Vintage 1967 by Pierson Geoffreys Cigars | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Ecuadorian
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 52
Body: Full
Price: $15.00



Today we take a look at the Vintage 1967 by Pierson Geoffreys Cigars.

Yesterday, I reviewed the Estilo Cubano by the same company and was quite impressed on all fronts. Jeff Pierson sent me samples of four blends: Estilo Cubano, Vintage 1967, Anejo Havana, and Perfecto. I plan to review them in that order.
Jeff answered some questions posed to him by me. I will post them at the end of the review.

From the Pierson Geoffreys web site:
“Vintage 1967, a classic year, is a classic, full bodied masterpiece. This beauty features a Cuban seed with Ecuadorian and Nicaraguan tobaccos surrounded by a dark and oily Brazilian wrapper that has been aging for eight years. This smoke is very rich, creamy and smooth but potent with a hearty medium bodied toast finish. It is well balanced with notes of earth, espresso and a hint of peppery spice throughout. The Vintage 1967 is truly one to talk about but it is also a limited edition. There are only 5,000 boxes being made, so get yours while they are still available.

“Commemorate the style of Cuba with us. When you smoke this cigar, you will think the embargo was lifted. This tasty premium blend features a Nicaraguan Corojo 2006 filler and a Criollo 99 binder with a beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper. This cigar is medium to full bodied and very complex. It’s smooth with a ton of creamy flavor with light a finish. It’s perfect for all cigar enthusiasts. If you are looking for a cigar that is as good as any Cuban, Estilo Cubano is the smoke for you. Enjoy!

“We strive to produce products that evoke the thought of “Good Living.” We use premium raw materials transformed by old world processes to deliver the finest tastes in their purest form. You deserve our very best.

“All of our cigars are hand rolled by Cuban Torcedores (rollers).”

The blend comes in two sizes only and sold in boxes of 10, 5 packs, or in a sampler.

Toro 6 x 52 $15.00
Belicoso 5 x 54 $14.00

The Vintage 1967 is extremely rustic looking. A rough and tumble wrapper with exposed veins and lots of wrinkles. Like me. As we’ve learned, looks can be very deceiving so no predisposition to diss this cigar on looks.
The triple caps are gorgeous and impeccably presented. The oily wrappers are the color of slightly charred black walnut wood.
The sticks are packed solid without a single soft spot.

The shaft provides aromas of lovely floral notes, sweetness, summer fruit, spice, baking spices, and a rich earthiness. One of the best smelling wrappers I’ve hung my shnoz on.
From the clipped cap and the foot, I smell a rich, dark cocoa blend with cinnamon, spice, rich earthiness, fruit, sweetness, and oak.
The cold draw provides flavors of spice, chocolate, espresso, and leather.

The first puffs are full of wonderful flavors: A meaty quality, spice, a slight sweetness, cinnamon, biscuits with butter, herbal notes, and leather.

I expected this to be a unique blend if for no other reason the price. I was right. There are flavors lurking beneath the surface I can’t identity. Friend, Jeff Dono, told me he has trouble with nailing all the flavors I taste. He also said he’s been smoking cigars for 5 years. I told him I’ve been smoking cigars for 47 years. So it’s nothing more than time and practice to train the palate. I get made fun of for all the flavors I taste in a blend but generally speaking, the ones making fun of me haven’t lived as long as I’ve smoked cigars. I make mistakes. Never said I didn’t. But when you have smoked cigars as long as I have, then you can make fun of me.

Creaminess appears. So does steak sauce. Heinz 57. Accompanied by that smoky meaty element. A nice combo of sweetness and savory.
Strength is classic medium body.
The draw is perfect and no wrapper or burn issues.

Flavors are changing now: Creaminess, summer fruit, steak sauce, spice, savory elements, baker’s spices, leather, rich earthiness, and shaved coconut.

We are getting slammed by a huge storm. It is around 8:30am and it looks like 10:00pm. The sunlight would have brought out the sleek oiliness of the wrapper. Sad.

Lemon citrus appears. The Vintage 1967 is in constant flux. Transitions occur with every puff.
A nutty element appears next. Floral notes become very strong. So does warm bread with honey on it. This is friggin’ crazy. But then should expect nothing less from a $15 cigar.
Roasted chestnuts. Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy. This cigar has gone ape shit on me with a constant barrage of flavors.

I smoked a nicely aged Padron 1926 a week ago that was gifted to me. It isn’t even in the same neighborhood as the Vintage 1967. Not even close.
This is a remarkable blend.

I just hit the sweet spot. Flavors that were subtle and nuanced become bold and exciting. The finish is extremely long. Balance is on the money. And it is now very complex. It changes the whole makeup of the cigar blend.

I love a cigar in which I cannot easily describe the flavors. Even for an old codger like me, it is exciting to be presented with a real challenge in determining what I taste.

In the blink of an eye, the strength runs right over medium/full and hits full bodied.
Yet, the Vintage 1967 is super smooth. It glides across my palate. The blend is friggin’ insane.

You gotta try one of these. Fortunately, Jeff had the smarts to provide these cigars in a box of 10 count, 5 packs or in a sampler. I don’t know about you, but this working class hero cannot afford a 20 count box at $300. Now $150, you betcha’.
The flavor profile is a buffet. Think of a flavor, take a sip of water and ye shall have it my son.

I’m embarrassed about listing the flavors again. There is so much going on, the list will be a mile long.

The Vintage 1967 is definitely one of the best cigars I’ve smoked. Why? Because it is so damn interesting. I’m so glad I am only distracted by my typing. Smoking this cigar with friends will cause you to miss out on so much.
Red wine is up next. As well as butterscotch. Haha. On my lord. Is there no end? LOL.

The red wine brings out definitive flavors of the fruit: Black cherry, raisins, nectarines, citrus, and peaches.
My palate is working overtime.

The sweet spot is booming. It is thumping and bumping.
More flavors: Graham cracker, nougat, and toasty.
I can’t think of a more intense flavor profile.

I don’t retrohale any longer because over the years it now causes irritation in my nasal passages. But what the hell…I do a couple and the flavors are intensified even more. But now I have to do a couple snorts of Ocean saline nasal spray to calm my shnoz. Which by the way is a great way to cleanse the palate.

Construction has been dead nuts. Just perfect. No wrapper issues. No burn issues. Spot on.
I love raving about a cigar. It makes the three hours to do a review super pleasurable.
So far, no nicotine. Fingers crossed.

And so goes Murphy’s Law. As soon as I wrote the words above, nicotine shows up but it is very mild.
I can’t understate how delicious the Vintage 1967 is. A true masterpiece of blending skills. Kudos Jeff.

Smoke time has been an hour.
Not a single flavor element has faded. The only change is that the spiciness is much stronger now.
The rain takes a break and the sun comes out. Figures.

Make sure when you smoke the Vintage 1967, that it is your first stick of the day. No encumbrances of prior smokes to inhibit your palate.

Yesterday’s review of the Estilo Cubano was a great cigar experience. Now the Vintage 1967. Tomorrow will be the Anejo Havana. I shall go into a deep depression when the Pierson Geoffreys marathon comes to an end.
Again, I must use the term flavor bomb ad infinitum.

I reviewed the La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse. A price point of $16 per stick. No comparison in quality. The Vintage 1967 is, hands down, a better cigar.

The only place you can purchase these cigars online is on the Pierson Geoffreys web site. There are five blends: Vintage 1967, Anejo Havana, Estilo Cubano, Perfecto, and Confianza. All prices range $9.00-$15.00.
The nicotine has faded. No harshness. No heat. Perfect.

You know how I feel about expensive cigars. I’ve smoked most of them and nary a single one was worth it. While $15 is pretty hefty, I can taste every nickel. I can’t afford them. But for those that can, snag some. Even if only in a 5 pack or in the four pack sampler. If I had the dough, I’d buy the 10 count box. Maybe I can wangle it next month when I get my social security. Charlotte will get all medieval on me if she finds out.

Jeff provides a sampler of four blends: Vintage 1967, Perfecto, Estilo Cubano, and Anejo Havana. Four cigars for $48. If you are interested, this would be a good place to start.
This is the best $15 I’ve smoked. Yeah, it’s pricey. But you get what you pay for.
When I compare this blend to other expensive double digit cigars, it has all the wonderful qualities that I enjoy. A true cigar experience.


1. How old are you? You state on your web site that you spent 10 years learning the cigar trade. Once you went into production, did you do most of the leg work?

A: “I am 47 years old. Yes, I did most of the leg work, including cigars, labels, boxes, etc. I am still learning.”

2. You have five blends: Anejo Havana, Confianza, Estilo Cubano, Perfecto, and Vintage 1967. In what order did you develop them?

A: “Order of development: Vintage 1967, Perfecto, Confianza. The last two blends, Anejo Havana and Estilo Cubano were in development at the same time.”

3. How long was it between releasing blends?

A: “The Vintage 1967 was released initially as part of the boutique line that included the Perfecto and Confianza. Approximately 4 or 5 months later, the remaining two blends were released. Anejo Havana and Estilo Cubano were developed for customers who wanted a good cigar but would not be willing to pay $12-15 for it.”

4. With each development of each blend, what did you a nutshell?

A: “I learned that when you develop blends you must have patience and the slightest variation of tobacco or leaf makes a significant difference in taste and quality. My goal was to have a product line for a novice, enthusiast or an aficionado to smoke.”

5. Do you have a staff or are you doing the leg work on your own?

A: “On my own for now.”

6. What is your output per year?

A: “With being new, I haven’t tracked the numbers but the cigars have been selling pretty well for a start up.”

7. Which blend sells the best or is the more popular?

A: “The Vintage 1967 seems to sell most often.”

8. How many B & M’s are you in? You don’t have a Retailer’s list on the web site.

A: “I had a soft launch via the website and word of mouth. I also did a promotional giveaway on Facebook. I have not engaged with retailers yet but plan to do so in the near future. You are my first blogger that I’ve reached out to.”

9. Are you seeking out online stores to carry your product or do you plan to keep things the way they are; selling cigars on your web site only?

A: “I’ve just recently begun seeking out national distribution.”

10. What is your favorite blend?

A: “Some days it’s the Estilo Cubano and other days it’s the Vintage 1967. It also depends on what I’m enjoying with the cigar…. coffee, tea, water or a good spirit. When I have a great coffee, I often prefer to smoke the Perfecto.”

11. Are you a workaholic? Do you basically work 24/7?

A: “I try not to put in more than 12 hours a day but mentally it feels like I work 24/7 because I’m always thinking about cigars.”

12. What is your 5 year plan?

A: “I plan to put out two new blends each year and an anniversary series each year. I am planning to open a Pierson Geoffreys cigar lounge and shop next year with the hope of opening one additional for the following three years.”

13. The price points on your blends are…. see below. Any price changes in the future?

A: “Price points are $9.00 – $15.00 but we do offer frequent discounts, so it averages out to about $8-$12 per cigar. I am in development for a $6.00 retail cigar and also some inexpensive, yet good quality, bundles. In this business, I believe you to have something for everyone.”

14. You show a lot of passion about your cigars in reading the About Us section of your web site. How has that passion grown over the years?

A: “My passion continues grow because the more I learn about the industry and the more people that I speak with who love the business, the more I want to learn. My quest is to make the perfect cigar but in my mind I know there is no such thing but I’ll keep striving for that anyway.”

15. Do you find a lot of politics in the cigar industry?

A: “No. Those that have crossed my path have been helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Maybe my experiences have been so positive because folks consistently say that they can feel my passion for the cigar industry.”

Note: I did not smoke anything (nothing at all, ever) or drink anything (nothing at all, ever) until the age of approximately 34 or 35. I was introduced to cigar smoking while on a business trip by a colleague from Kentucky. Eventually, he traveled to my home town about 6 months later. We enjoyed a second cigar and bourbon (he brought both) and, it was then “Love at First Light” and I was corrupted. Soon after, my quest began.” Protection Status


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