hungry. That’s hypoglycemia. Diabetes is hyperglycemia. Big difference.

Back to the Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015). Man, that’s a long name.
A ten word title to a song? Anyone? The Beatles’ “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey.” Off the “White Album”
This mama jamma is pretty tasty now.

This is going to be a damn find cigar with enough patience on your part.
There is a warm, cozy delivery of the flavors now. The blend is very toasty. Like French bread out of the oven.

Strength started out at medium body. It has moved on up to medium/full now. I always think of the TV show; “The Jeffersons” when I write that.

The maple lessens just a tad to make room for some caramel. And creaminess jumps aboard. Huzzah!
The blend of the Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) is transitioning to a light sweet spot.

A nice woody element appears.
The sunlight washes out the bright red color on the cigar band and makes it a bright orange. If only I knew what I was doing with my camera.

Lemon citrus appears next. Very potent.
The Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) is nicely balanced now. Plus, it has a chewy, long finish.

I am in total shock that this huge cigar is pumping out any flavor at all after only two weeks of humidor time. Kudos Señor Miranda.
Some time has been 45 minutes with 4” to go. Oy vay.

Sweet Spot .5: Sweetness, chocolate, coffee, wood, spice, creaminess, citrus, fruit, caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg, and warm bread.
I’m impressed.

The body is advertised as full. I suppose that the cigar still being green has not allowed that to happen. Extensive aging should cure that.
The Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) started out requiring several minor touch ups to the char line. Now it is cruising. No issues. Or issues with the wrapper either. The cap is holding tough. And the ash is hanging on longer than the start of the cigar as well.
(I’ve jinxed it.)

Cigar Authority nails it again. We must have similar palates. He said he can taste banana bread. I don’t taste the bread part but I do taste bananas. It is a potent flavor and just about overwhelms the other flavors.

There is a big transition. The creaminess, spice, chocolate, citrus, and caramel are on the wane. Like a light switch, the flavors were turned off.
What is left? Coffee, earthiness, bananas, wood, cinnamon, and warm bread.
Sweet Spot back to Zero.

This is extremely odd and perplexing. Usually, by now the flavors are blooming. Not going away.
Something even more odd occurs. The flavor profile tastes more Cuban-esque. The blend is richer and has a meaty complexity.

This is now a new cigar. Again, the confusion brought on by being too green to smoke.
Most reviewers are being much smarter than me. They are giving it as much humidor time as possible.
I decided to review it now because I’m bored. I’m not feeling well and not doing well. I wanted something to do that would cheer me up. I’d have been happier if I had a smaller, better aged stick to review. My bad.

But since the other two reviewers published their reviews with not much more to say than I, what the hell. It is what it is.

The strength makes its move. Oh lord. The Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) is now super full bodied.

I want to take this moment to wish my good friend, Joe, better days. The poor schnook is sick dealing with a chronic illness and is just miserable. I’ve known this man for about 6 months or so and he is the definition of a mensch. I wish him only the best and he is in my prayers.

The Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) is just too big a cigar for my tastes. It feels like I’ve been sitting here for days. I know there are a lot of you that enjoy the Tony Soprano look. But give me a Corona Gorda or a Robusto anytime.

If you’ve done your research, you know that most of the manufacturers have their rollers blend small cigars for their exclusive use. Some great cigars have come out of these manufacturers deciding to make their personal cigar available to the public.

It’s not that this cigar is without merit. It is a great blend even without proper aging. And without a kitchen sink list of flavors. The earthiness of the tobacco makes for a wonderful smoke.
With 2-1/2” to go, I’ve invested one hour and 50 minutes.

The cigar has gone back to wavy char lines. But all in all, the construction has been first rate.
Fortunately, I’m not experiencing any nicotine.

The problem with smoking tree trunks is that you really have to set apart a big lot of time in your day to smoke it. Of course, you can come back to it as the day wears on. But I prefer to enjoy a nice hour of smoke time and be done with it. Move on.

I get bored easily. And without major transitions occurring, it seems like an endless task to smoke a 7 x 56 sized cigar.
And then it happens. A true Sweet Spot with 2” to go. All of the lost flavors return in spades.
And nicotine settles in.

I betcha’ a dollar that this is what a well-aged Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) will taste like at the start of the cigar with more humidor time.

I guess that the Nestor Miranda folks expect you to put this cigar away and forget about it for a long time. This must be driving reviewers crazy.

I don’t think that even a couple months will make much of a difference.
One thing this cigar is not is blah. It keeps my interest each time I puff away. But then I put it down in the ashtray and stare at it with a slack jaw look on my face. Oh God. I’m not even close to finishing it. LOL.

The nicotine finds a middle ground that is not overwhelming. If it were any stronger than this, I’d have to put it down. I hate having the spins first thing in the morning. When I finish the review, I stagger into the kitchen and make a bowl of cereal to take the edge off the spins.

The last third is a honey. It foretells the future of what the Nestor Miranda Collection One Life Edition Danno Maduro (2015) will taste like sometime in the distant future.

This is a big cigar. If it had been a small cigar, I would have complained about the $12 price tag. But it is a limited run. And Nestor Miranda makes some fine, fine blends.
Compared to other new cigars, the price point is in line with the other new releases. And since I don’t really get to taste the blender’s because I have not allowed it proper humidor time, I can’t really report on anything other than its potential.
I will let the other stick sent to me rest for a year and I will check back. LOL.

This is either an event cigar or a quiet day in the man cave cigar. It is the perfect cigar for a big picnic in beautiful weather. And a perfect cigar for plotzing in your overstuffed chair in the man cave while watching TV. This would be a great football game cigar. The timing is perfect.

For those, like me, whose preferences are cigars that mature quickly; this is not your cigar. My wallet dictates my choices. Or should I say my wife’s wallet.

When one is on a tight budget like me, this is not a cigar I would recommend. A 5 pack would be $60. That’s a big chunk of my monthly budget. And to buy it and then store it away for God knows how long is a waste of money for me.

I know there are plenty of guys who are flush and can afford to do this. For those guys, I recommend this cigar. I’m sure that after a year, you will get a nice surprise.
But even so, I’m put off by the size. It’s just too damn big. Too much cigar for your Uncle Katman.

I want to thank all the compassionate folks who sent me messages asking about my health. The doctors think they know what’s wrong but more sophisticated tests are required.
Unfortunately, my Medicare only pays 80%. I can’t afford a second health plan to pick up the balance of the costs. So, I’m going to stop buying cigars for as long as it takes to pay my health bills. Protection Status


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