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Dr. Rod Kurthy has come up with the perfect cigar accessory carry along.
The schmuck that I am, I always end up stuffing my cigar stuff into the pockets in my jeans or coat…and then getting home and find I’m missing something.
I’ve tried a few carry cases…but either they were too big and bulky; or did not effectively carry all of my cigar paraphernalia.

Rod has developed a smart utility case that can hold everything you need for your herf away from home in a small convenient carry-all you can pop in your shirt pocket or coat pocket.
I like that the zipper is industrial strength. I like that it expands so you can fill the case to the gills with all your stuff. I love it.

AND…it’s only $19.95 from a manufacturer you can trust. He did invent the PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool and the fabulous PerfecRepair Cigar Glue.
Go to ThePerfecSmoke to purchase. Trust your Uncle Katman on this. It is very cool.

Check out the 2 minute video Rod prepared, and yes the stud starring in it is Rod the Man himself.

This is from his web site:

Product Description:
“The PerfecPak Compact Cigar Accessories Case is very small, compact and easy to carry, but it easily holds a large number of various cigar accessories. And that’s why we call it the “Little Giant”.

“When you go out to have a great smoke with your friends, you want the benefit of having all of your cool little cigar accessories with you. But it can be difficult to carry all those items. So, it’s PerfecPak to the rescue!

“The PerfecPak really is the compact Little Giant. It’s small, light, durable and easy to carry, yet it carries just about every cigar accessory you could ever want to bring with you…with room left over.

• 3 orange satin drawstring bags are included to protect your most treasured cigar accessories.

• Beautiful leather grain pattern.

• Elegant 3D logo stitched on.

• Large gauge, super-durable zipper.

• Elegant 3D logo zipper pull-tab.

• Inside velvet lining.

• Industrial strength black canvas material stitched around the edges, stitched on with heavy gauge nylon thread for exceptional durability.

• 2 elastic straps to help hold your accessories properly in place.

• The zipper is stitched in a way to allow expansion to carry even more, or larger, accessories when desired.

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8 replies

  1. Thanks for sharing, Phil. I swear by PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair. They’ve paid for themselves countless times, saving cigars I would otherwise have to pitch. PerfecDraw is a must-have if you ever smoke Cubans, which I find extremely inconsistent. I’ll definitely order PerfecPak. Had no idea it was available.

  2. Phil
    Watched the video
    Can you use this as a combo accessory and cigar case ?
    They don’t mention it but it looks like it would with the expansion capability ?
    West Bend

  3. Hi Mark,
    Absolutely. You can stick a couple cigars in there in lieu of your entire cigar paraphernalia. But certainly only for short term. The top is designed to expand quite a bit so as long as your cigar does not exceed the length of the case, you should be good to go. I’ve used it to store one cigar along with my cutter, lighter, PerfecDraw tool and glue.

  4. Good stuff. What’s the little black knob-like thing? Is it a mini ash receptacle?

  5. None of those accessories are included. The thing you are referring to looks like it is a travel table cigar holder.

  6. Phil, this article finally got me to buy a PerfecDraw. Arrived today. Enjoying the benefits right now. Thank you.

  7. I’m happy that you get it when seeing the difference in your smoking enjoyment because you can now really control the resistance exactly the way you like it…with so little effort.
    Cool, Daddy-O,

  8. That’s a heck of a combo.

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