Isabela Cigar Co. to the Rescue with Special Offer | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Isabela Cigar Co. has released a C-19 Survival Kit. (Click on this link)
10 Ct Luxury Box Survival Kit, includes:

2 Ltd Edition TransPorter Dbl Perfecto
2 Ltd Edition PepperHead Gordo
3 Sparkle Robustos
3 True Cuban Coronas

All Orders Receive a FREE QUARANTINE PACK of 3 Artisan crafted Isabela Cigars FREE!
This very special emergency survival kit contains two special release craft cigars, including:

Isabela TransPorter: 5 x 54 Multi-Dimensional Dbl Perfecto blended to transport thru numerous flavor profiles!

PepperHead Gordo: 6 x 60 version of our 100 rated PepperHead Blend -a journey thru multiple transitions of ever changing flavor profiles of peppers, smooth, spicy, sweet, and exotic!

Support your favorite boutique brand cigar companies.



17 replies

  1. Hey K Man. My go to for cigar recommendations. Only been off a couple times in years.
    Tried to order your Isabella Survival but their website does not accept an order to be put in cart. Have they gone under so quick?

  2. Hi John,
    I sent your message to John Piette. I don’t know the status of his supplies.
    A lot of readers have hit the link to Isabela Cigars so I don’t know if he ran out or just isn’t able to catch up with his web site.
    I will let you know today as I expect a call from John.

  3. Thanks for the follow up. Stay well my friend!

  4. Hi John,
    Johnny told me he got a hold of you today.
    Apparently, there was a computer glitch and it is now fixed.
    The Isabela Survival Kit is still available.
    Thanks for your patience,

  5. 👍😎

  6. Hi Katman,

    My husband, Alex, is always raving about your website and the recommendations you give for cigars. I’m 32 weeks pregnant, which hasn’t been easy during the COVID pandemic, and Alex has been the most supportive husband I could ever ask for. I was looking for a way to show him how much he means to me right now, so I came to your website looking for the Isabela cigars he can’t stop talking about to surprise him. I ended up getting him the Survival Kit (albeit a day before you posted this write up!) and even though I’m usually cranky at him for smoking so many cigars, I knew it was something that he would love. He got his Survival Kit in the mail earlier this week and has already enjoyed a few from the set. So thank you for keeping my husband entertained, and I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Hi Ashley,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy.
    Our daughter is 27 weeks pregnant. He will be our second grandson. She has a boy who will be 3 in July.
    So, we know how tough it is for you during these tough times. Our daughter is crawling the walls and in a constant state of worry and angst.
    You are a 5 star wife for buying cigars for your husband instead of yelling at him for spending too much on the tobacco love sausages.
    Thank you for your concerns about my health. As I’ve written, we pushed up our move and have only 10 days to be ready without any help from anyone. I’m spending 6-8 hours per day packing and all the other things that come with a move prep. I’m worn out and still have 5 days to go. My youthful looks are fading quickly. Thank God I don’t do video reviews…I look like Boris Karloff in “Frankenstein.”
    You can never go wrong with Isabela Cigars. Tell your husband, for me, that he must be doing a good job taking care of you and clearly loves you very much.
    No need to name your child after me…(There are two ‘l’s in Phillip. If it’s a girl, Phyllis is fine too.)
    All the best and stay safe and well. This is one of the nicest comments from a reader I’ve ever gotten.
    Health and happiness to you and your family,

  8. Always enjoy your reviews, honesty and most of all humor! The Isabela Pepper-head is my fav. The selection of cigars are all different. Again, I’m partial to the Pepper-Head, this cigar is outstanding due to all the transitions in about a bit over an hour smoke. Any Isabela Cigar you smoke will not dissatisfy your palette, they are all very different. JHONNY is the best, he takes care and pride of what he does. Love talking to him!
    Take Care,
    Wishing you and your family all the best in this strange time we are all witnessing, Lol

  9. You nailed it.
    Johnny is a jewel. But he is a very private person. I wish I could tell you the wonderful things he does for the community; but if I did, I’d get disappeared by this evening.
    He has a real passion for his blends. He is always working 3-4 years ahead of his releases so that they are delivered beautifully aged. In today’s market, manufacturers give their products 2 months of aging and ship.
    And thank you for your kind words about me.
    Be safe and stay well,

  10. Does your promo code work for this set?I just put an order in with it in the order notes and was curious.

  11. Yes it does, Zack…

  12. Just received my package today..I don’t know if this is normal but my order status never changed from processing and never got a confirmation or tracking details and also I sent them an email asking about it which they haven’t replied to yet and i didn’t receive your promo code. So I’m hoping these sticks blow my mind because customer service was kinda eh on this one.

  13. EDIT: Jon reached out and is fixing the problems so I’ll eat my words.

  14. Sorry to keep posting comments katman but after some back and forth with Johnny, all I can say is WOW what a guy. Totally resolved all and any issues I had 10x over and he sent me this email I thought you’d like to read

    “Thank you Zach
    Do me one favor
    katman does everything he can to take care of his subscribers, and give them extrra Value….he pushes guys like us to take care of his subscribers, and is the reason that his subscribers are able to find out about small guys like us, as well as gain access to HTF stuff, and extra free stuff
    Its a labor of love for him, and it would be really nice if you reached out to him, and let him know you are aware of and appreciate all he does !
    thanks Zach and email me when you get that shipment !!

    So I thought I’d say thank you for turning me onto this great man and your straight up honest no holds barred reviews. Stay healthy katman and keep up the great work

  15. Thank you Zack…and thank you so much, John.

  16. Damn. I missed this one. Rats.

    I gotta start getting out more!

  17. Vincent,
    They are no longer available…Being behind by 10 months since I posted that offer is no big deal. Plenty of Isabelas to go around.
    Getting out would be wonderful. But it is 7 degrees here which puts a damper on getting out. And oh yeah, Covid flesh eating zombies are amongst us. I’m hold up in the closet.

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