La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962 | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Corojo
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican (Piloto Cubano), Nicaraguan
Size: 5.25 x 52 “No.1 Robusto – Box Press”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $11.00 MSRP






Today we take a look at the La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962.

Factory: Tamboril DBL S.A
“Hoja” is Spanish for “leaf.”
There is also a Maduro version.

From Halfwheel:
“Due to trademark issues the company has rebranded itself as La Hoja Cigar Co. 1962 and discontinued all lines that used the Flores name, such as the Hoja de Flores Autentico Maduro.

“Instead, the company will focus on three lines going forward: La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962, La Hoja Edición Maduro 1962 and La Hoja Reserva Limitada.”

From the La Hoja Press Release:
“Created from the same blueprint of La Hoja’s best selling Autentico Maduro, the Edicion Classica both mimics and transcends the experience of the Autentico Maduro. Edicion Classica features an Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper and San Victor Dominican filler. The heart of the cigar, however, is the Piloto Cubano filler: one of the rarest and most expensive tobaccos currently in production.

“To round off the blend, master blenders added a small amount of carefully selected Nicaraguan leaf to add dimension and strength to the cigar.

“J Carlos Gomez, Executive VP at La Hoja Cigars remarked, “With the Classica, we have taken our highest selling cigar and added a level of depth and complexity that we know every cigar smoker will recognize as truly unique.”

This is a beautiful cigar. A lovely, precise, nearly sharp cornered box press. An oily, coffee bean colored wrapper with a reddish hue. Invisible seams. Few veins. Solid. Super smooth to the touch. And the cigar band is very classy with a black ribbon footer.

No. 1 Robusto: 5.25 x 52 $11.00 MSRP
No. 2 Belicoso: 5.25 x 54 $11.50 MSRP
No. 9 Toro: 5.75 x 56 $12.50 MSRP
No. 6 Toro Gordo: 6 x 60 $13.50 MSRP

From the shaft, I can smell earthy tobacco notes, sweetness, cedar, spice, nuts, and cinnamon.
From the clipped cap and the foot, I smell floral notes, cinnamon, fruit, baking spice, and red pepper.
The cold draw presents flavors of strong cinnamon, malt, baking spice, cedar, and fresh pear.

Takes a while to toast the rectangular foot but I got ‘er done.
The draw is clean and sweet. Red pepper is in abundance. Lots of fresh fruit making the cigar drip with fructose. A large dose of malts, chocolate, and coffee hit the arena’s floor.
Strength is immediately medium/full. A real punch to the gut.
Lots of sweetness and different types of pepper; like red pepper, serrano pepper, and black pepper. I love this. I’m such a pepper junkie.


There are subtle flavors behind those out front flavors. This means the La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962 is quickly becoming complex. There are only few reviews out at this time and I think I remember them all really digging this cigar.
This will include me too as long as this wonderful start to the cigar blossoms and grows.

You know what it reminds me of? The Ezra Zion “The Collective” made exclusively for Cigar Federation. Also at the same price point. I think The Collective is among EZ’s best blends. If you haven’t tried it, stop reading this pap and buy a couple sticks or so.
I can’t afford them. I hope ya’ll took advantage of the EZ Blending Sessions like good nephews of your Uncle Katman. I have maybe 8 left. Each one a winner.

Back to the La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962. A really good smoke so far.
Here they are: Spice mix, chocolate, creaminess, cinnamon, fruit, Special B Malt, Chocolate Malt, Smoked Malt, Mild Ale Malt, Flaked Oats Malt (See Malt Chart), coffee, raisins, baking spice, sweetness, a touch of black licorice, and no leather and no earthiness. LOL.

The La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962 is very complex now. Very nice balance. Long, chewy finish. I’m impressed. But then I should be, right? It’s an $11.00 cigar!!
The char line needs its first touch up.

There is so much going on that it is a little confusing. There are flavors lurking in the depths of the blend that I cannot yet identify.

This sounds crazy but I swear I can taste some root beer. “Common ingredients in root beer include vanilla, cherry tree bark, wintergreen, molasses, anise, licorice root, cinnamon, and honey among others. The primary ingredient is still sassafras.”
That nails it. I can taste the wintergreen like a Life Saver candy. I taste vanilla. Licorice. Cinnamon. And honey. I taste sweetness that could be molasses.
Well hot damn. My first root beer flavored cigar.

Smoke time is 25 minutes.
Strength remains at a cool medium/full body.

The root beer element was a total surprise. I had smoked one a couple days ago and didn’t taste it. But then, it wasn’t my first cigar of the day either. It’s a shame that the palate gets crispy after a few cigars and you miss out on nuance and substance.


I just hit a major sweet spot on the La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962. The flavors are boomers.
The wintergreen moves to the upper third of the flavor list. So does the licorice.
The spiciness remains at the top of the list. Yet it doesn’t interfere with the other flavors.
Great cigar. I’m dying to try the Maduro version now.

Smoke time is 35 minutes.
The flavor profile makes a huge surge. All the earlier listed flavors explode. And yet, this is such a smooth blend.
The coffee, chocolate and the malt elements really shine. The root beer is in fine form. The spiciness has not let up an iota.

The sweet factors are delicious. All melding into one component.


I had never heard of this brand. Or at least I don’t remember it. I’m so glad a reader was smarter than me.
J. Carlos Gomez is a master blender. He came down the chute with all guns blasting away.

I’m a little surprised about the size choices. Three of the four are all just a bit over 5” long. The exception is the Gordo. And all have thick ring gauges. Know what this blend needs? A corona.

Transitions are running amok. Nothing sits still for very long. The finish is ungodly. There is no let up. I can sit for minutes just smacking my lips and still taste the cigar.
The La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962 is just that…a Classic.

This cigar could easily make my Top 25 Cigars for 2015.


I check Cbid. Clearly, word of mouth hasn’t spread yet because there are two units of singles (10 singles for each unit) and the top price is $3.00. One is the Belicoso and the other is the Robusto.

There are three blends from La Hoja. And Cbid has the most expensive up for auction: La Hoja Reserva Limitada 1962. CI sells them for $15.40 a stick. Cbid has a Quickie 5 pack going for $22. If I were a rich man! LOL. Man, I’d jump on all of these.

Smoke time is 55 minutes.
The char line goes a little haywire so I fix it.
Other than a couple burn line fixes, the construction has been top rate.

I think I’ve screwed the bitch for myself with this review. I have a lot of readers. This will amplify the word of mouth on the La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962. After today, you won’t be able to snag these cigars for $3-$5 a stick on Cbid. I think CI should send me some for free for promoting them. Ha! That’ll be the day.

The La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962 has lost none of its quality. In fact, with each puff, the blend gets better and better. The last couple of reviews weren’t so great. Bums me out.
Especially, when the cigars are donated to me by good buddies. I’m sure they are thinking, “I’m not sending that ingrate any more cigars.”


The root beer is screaming laughter like a sea of swarming simbas.
This is one of the best cigars I’ve smoked all year.

It gives Ezra Zion a real run for their money. And I’m the number one fan of EZ.
The La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962 is so complex that my brain is in overload.
BTW- I’ve allowed these cigars to rest for only 2 weeks.

I don’t believe that more humidor time can possibly make them better. If it did, my head would explode..or implode? If my face imploded, I would take a selfie and use it for my FB photo.

I’ve grown a beard over the last few months. Total white. And my hair is turning white from all the angst I’ve endured lately. Just like the U.S. presidents go into office looking nice and by the end of their term(s), they look like shit.
I’ve slowed down my intake of puffs dramatically. I am savoring the shit out of the La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962.
Strength hits full bodied.

A bit of nicotine shows up. But with only an inch to go, no worries. Crash helmet not needed.
I can’t recommend this cigar highly enough. A brilliant blend. I gotta try the Maduro.
Someone send me around 12 boxes of the La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962. I will put you in my will.
A good morning.


$11.00 ain’t cheap. But then I’m getting emails from online stores with the new releases and I’ve seen the average price of a new cigar going for over $15.00. Fucking insane.
The La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962 is in the same class as the EZ The Collective which goes for the same price.
Based on that, the La Hoja Edición Clasica 1962 is worth every dime. But if you act quickly and get your lazy asses over to Cbid, you can make a big score.
Final smoke time is one hour 15 minutes.

Wow, what a tremendous Review. We are truly honored that you took your time and enjoyed our cigar this much. Thank you for this! I will send you samples of our NEW Edicion Crema released next month!
Best, Carlos


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  1. Let’s keep these gems hush hush! Getting great deals on Cbid.Thanks for turning me on to these!

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