Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan, AGANORSA
Binder: Nicaraguan, AGANORSA
Filler: Nicaraguan, AGANORSA
Size: 5.5 X 44 “Corona”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $10.25
Humidor Aging Time: 2 Months
Dry Box Time: 24 hours



Today we take a look at Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo
Thanks to good friend, Bryan Kinnaman for this elusive stick..

Factory: TABSA
Debuted at the 2015 IPCPR trade show.
Jack Schwarz Importer in Chicago sells singles only.
Limited production: 40 Cabinets of 50 each = 2,000 cigars
Lirio Rojo means “Red Lily” in Spanish.

A very plain looking cigar. No cigar band. Seams are visible. Lots of veins.
The wrapper is sort of a blondish/caramel color.
The stick is solid except at the bottom third where it is soft. The cap is effectively applied but a little cockeyed.
The wrapper has a fine sandpaper toothiness.
And it’s lumpy and bumpy.

Jack Schwartz (Online)
(312) 782-7898 Outrageous shipping costs
Lirio Rojo
Maxamar Cigars (B & M)
(714) 633-3000
Cigar Pointe (B &M)
(210) 888-2933
Lucas Pipe and Tobacco (B & M)
(575) 526-3411
Casper Cigar Company (Online)
(307) 337-4400 Outrageous shipping costs

From the shaft, I smell a big dose of caramel, red pepper, cappuccino, a bit of chocolate, cedar, and fruit.
From the clipped and foot, I smell barnyard, red hot pepper, dark cocoa, black pepper, black licorice, caramel, cedar, and lemon citrus.
The cold draw presents flavors of red and black pepper, milk chocolate, caramel, barnyard, cedar, vanilla bean, licorice, and citrus.

Pepper bomb alert!
Followed by creaminess, strong lemon zest, espresso, no leather, caramel, a non-definitive sweetness, cedar, a touch of black licorice, graham cracker, and big flavors of baking spices.

The char line is not cooperating.
Strength is medium body.
So far, the smoke is very smooth and delectable.
After correcting the burn line, it seems to be cooperating now. Fingers crossed.


The malts come marching in: Brown Malt, Cara Vienna, Coffee Malt, and Flaked Oats Malt. (See Malt Chart).

The spiciness deteriorates.
The malts lead the charge in the flavor profile.

I can see why the Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo is so popular. A delicious, rich cigar.
The burn just won’t knuckle down. It begins to go awry.

Transitions. Lots of them. Red and black pepper makes a big resurgence. I thought the combo was gone for sure.

The Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo has some similarities to the recently reviewed Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale. Why? Both have a superabundance of flavor. Most flavors are so subtle that I cannot define them. But they add an effusiveness that completes the whole picture of the blend. Both are nearly overwhelming in its richness. Malts play a heavy hand. The tobacco has a very luxurious quality.

Smoke time is 25 minutes.

The Chogüí’ Dos77 Longsdale had a razor sharp char line. The Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo is struggling. What does that say about the construction of both?
Regardless, (Did you know that “irregardless” is not a word? Merriam-Webster finally acknowledged it as a red headed step child to the word regardless because uneducated writers used the word so often when “regardless” is the correct version.) The Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo is a fine blend.

The strength remains at medium body.

I find the strength of flavors has diminished in this part of the cigar. It has, sort of, the same, aforementioned, flavor profile but now it is very subtle. The spiciness is in the back of the list.
Therefore, the transitions that started out wonderfully are now lying there like a flounder. Like my first wife. Badda Boom!

The char line is a mess. I hate when that happens. Torching the wrapper can have a profound effect on the flavor of a blend. Especially, when it becomes a regular undertaking.


The strength is failing. It is quickly becoming mild/medium.

The tobacco used in this cigar is now taking over and strutting its stuff…in place of a diverse flavor profile. It’s tasty. There is something magical about AGANORSA leaves.

The dearth of transitions will have a deleterious effect on my final rating. I suppose it will return at some point. But right now, it is a dead spot in the Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo.
I’ve reviewed countless cigars that start off like gangbusters then just sort of fade away til the halfway point or the last third.
At this point in time, I’m no longer impressed.

Two months of humidor time should be plenty. So, that’s not the issue.
At the halfway point, I sense the blend coming back to life.
Smoke time is 35 minutes.


The malts are the first to return. Then a lovely caramel and after that, coffee and some cocoa. Graham cracker is subtle but standing at attention waiting to be called up.

There is only a modicum of creaminess. Some cedar. But no spiciness absent of black licorice and citrus.

Unless, there is a major adjustment, very soon, I won’t be recommending the Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo. It’s popular due to PR and its supply and demand. You can’t have one so you want one. And they sell out quickly.

Our cable provider is Crime Warner. The worst. I just lost my internet and had to reboot the modem. This happens at least three times a day. Cable TV drops the sound, pixelates, and has volume issues. Before we moved to this lovely apartment complex, we had AT&T for 5 years. Not a lick of trouble.
And of course, you must speak to a tech support person named Jason who is in India. And I can’t understand a goddam word he says. So the conversation is me going, “What did you say?” Like 20 times. I always end up yelling at them. My bad.

The Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo is inconsistent. It smokes like a ride on a crazy roller coaster. There are moments of sheer brilliance but then it fades into mediocrity.

Strength reaches medium/full.

Then a baby Jesus miracle happens.
Flavor explosion. My face is melting like the first time I took acid and looked into a bathroom mirror. (1972).

This is what I expected from the entire smoke. Not just part of it.
I’m nearing the last third. Half inch to go and now the cigar decides to impress.

I must admit that my opinion of a blend gets tainted the day after I smoke a nearly perfect cigar.
Especially, with all the brouhaha that the Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo gets.

Smoke time is 45 minutes.
The Corona size is a favorite of experienced smokers. A much more intense experience than a Toro or Gordo.

And now I’m receiving that intensity. Transitions are blasting past my palate at lighting fast speed.
Everything is back x ².

The char line continues to be fokakte. But I like pretty photos so I constantly correct it.
The strength marches onward Christian Soldiers to full body. In other words, the Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo now has some chutzpah.

It is going to be a bitch rating this cigar.

Between the burn issues and the lack of transitions in the middle of the cigar, points will be removed.
A shame, of course. As it does show some pretty impressive moves.

I’ve been up since 3am for reasons to be explained later.

Manny Mota! What a delicious cigar the last third has become.

This is the reason I negotiate a 5 pack for every review from manufacturers and online stores. It allows you the opportunity to smoke a few before the review and thereby gives you some perspective.


$10.25 ain’t cheap for a Corona. Since so few were produced, I understand the mindset.
I listed the stores that carry the cigar. But two of them charge $13 and $12, respectively, to ship a 5 pack. Ouch. What do they do? Put it on a Maverick Jet and land it on your street?


I must have the only cat that isn’t bothered by cigar smoke. He loves to approach the ashtray and huff away. I can’t figure what he was in his prior life. Now if he could only type and speak English.

There is an old saying: “You can’t smoke two cigars at once unless you are speaking out of the side of your mouth.” I live by that.

The Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo just percolates with flavor. It seeps a savory personality.
The first third was a real teaser. The last third is the fait accompli that canonizes the cigar’s character.
But that damn middle part. Drat.

The last inch gets very hot.

I’d love to have a 5 pack of the Warped Cigars Lirio Rojo so I could really assess the blend properly.
Based on one stick, I still recommend it.

Final smoke time is one hour 10 minutes.



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  1. An honor to be included on your list of guys who obviously share a passion for good cigars, and who cared enough to try to keep you up and running. I look forward to keeping in touch with you Phil. In the spirit of the news you shared today, I played The End by The Doors. Always thought that song sucked. Thanks for your honesty, and your sense of humor. All my best wishes for you and your family.

  2. Thank you my friend.

  3. My cat, Stella Blue, is oddly attracted to cigar smoke as well. Most of the the time she is outside nowhere to be found. But, like clockwork, she is all in my face as soon as I light one up.

  4. We’ve had cats the entire 32 years of our marriage. Each one went running when I lit up a cigar.
    Sammy the cigar smoke loving cat is a horse of a different color. He loves to smell the cigar before I light up. If I let him, he will spend minutes sniffing it, rubbing his face on it. Crazy. Is Stella Blue a Blue Russian? Sammy is half Maine Coon and Blue Russian.

  5. Thank you sir for all of your contributions! I check your reviews every time before buying more cigars. If you send me an address I would be honored to ship some of my lovely cigars to you.

    Jon from Payette, Idaho

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