Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Havana-seed Dominican
Binder: Dominican Criollo ‘98
Filler: Dominican Habano 2020, Dominican Corojo
Size: 6.5 x 46
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $9.75 for a Single/5 Pack price, with the Katman 10% discount is $8.28
Humidor Aging Time: 2 Weeks
Dry Box Time: 36 Hours



Today we take a look at the Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale.
Thanks to Joey Holub of Summit Cigars for the samples.

Size debuted in April, 2016.
The Chogüí’ line debuted released in November, 2014.
Limited Production.
Victor Nicolas is the owner of Chogüí’ Cigars.

The wrapper is a super oily, mottled, chocolate/mocha color. I can feel a fine toothiness.
Lots of veins. Invisible seams. The striations of what I assume is a triple cap are nonexistent creating a seamless flow from the shaft to the caps.
The stick is solid without any soft spots.

Rogusto 5 x 52 $9.50
Longsdale 6.5 x 46 $9.75

From the shaft, I smell deep, rich dark chocolate, spice, barnyard, coffee, cedar, and graham cracker.
From the clipped cap and the foot, I smell that same dark chocolate, but this time with a huge dose of red pepper that makes my nose feel like I stuck a red cayenne pepper up it, barnyard, coffee, cedar, heavy on the malts, nuts, and cherries.
The cold draw presents flavors of red pepper, coffee, chocolate, malts, nuts, and fruit.

I’m listening to the 2000 release from Atlantic Records of Led Zep’s 3 disc set called “How the West was Won.” All recorded at the L.A. Forum in 1972. And I was at all 3 concerts. Never missed Zep when they came to town
OK. The Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale….A swath of creaminess coats the chocolate, coffee, fruit, molasses, cedar, very potent red pepper, and a varied nutty element.
This is a great start. Now let’s see if the Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale can keep it up and follow with loads of transitions.

And as I type the aforementioned statement, the Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale does just that. Transitions begin in which the flavors begin to find their complexity. Just like my cat finds my nuts to land on when I’m asleep at night. Same thing but completely different.

The char line is doing well.
So far, I’m impressed with the Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale.

There are hints of BBQ meat. And the sweetness branches off into several subsets: Cherries, brown sugar, molasses, a touch of sugared lemon twists, and sweet paprika.


I used to dread playing “Stairway to Heaven” because, invariably, we ended up playing it 2-3 times per night in my early 70’s cover band, Homegrown.

Our singer had a voice like an angel and could mimic anyone. So we focused on at least a dozen Zep tunes. Playing at the EM Club at El Toro Marine Base in Irvine, CA, we were rock gods when we covered Zep tunes. Thankfully, it was an air base so nothing like Camp Pendleton, near San Diego, where it was a boot camp and most of the Marines were off to war in Viet Nam. Instead of 1000 crying Marines, we had a very happy audience. We played Pendleton once and vowed never to play it again. During breaks, 25 Jarheads would fill our dressing room crying and wailing about how they are going to die…etc. Of course, the band was vehemently anti-war but this broke our hearts.

Where was I?
Transitions are fast and furious. This is what defines a good cigar; if not a great cigar.
Strength is medium body.
The flavors are drizzling on to my palate like honey poured from a honey pot.
It is extremely meaty. The creaminess and red pepper make a perfect pair. There is a sweet and sour element.
The coffee and chocolate become mocha java.


Know what this reminds me of? All those great limited release Ezra Zion blends. The Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale has that magical touch that aims its SAM missile right at the palate and it just nails it time after time.

I’ve had the Rogusto but I definitely prefer the Longsdale. Something about a skinny cigar that intensifies the flavor profile.
A bona fide flavor bomb in the making.

The best part is it is 100% New Breed blending style. Only had these cigars for 2 weeks at the most. And this is my first of three that Joey sent me.

The creaminess is out of this world. Such a long finish. And no leather either. I hate that term. It seems to be used when the reviewer’s palate cannot discern flavors. It’s a fallback position along with the term earthy.

How many times have you chewed on your leather belt? How the hell do you know what leather tastes like? You know how it smells. Doesn’t count.
As soon as you read someone describing leather as a flavor….move on.

Smoke time is 35 minutes.
So here we are. One third complete. And the flavor stick called Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale is doing a fine job of entertaining me.

Complexity is spot on. The finish is a mile long…lips smacking like a dog.
Still only medium body.

Shit. The blend flavor profile, character, depth of flavors, and rich consistency now remind me of a Liga Privada No.9 that has rested for a year.

You know what I’m talking about. That indescribable richness that coats your mouth and won’t leave.
The malts: Chocolate Rye Malt, Coffee Malt, Mild Ale Malt, and Toasted Malt. (See Malt Chart).
There is a unique liquor quality. Scottish Malt Whiskey, and Old Rip Van Winkle Bourbon Whiskey. Have a bottle of that at home.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia:

I now can drink all the alcohol I want since 75% of my meds were relieved of duty. I love good whiskey (If you haven’t tried Mr. Jack’s 160th Birthday, you need to get a bottle if you can find it.), bourbon and Scotch.

The malts are hot and heavy now.
Strength moves to medium/full.

I’m at the halfway point. Smoke time is on hour.

I don’t know the real background of this blend but it tastes like a fine, fine aged set of tobaccos. Rare and delicious.
What a relief to review a great cigar after a couple of duds.

Don’t forget you get a discount of 10% for purchases over $50. The promo code: KATCALL10. Go to Summit Cigars and snag some Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdales. Tell Joey the Katman sent you.


Lawdy, lawdy Miss Clawdy. With every stroke and every puff, the cigar reaches new heights. I wasn’t expecting this at all. What a wonderful surprise. I was already working it out in my head how I was going to apologize to Joey for a lousy review. LOL

Construction is top notch. Not a single char line touch up was required. Razor sharp.

A 5 pack from Summit Cigars is $46… or $9.20 each. With the discount, the 5 pack is only $41.40 or $8.28 each. I doubt you will find a better deal. Same goes for the Rogusto.
Plus, Summit has a nice list of boutique blends.

Once again, the long list of flavors: Creaminess, malts, chocolate, coffee, red pepper, roasted nuts, cherries, liquor, meaty, brown sugar, molasses, a touch of sugared lemon twists, cedar, and sweet paprika.
Now that’s friggin impressive. And it doesn’t begin to show off the complexity that takes the flavor profile into another dimension.

The price point is ridiculous. The big cigar makers would charge $17 for the Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale.
I could smoke these sticks all day long.

If you could buy a box, the single stick price goes down to $7.88. Insane. And the Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale is definitely box worthy.

The cigar band resists and I have to cut it off. Fortunately, no damage to the wrapper.
But the cigar band looks a little worse for wear. Oh well, there had to be something to criticize about the Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale.

Strength hits full body. Oy vey.

I have an X rated Curved Air story after the review. I’m sure Joey won’t mind. He is a cool Daddy-O, man. Slip me some skin. Finger snaps.

Smoke time is one hour 15 minutes.
I don’t know what else to say. Oh wait. I taste leather. LOL.

I can say that the Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale is one of the finest smokes I’ve ever had.
I slow down. I want to savor the last couple inches. The nicotine level is low.


The Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale is as smooth as silk. Even with the full body strength and the bit of nicotine, it is perfect.
If you don’t trust me on this, then you are all going to Purgatory.

You know I don’t fawn over a cigar unless it’s worth it. And give Joey of Summit Cigars some of your business. His prices are competitive and the Katman discount doesn’t hurt either.

This blend must have the strongest set of malts of any cigar I’ve smoked. Hence, the liquor flavors.
There is a trace of beer flavors. The malts enhance that as well.
I get a brand new flavor: bubble gum. How odd.
My palate is working overtime.

The farther I get from my stay in the hospital for renal failure, the better my palate is. A shame I’m finally shutting it down.

Sophisticated palates will go bat shit over the Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale.
So, go to Summit Cigars, use my promo code, and snag as many as you can without the wife knowing about it.

The last inch gets hot so I put it down.
Final smoke time is one hour 50 minutes.



And now for something completely different:

Our first stop in Europe, for a 6-8 week tour, was always Amsterdam. It was 1974.

It was perfect. We went to the Paradiso Club and stocked up on substances we knew would be difficult to procure in other European countries. Ever see the movie, “Midnight Express?” Thankfully, we never toured Turkey.

While perambulating the red light district one night out of curiosity, and we went into one of the many sex shops. Sonja bought a tiny vibrator (2”-3”) that one can turn on and then just slide the whole damn thing right into the quedgie…and leave it there. This was always a breakfast ritual at the hotel.
Stew came up with the idea of buying a giant rubber penis and he would tape it to his pants while playing drums.
The moment arrived and he chickened out.

The last song of the night, before encores of course, was Darryl’s instrumental theme song “Vivaldi.”
In the middle, Darryl would take off on a violin induced psychedelic tour of the universe using all the electronic pedals available back in 1974. The audience was stoned, or drunk, or both. And they were enthralled with the dissonant noise he could produce.

The band would run off stage and Stewart and I would light up a bowl and wait for the horrible 10 minutes to be over. Then we would run back on stage as Darryl began playing the “Sailor’s Horn Pipe.” Which led back into “Vivaldi” at triple time. The song was a circle of fifths. Musicians will know what this is. But when stoned, you can get confused very easily. You start, for example, on the A chord. E is the 5th. Then B is the 5th. Then F# is the 5th. Then C is the 5th. Then G is the 5th. Then D is the 5th. And we would end on the original A chord.

To make things more confusing, we would have to go up half a step and have a whole new set of 5ths to remember…and so on til we came all the way back around in a total of 8 different keys. If you got lost, you were screwed. Absolutely no way to get it right after that. Happened only once to me. After that, I focused.

Stew refused to put the rubber penis on so I took the responsibility of dazzling the audience.
I always took my bass off stage with me during Darryl’s solos.

Roadie, Beric Wickens, nearly used an entire roll of duct tape to get that thing on me. I stood there in the wings with my pants dropped. I wore patch suede leather pants that my girlfriend sewed by hand for me. And it took an act of God to get them on each gig. (After the gig, which was always 2-1/2 hours, I was soaked to the bone. I had to use two roadies to help pull the leather pants off of me.)

And not a single dry cleaner in Europe would touch them so they never got cleaned in 2 years. I’d hang them up and spray deodorant on them. God knows what they must have smelled like.

I could barely breathe by the time he was done strapping me in place..
I ran out on stage with my bass hanging from my shoulders. The rubber penis was hidden by the bass.
Sonja was at the mic thanking the audience.

We started our first encore number called “Stretch.” How appropriate. It was my only bass solo the entire gig.
Right in the middle of my solo, I flipped my bass up towards my chest exposing the rubber penis. The lighting guy was cued to put a pin sized spot light on my crotch.

The audience went nuts.
And then I got arrested.

It wasn’t uncommon for Bobbies to be in attendance of any concert. Rock crowds drank way too much beer and were known for getting very rowdy.

The Bobbies didn’t wait for us to finish the song. These two idiots walked on to the stage and grabbed each of my arms.

I then pulled what I call my Marx Bros. move. I did a Captain Spalding running around the front of the stage dragging the Bobbies along with me. The applause was deafening.
Of course, Bobbies don’t carry guns. Just batons. Things might have been different if they carried firearms.

The managing director of the European (in Amsterdam) British Talent Management agency was not happy when he got the call from the Amsterdam Police. He drove from home, in the middle of the night, and got me out.

He started to yell at me once we were in his big fancy, company Jaguar. And then he just started to laugh uncontrollably. I still had duct tape all over the front of my pants. The cops confiscated my giant wiener.

I got back to our hotel as the sun was rising….

When the band got back to London, 6 weeks later, I was called on the carpet in Miles Copeland’s office. I stood there and was warned. Dire consequences were promised.

I behaved inappropriately and promised I would never do that again. (I thought that next time would be Stewart’s turn).
So, I didn’t.

Ahh…the wild freedom of youth! Protection Status


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  1. Great review of a great cigar. Haven’t smoked the lonsdale but I’ve had many chogui rogustos. Joey at Summit Cigars is one of the nicest guys I’ve met in the business. Where else where we read a cigar reviewer talk about his cat landing on his nuts ?? All the best to you and your family Phil.

  2. Wow – if I weren’t already facing the death penalty from SWMBO about cigars, I’d figure out a way to try these.
    By the way, the rubber dong arrest story is hilarious! Keep ’em coming – the reviews and stores that is…

  3. Thanks Bryan! It’s always a pleasure to take care of ya!

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