Casa Fernandez Sabor Aganorsa Corojo | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Aganorsa Corojo
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 50
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $7.10

Today we will take a look at the Casa Fernandez Sabor Aganorsa Corojo.




Released: August 2016
Regular Production
Factory: Sabor Aganorsa S.A. (SABSA) Jalapa

Nicely executed construction. Seams are invisible. Perfectly smooth wrapper. Veins are nearly non-existent.
The triple cap is flawless. The stick is solidly packed without any hard or soft spots.
The wrapper is an oily milk chocolate.

5.625 x 46 $7.00
5 x 50 $7.10
5 x 52 $7.50
7 x 48 $7.75
5.5 x 60 $8.00

From the wrapper, I can smell a perfumey floral note, dark chocolate, spice, a touch of lemon citrus, cedar, and cashew.

From the clipped cap and the foot, I can smell dark chocolate, floral notes, red pepper, cedar, rye malt, nuts, and citrus.

The cold draw presents flavors of chocolate malt, red pepper, cedar, salted roasted nuts, citrus, oak, and cream.

The draw is open and bellows an industrial chimney amount of smoke. Subsequent to the first puff, are flavors of red hot pepper, creaminess, chocolate, coffee, cedar, a variety of malts, and lemon citrus.

Good start. I was patient with this cigar and allowed it nearly two months humidor time…hence; the immediate rush of flavors from the get go.

Strength starts out with a strong medium/full attack. The red pepper is blasting away at my sinuses and tear ducts. I’m sitting here crying with my nose running.

The creaminess, chocolate and the malt are met halfway by a touch of caramel. It has now turned into Mexican hot chocolate.

The char line is doing its job and keeping me from swearing at the heavens.
The burn is nice and slow. The rollers picked for this job were top notch.

Once again, this proves my always profound statements that you don’t have to spend double digits to satisfy your jones for a good cigar. If I had blind taste tested this blend, I’d guess it to be a $12 stick without equivocation.


With only an inch into the Sabor Aganorsa Corojo, transitions begin and the start of complexity.
I lean over to grab my lighter, and that 1” of ash falls directly into my open bottle of water. Clearly, daylight precision bombing at its finest.

Creaminess begins to grab the blend by its nuts. Flavors are more subtle now. More nuanced. The start of this wild and crazy adventure saw just an atom bomb of intense flavors…I’m beginning to recognize the blender’s intent now…more spacious in its parameters of palate pleasing intonations. (That was just gibberish). Or as Moe would have said, “Spread out!”

The balance is beginning to impress. Godamm the Pusherman…the Sabor Aganorsa Corojo is becoming a blend of note.

There is a natural progression of complexity, intensity mixed with nuance, transitions, and the adherence of what the blender wants me to taste. The list of flavors hasn’t changed. It is a sonovabitch just the way it is…it don’t need no stinkin’ badge.

Smoke time is 25 minutes.

The red pepper makes a big push over the Siegfried Line. I begin sneezing. My eyes blur from the intensity of the spiciness. I love it.
There is some similarity to the Garcia Cuban Classic and the 601 Blue Label going on along with the creaminess of the Crowned Heads Luminosa.

I’m now receiving some fruity sweetness for the first time. A dried fruit element…with the addition of fresh melon and jicama. (This is where the folks with no palates yell, “bullshit!”)

Yes I have my eyes squinched to capture these subtle varieties of flavor…conjoined with small sips of water that release those hidden treasures that my palate welcomes with open arms. (Hmmm…don’t think palates have arms…feet maybe, but no arms).
I’m getting some minor burn issues but nothing to start fucking swearing and fucking cursing over.


The strength hit medium/full from the start and continues on that path with the expectation that full strength is on its way soon.

From hiding, flavors go from subtle and nuanced to an explosion that directs the natural order of things. The malts go Medieval: Rye malt, Biscuit malt, Caramel Wheat malt and Flaked Oats malt. (See Malt Chart).

There is this nice buttered biscuit zippiness that gives the flavor profile of the Sabor Aganorsa Corojo a more savory aspect. It works nicely with the sweetness and tang of dried fruit, caramel, and the citrus.

Pepper has taken shore leave. Moves to the back of the line allowing more distinction from the less bold flavor elements.

Transitions are in complete flux. Whirling about like an over under sideways down roller coaster ride.

The creaminess comes to the forefront and leads the charge. The malts are doing the heavy lifting. Coffee notes really kick in for the first time giving it a more mocha java experience. The spiciness changes into a laid back black pepper.

This is the perfect price blend for noobs and those experienced smokers who have their wives watching their every move. I’ve learned to use Laudanum on my wife when cigar packages arrive in the mail. I’ve got them stored and hidden by the time she regains consciousness.

At the halfway point, the complexity is damn the torpedoes and full ahead, Captain Queeg.

The Sabor Aganorsa Corojo is a slow leisurely event. Plenty of time to savor every puff with its aggregation of its combination of bold and miniscule flavor points.

The blend has smoothed out dramatically. I know that I’m hitting full strength now because my eyes are beginning to blur but not withstanding that, this is a delectable smoke…well worth going blind over.


It’s not a kitchen sink flavor profile as those important elements come and go with ease and fortitude.
And it’s not a flavor bomb. The Sabor Aganorsa Corojo is all about impressing the shit out of the consumer’s experienced palate without overkill.

I could easily make this cigar my go to blend every day. I would like to add that this is not a blend you try a week into your possession of the stick. Patience is a virtue. And ye shall be rewarded.
The Sabor Aganorsa Corojo brings forth the same sense of satisfaction as when your wife scratches your belly.
There is no let up. No down turn. The blend continues on its path towards becoming an impressively memorable smoke.

Smoke time is 50 minutes.

The strength is now off the charts. I’m doing my best Ray Charles impression as I rock back and forth mumbling “redrum, redrum.” While trying not to slip off my chair and into a coma.

I am now rethinking my supposition that this would be a great cigar for noobs. It could possibly send them into anaphylactic shock…while moaning for their mommy.
I’m slipping into a stupor of slow motion. The rock posters on my wall are undulating.

The black pepper makes a resurgence from the back of the line to right up front. I haven’t been able to breathe so clearly since my fourth nose job.


Corrections of the burn line have been minimal. And of no consequence.
Flavor elements are burning on all six cylinders.

I feel I might lose consciousness from the nicotine. So I must hurry and finish this review before I wake up on the floor with the cat licking my asshole.

I have no idea why I cannot find a single review of this cigar. It was released 5 months ago.

Apparently, this new blend is a sleeper. The price is right on. By the 25 count box, the price is reduced to $6.40 per stick. Just crazy nuts for a blend of this quality.
So go ahead and read my story about the man killer ferret and then go buy some.

Final smoke time is one hour 20 minutes.

You can purchase this cigar at Atlantic Cigar. Google the Sabor Aganorsa Corojo for more options.


And now for something completely different:
This has nothing to do with music…just a strange story; that’s all…


I took time off from being a project manager in commercial construction. I was burned out and it was killing me. I was 40. And the pressure to keep on schedule and on budget; plus being burdened with too many projects…got to me. I found out I had high blood pressure during a blood drive at my daughter’s school. I was told I could not donate my blood. Go see a doctor.
40 is too young to die so I had some choices to make.

I went to work, for an old friend, as a structural draftsman…I basically went back to my roots…in construction; anyone on a drafting board is called a “Detailer.” This was also before CAD.

I learned how to detail as a young teen. Before I was old enough to drive, my father brought me down to his structural fab shop and put me on a board. And while I was going to CSULB, the company sent me to L.A. Trade Tech at night to get my two year certificate as a structural detailer. It turned out to stead me well later in life. I always took contract jobs on the side and made good money for my work.


Back then, we used formulas to figure out the geometry and trig problems. Advanced calculators did not show up until the late 1970’s. And ones that would do the geometry and trig didn’t show up til the late 80’s. We also had no computers to help us. We had a pencil.

I worked in Fullerton, CA for an old friend. Small outfit with only 9 detailers.

On a hot day, with the A/C busted, we opened the front and back doors. It was a small place with three rooms and ensconced in a strip mall. Each room housed three detailers. I was in the middle room.

One day, lo and behold…a ferret walked in the back door. It didn’t seem to be afraid of us. As it walked towards me, I bent over and extended my arm. In a flash, the fucking ferret grabbed on to my forearm, with all 4 legs, using a death grip and began punching away at my skin with its teeth.

I ran around the office waving my arm trying to get the damn thing off. It wouldn’t let go. I screamed like a little girl and no one could get me to hold still. I was cursing like a longshoreman the whole time. The little bugger was eating me like a prime rib dinner while I ran around like an idiot.

It finally flew off my arm and blood gushed from my arm. I started to go into shock. Did my boss or co-workers call 911? Of course not. It was just a little ferret attack. But possibly a wild ferret as we were right on the edge of open hills and forest.

I collapsed on the floor because I thought I was going to faint… and screamed out at everyone “Close the fucking doors! Do not let that piece of shit weasel get out or I will be forced to receive those rabies shots!”

My doctor was around the block. When he saw me, he got on the phone with my boss and SCREAMED at him not to let that fucking animal loose. I had never heard my mild mannered doctor curse.

He bandaged my entire arm and warned me that if that ferret got loose…well, he made the motion of a needle going into my stomach….shaking his head the whole time.
I gulped the gulp of a pussy.

When I got back, Animal Control was there. A giant black man was trying to catch the elusive ferret with a pet capture noose.


He finally caught it and the little critter let out a screeching noise that made us cover our ears.
Now here is the interesting part…..The boss had this stupid, good looking blonde working for him in his blueprint store, next to the drafting company. She didn’t have a single synapse in her brain that worked. But she was a looker.

She came over to our side of the building, like everyone else, watching this man try to catch the fucking ferret.

When it started screeching, this stupid woman screamed, “You fucking N****r! Let it go. You are hurting it!! You fucking N****r!”
Everyone was in shock.

The animal control guy dropped the stick with the ferret’s head still in the noose…the ferret tried to make a get away with a 6’ stick attached to it….no go. It hid behind some curtains.
He asked, “What did you call me?”

And the stupid bitch repeated it!!!! She fucking repeated it!
Oh my God. What a racist bitch. My fate had been put, unwillingly, in her hands.

By now, I’m thinking the damn ferret is going to get away and I will have 6 weeks of shots to my belly because of a race war inside the drafting company.
I begged the man to please capture and secure the animal and don’t listen to the idiot woman. He calmed down and did just that.

I walked out alone with him and apologized profusely for the act of stupidity that just occurred. He was very magnanimous and gracious, and left.

I walked back into the drafting room, walked quickly up to the bitch and slapped her with an open hand.
I screamed at her, “Do you realize what you almost did? You fucking piece of shit, bitch, cocksucker. If he didn’t capture it, I would have to go through some very painful inoculations!”

She apologized as her hand rubbed her cheek where I smacked her. She didn’t have a green card so I didn’t care.

My wife worked part time doing their books.
The evil bitch was from Germany and even though my wife is a German national as well, she had nothing to do with this imbecile.

Then then I waited. And waited. And waited. For 10 days I was a nervous wreck holding my breath on the determination of the animal’s possible rabies infection.
And then it came. A little post card from Animal Control saying that the animal did not have rabies. One of the longest 10 days in my life.

I still have that post card framed and hanging in our bathroom.
As a result, any time I see a ferret, I piss my pants. Protection Status


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  1. I just saw that cigar you just reviewed somewhere online a day ago! I NEED TO FIND IT AGAIN!

    Glad to hear from you again Uncle Kat!
    -Michael Flores

  2. A stellar review and an excellent side story. Made my day. Thanks, Bryan

  3. I like all the Casa Fernandez cigars I’ve tried. A lot of the “boutique” guys use their tobacco, roll their cigars at the same factories, and then charge a lot more money than Casa Fernandez does. For example, the Casa Fernandez Miami compares well with the Tatuaje Miami, but the CF is quite a bit less expensive.

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