Estilo Cubano by Pierson Geoffreys Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan Criollo ’99 (Esteli)
Filler: Nicaraguan Corojo 2006 (Jalapa)
Size: 6 x 52 “Toro”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $9.00



Today we take a look at the Estilo Cubano by Pierson Geoffreys Cigars.

From Pierson Geoffreys web site:
“Commemorate the style of Cuba with us. When you smoke this cigar, you will think the embargo was lifted. This tasty premium blend features a Nicaraguan Corojo 2006 filler and a Criollo 99 binder with a beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper. This cigar is medium to full bodied and very complex. It’s smooth with a ton of creamy flavor with light a finish. It’s perfect for all cigar enthusiasts. If you are looking for a cigar that is as good as any Cuban, Estilo Cubano is the smoke for you. Enjoy!

“We strive to produce products that evoke the thought of “Good Living.” We use premium raw materials transformed by old world processes to deliver the finest tastes in their purest form. You deserve our very best.

“All of our cigars are hand rolled by Cuban Torcedores (rollers).”

The blend comes in one size only and sold in boxes of 20, 5 packs, or in a sampler.

I want to thank Jeff Pearson for the samples. More about Jeff in the coming review of the three other blends he sent me: Anejo Havana, Vintage 1967, and Perfecto.
Cigars are only available on the Pierson Geoffreys web site.

The cigar has an oily, dark, coffee bean wrapper that is slightly toothy. Depending on how the light hits the cigar, it also has a russet brown color. Seams are tight. Lots of small and a couple large veins permeate the stick. The stick is packed solid but provides a slight give when pressed gently.
The cigar band is Cigar Band 101 simple. The name of the blend and the 2006 year.

The shaft gives out aromas of juicy raisins, sweetness, spice, licorice, herbal notes, espresso and leather.
The clipped cap and foot smell of very earthy tobacco, pepper, and strong licorice.
The cold draw tastes of brown sugar, earthy tobacco, spice, and licorice.

The draw is excellent.
The first thing is a smack in the face with black pepper. Wowie. Reminds me a bit of Pepin Garcia’s Cuban Blend Black Label. I like that.

There are notes of sweetness, fresh orange, creaminess, very toasty from the start, and nutty.
Shortly after a couple minutes pass, I get a dark espresso flavor.

The strength hits medium/full after only 5 minutes of smoke time.
This is the hallmark of a good cigar. We start out with a bang instead of a whimper like so many blends. Flavors are bountiful. Strength is right where I like it. And a bushel full of spiciness.

The char line is dead nuts perfect.

Here is the current list of flavors: Creaminess, spice, espresso, licorice, sweetness, orange citrus, nutty, toasty, and leather.
There is a real meaty quality in the blend. It is smoky and has notes of oak.
I’m diggin’ this cigar.

You know what I like? A blender who works his tail off and discovers that only one size is suitable for his blend. He could crank out a bunch of sizes but that would be cheating and greedy. Instead, the blender goes with his passion first, bankroll second. Jeff made sure that the Toro got every bit of his design and then said, “This is it. No need for more sizes.”

The flavor profile keeps expanding exponentially. The Estilo Cubano blossoms like a rose.

The licorice element is now very strong. If you’ve ever eaten fine Dutch, or English, licorice you know that there is a super intense component that makes it light years apart from a Twizzler. It’s rich, slightly salty, and slightly bitter. Bitter in a good way. Europeans love their licorice salted. Strange. I know.

I’ve hit the sweet spot just before the second third begins. Blam! Super complex, great balance, with a long chewy finish.
Pierson Geoffreys! Why didn’t I know about you sooner? I have to thank Sheryl King of Stogie Boys for putting Jeff Pearson and I together. I have three more blends to review and I’m chomping at the bit. I plan to review the balance in the next three days. Sort of a Pierson Geoffreys Marathon.

Yes, I have lighting equipment for my photos but nature’s sunlight gives me the best photos. And you can tell from the following photo that I caught the true color of the beast along with the oil wrapper.

Strength hits full body.

And heeeeere’s Nicotine. Drat. I’m such a wuss.
But that’s OK because I’m having a real good time.
Smoke time for the first third was 25 minutes.

Very dark cocoa emerges. Meshes nicely with the strong espresso element.
The licorice is swinging, baby, swinging.

If you are a loyal reader, you’ve seen this photo before. Pontefract Cakes. English licorice coins.

I discovered them when I lived in England in the 70’s. I was a Pontefract junkie. And I paid the price. I had no idea that licorice was a laxative. I’d buy half a pound and just sit and eat them til they were gone. Best licorice in the world. And that’s the flavor I get with the Estilo Cubano.

Jeff told me that the sticks he sent me had a month of humidor time. Apparently, that’s enough rest. Of course, more time equals better.
I’m going to save my other sample for a couple more months and then check back.
This is my kind of cigar. But then, I expect no less from a $9 stick.

A glorious 40 minutes. The Estilo Cubano is super smooth now.
New flavors: Nougat, toffee, and mesquite. LOL. What an impressive blend!

I can’t decide if the Estilo Cubano is a candy bar or an outrageous Starbuck’s drink.
The burn line needs its first minor touch up.

Here are the flavors: Creaminess, espresso, licorice, nougat, toffee, cocoa, sweetness, meaty, oak, smoky, nutty, toasty, and leather. The orange citrus, unfortunately, was a fleeting element. Still, this is quite the kitchen sink list of flavors.

Strength is ultra-full bodied. Clearly, the Estilo Cubano is for the experienced palate. Newbies need not apply.
The sweetness and the toffee are very strong now. I had to buy bags of toffee and caramel so I could learn to tell the difference. The never ending chores a reviewer must endure.

Lemon zest moves in to replace the orange citrus.

Jeff provides a sampler of four blends: Vintage 1967, Perfecto, Estilo Cubano, and Anejo Havana. Four cigars for $48. If you are interested, this would be a good place to start.

He also, generously, provides 5 packs of the Estilo Cubano, Anejo Havana, Perfecto, and Vintage 1967.
When I remove the band, I discover that it also says Pierson Geoffreys.
The cigar band is simplicity incarnate. It reminds me of Cuban cigar bands. Not a giant billboard like so many other brands.

Ventura Cigar makes a blend called Estilo Cubano. But these are $5 smokes. And I doubt have the quality that this blend has.

The black pepper makes a huge jump back into the arena.
I like the transitions that the Estilo Cubano makes. It never hits cruise control.
Smoke time has been a little over an hour.

I try not to use this phrase any longer because I have been criticized for using it too often. The Estilo Cubano is true flavor bomb.

I highly recommend you smoke this cigar after a big meal. As is the norm, I smoke and review my cigars on an empty stomach so as not to impinge upon my palate.

I pay the price for that. I am highly susceptible to nicotine. I gotta get up and walk this off. LOL.
I’m seeing dead relatives in a tunnel of light motioning for me to join them.
I’m back.

Taking a short break enhances the flavors.
The Estilo Cubano finishes with the long list of flavors intact. Very complex, nice balance, long finish.
Not a hint of harshness or heat.
Get a 5 pack or try the sampler and decide for yourself.
Tomorrow, I will review the Vintage 1967.

The cigar sees the nicotine impact on the wane.

Clearly, this is a premium blend. Comparing it to other premiums, I have no issues with the $9 price tag.
Prices range $9.00-$15.00 for the 5 blends.

The Estilo Cubano is a manly, delicious cigar. The experienced smoker will thank me, under his breath, after trying this blend.
The blend has similarities to the Garcia Black Label but stands alone. It has flavors that the Black Label doesn’t possess.
A nice feature is that I can put the cigar down for a few minutes and it stays lit.
I’m very grateful that Jeff sent me the samples. This was a real treat. And it will definitely make “The Katman’s Best 177 Boutique Brands/Blends in the $6-$9.50+ Range.” No. 178.
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