Diesel Delirium L.E. 2020 | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Nicaraguan ~ Ometepe Ligero
Size: 6 x 52 Toro
Strength: Full Tilt
Price: $10.00 ($2.00 less from Cigars International)

Today we take a look at the new Diesel Delirium L.E. 2020.
Thanks to Cigars International for the samples.
This is my first review in 17 days. I got a wonderful case of seasonal flu that made me want to club baby seals.
And just to make sure this is a memorable review, I picked a cigar so strong that when I smoked the first one, I shat out of my ears. I will probably need to take breaks so as not go catatonic during the review.

According to Cigar Aficionado:
“Amped Up Delirium is the Strongest Diesel to Date.

“The most full-bodied Diesel ever made has begun shipping to retailers this week. Dubbed Diesel Delirium, the bold, limited-edition smoke is made for General Cigar Co. by A.J. Fernandez in Nicaragua and is positioned as a follow-up to last year’s Diesel Hair of the Dog.
This amped up version draws its power from a strong blend of Nicaraguan filler (some of which is from the volcanic island of Ometepe), a Connecticut broadleaf binder and an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.

“Although Delirium was originally released in 2014 as an exclusive for online retailer Cigars International, this new release is a more powerful cigar. It comes in only one size—a Toro measuring 6 inches by 52 ring gauge—and has a suggested retail price of $10 each. They come packaged in 10-count boxes. Only 5,000 boxes were produced.
For a droll touch, the box’s interior artwork was designed to be reminiscent of the labels found on 19th-century medicine bottles and lists a series of ailments and symptoms of delirium.”

A pleasant looking stick. A ton of veinage permeates the entire shaft. Seams are as tight as the quedgie on that girl I deflowered when I was 18. A clean machine triple cap. An appealing cigar band with a nice footer band that adorns the love sausage. No soft or hard spots…either on this stick or the first one I smoked. It feels good in the hand. And the wrapper has a nice oily sheen coating on the brown paper bag hued leaf.

Dark chocolate hits the schnoz first. Then followed by a nice dollop of creaminess, dark raisins, malt, cedar, slight touch of cinnamon… a bit spicy, strong black coffee, potent barnyard, freshly baked bread (I like this), and a faux barrel aged aroma.

The cold draw presents flavors of chocolate, cream, malt, white pepper, cinnamon, cedar, and coffee.

Got the music on as usual. C,S, & N are playing. “Wooden Ships.” My band, Homegrown, played a lot of their tunes in the late 60’s/early 70’s because we had 4 lead singers in the band. Loved their music…still do. Even if Crosby is a dick.

I remember the first cigar wasn’t too bad in the strength department in the first inch or so. As the PR claims, this is one strong mother fucker. It was later into the cigar when I felt God pulling at me to leave the planet and migrate to Uranus. And that was on a full stomach. As always, I write reviews on an empty belly; so as not to dull the palate.

Here goes nuttin’ honey…
A massive blast of black pepper that nearly takes my head off. My eyes water instantly. Jesus Alou!

Remember years ago, when La Bomba called itself the strongest cigar on the market? And the inside of the box cover, there was a warning. Things have changed.

“Crosstown Traffic” by Jimi….this is starting out well.

The spiciness has calmed down dramatically but still just short of brain frying.

There are some nice complex flavors floating around I can’t identify yet. The creaminess is a nice counterpoint to the liquid fire. A nice finish appears toot suite. Very nice and my lips feel coated by tobacco love. As opposed to a pearl necklace…I don’t think that came out right.

Other flavors come out of hiding because they thought they would be sautéed by the black pepper. There is that lovely malt, espresso, a surge of cedar, and there is that baked bread element I like, and sweetie factors such as caramel raisin ice cream and a touch of candied lemon peel. Nice counterbalance so early on.

On no…”Stairway to Heaven” is playing. Homegrown played all of Zep’s tunes magnificently as our singer could do Plant and the guitarist could do Page. Got tired of playing that nearly 50 years ago.

By the first inch, strength goes for the gold at full tilt. Only 5” to go. (I say that to Charlotte all the time and she just laughs).

The chocolate and creaminess and malt have merged into one beast. It is fucking delicious. Smoking on an empty stomach always brings out flavors that might not be found if you are full of pizza and entrails.

Smoke is voluminous. My hair now looks like Harpo Marx.

Construction is right on the money. Nice burn. No issues with the cigar getting spongy on me. Perfectly humidified…but then I do dry box my review sticks for a couple days.
I’m not much of a Diesel fan. I’ve reviewed a dozen blends over the years. Some not bad and some…bad.

But this is a nice blend. I’m still concerned about vomiting into my lap in the last third, but so far, so good.

There is a richness from the tobacco that clearly is something my palate is enjoying. It tastes of aged leaves, but I doubt that is the case.
Complexity kicks in. Transitions begin to do the boogaloo. This is a slow smoke. I’m not sure if this is good or not. Once the extreme prejudice of strength kicks in, it might be my Waterloo.

The blend is consistent as this is the exact same experience I had with the first one.
And then the second half left me for dead.

The Diesel Delirium continues an upward trajectory of becoming more flavorful with every puff. I never thought I would say this about a Diesel. While the MSRP is $10, CI has them for $8. This is a great deal. Unfortunately, they are a limited edition.

The ash is stalwart. Lasted the entire first third. After my second third, I tried to flick it as roasted nuts are not on the menu for this morning, and it only partially jettisoned. Stubborn bugger.

Nicotine enters. Oy.

I’ve placed my cell perfectly so when I go down, my head will dial 9-1-1. “Get out of the way! Move those Covid-19 patients! We have an extreme case of tobacco poisoning!”

The whole flavor profile is now blossoming into subtleties and nuances that are delightful. A nicely well-rounded cigar.

I gave away two sticks to friends. I only had a fiver. Now I wish I was more selfish. I like the Delirium. AJ should have added some slivers of peyote in the last third to make it true…I mean if the cigar is going to make you puke, it might as well have some hallucinogenic properties too.

Now that we are all hunkering down in place…this is a good time to experiment with mind altering drugs. Shrooms would be nice.

The blend is perfectly balanced. The pinnacle of savory v. sweet. Flavors are zooming by like taxis when it’s raining.
All the flavors and aromas I’ve mentioned are in place and doing their jobs. Creamy chocolate with adornments is the ruling class of this blend. (Eat the rich when food gets low).

The strength of this muscular puppy makes the La Bomba look like a $5 Gran Habano.
If you dig intensity in your smokes, boy do I have a cigar for you. Newbies? Run like the wind. I carry blogger’s liability insurance so if someone croaks from my recommendations, I’m held harmless.

Lovely, lovely fucking cigar.
Still taking its time. And I don’t mind a bit.

The thick and gooey richness is nearly overwhelming. This ain’t no Diesel I’ve ever smoked.
It’s about time that AJ got down and dirty.

Oops…there goes the vision in one eye. I don an eye patch on the good eye, so I look dashing…where is my parrot? Long John Silver…or maybe Long John Baldry.

My fretless Fender Jazz is with a luthier. I bought a Hipshot bridge and I screwed it all up. I used to be able to take my instruments apart…now I can’t even put a friggin bridge on correctly. (“Hope I die before I get old”)

The burn line has not deviated.

Charlotte asked if I wanted oral sex last night. I said yes. So, when we passed each other in the hall, we both said Fuck You!

Halfway point. Holy shit. The strength is making me laugh like an idiot. (I heard what you were thinking).
A balls to the wall blend that doubles as one of the smoothest cigars I’ve smoked. Well done, AJ.

And this is where all the flavor really kicks in. The thing explodes like the first time you accidentally masturbated when you were 29.

No shit…my palate is drinking up everything. And I’ve yet to sip some water. Now is a good time. Wham. Flavors flash fire.
Mind you, I’ve only had these cigars for 6 weeks. Imagine the flavors in 3-4 months.

The first Delirium I smoked opened up like momma birthing triplets in the second half. It is happening again. The blend digs deep and presents a multitude of stories to be told by your palate. A priest, a minister and a rabbi go into a bar…

Bizarrely, the strength is better balanced now. I no longer have ear hairs, but still…(I’m going to eat those words in a bit).

Here are the stars: Chocolate, creaminess, caramel, malt, candied lemon peel, baked bread, cedar, raisins, black coffee, and cinnamon. Not extraordinary but solid. The cigar is sailing on its own tobacco merits. Now and again, you get a real punch in the face from the actual choice of leaves.

This is the best time I’ve had since getting sick two weeks ago. Next to prancing in the shower while listening to the full album “Disraeli Gears.”

Tip: You want people to stay 6 feet away? Prance. A huge swath of openness will occur. Singing some of Charles Manson’s hits helps a lot.

A fine example that a great cigar doesn’t need to cost $12-$17.

I am now beginning to swoon a bit. I got up to shave the cat and gave him a Mohawk instead. He looks good. I swear he is meowing the words to a Sex Pistols’ song.

I love this cigar. Remember, limited edition. Only 5000 boxes hit the shelves. Too bad. This would have become a big seller. Check out Cigars International.
Due to the snail crawl of the burn, this baby will be a solid 90+ minute smoke.
I see my dead grandmother enter my room. Wait…nope…that’s Charlotte.

I need to figure out to get at least a fiver. But we are saving dough for the move. If Charlotte finds out I bought some cigars, no more oral sex.

My hands show tremors. Helluva’ time to get Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Curved Air had this huge 50 years anniversary tour planned. A few of the old members were to be invited to join. Naturally, I wasn’t asked. But then if I had, I’d be stuck in Italy, the UK, or Tokyo whining for my mommy.

“Revolution” by The Beatles is playing. Not the fast version that radio stations insist on playing…rather, my preferred version of the cool shuffle.

Strength has passed full and is now in aneurysm territory.

Supertramp is playing. Never got into them. Pussy rock.
Speaking of which, I expected to pussy out on this review due to the cigar’s advertised strength…Turns out I’m only half pussy. My ass is getting dragged along the carpet but I’m still conscious and aware of my surroundings.

The Delirum has everything I enjoy in a cigar: A big scoop of complexity, balance, rich character, smoothness, subtleties and nuances galore, and perfect transitions and finish.
I’m stopping with 1-1/2” to go. I prefer not to tempt fate.
Great cigar. Get some.



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12 replies

  1. Epic review, as always.
    Glad you survived!

  2. Thank you, Mark.
    I’m very happy I survived too. My wife was on the fence on this.

  3. General Cigar sent me a stash too but I have not smoked cigars for almost two weeks as trying my best to protect the lungs etc. Glad to hear you are better and also your review was great too.
    I have no idea when I will start smoking again, probably when I feel like it.
    Diesel Cigars have been a semi favorite of mine where the quality has been steady in the cigars I have smoked.

  4. Hey Frank,
    You may be very smart about the not smoking since you’re really an old man…I mean, really old.
    I’m winded from the review. Probably won’t smoke another cigar today.
    Always a pleasure to hear from you,

  5. Altman, I’m glad you’re feeling better! I’ve recently gotten into the hobby and have loved reading all your reviews as I’ve been considering my new purchases.

  6. Thank you Christine…it feels good to be back.
    All the best,

  7. As a rapidly progressing semi-newbie, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your reviews back when I thought Punch was the ultimate. I soon was delivered from ignorance. Thank you.
    I’m glad to see you’re back in the saddle. These days in sequester get long and reading your scribblings is a joy.
    I am only at the Caldwell The King Is Dead with my coffee in the morning and Alec Bradley Lineage in the evening level of cigarmanship. But I’m going to grab some of these Delirium delectables and let them rest until I reach manhood … if I live that long.

  8. I’m happy to see a relatively new member of “You spent how much on cigars? You need to control yourself” forlorn boyfriends or husbands only seeking to broaden their horizons with as many cigars as they can stuff into their humidor(s).
    Manhood is overrated. I prefer to stay as immature and childish as long as possible.
    Stay safe and healthy,

  9. So happy to hear feeling better as others have said. Worried the best cigar reviewer and cool music story teller was on the edge…Stay strong!

  10. Hey Wesley,
    Now I have already sent you two checks asking you to say nice things about me, but I’m not sending a third…unless you ask.
    Thank you. Glad to hear from a reader especially when he is saying nice things about me. When I tell my wife about this, she’ll just say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I’m like Rodney Dangerfield; except for the sense of humor.
    You stay safe and well too…all my best to your wife and two girlfriends,

  11. This evening, I went to my humidor and grabbed a Delirium that I decided to pick up and try at my local B M when he got the limited edition boxes in last month. He and some of the other fellas smoked them day one. I’ve been sitting on this since it’s release and had almost forgot about it. I wanted something with some gold spice tonight. After I had it burning good, I went over to my favorite cigar reviewers website and I’d be damned to find you had just reviewed this yesterday. How strange! First time I’ve ever commented, but I felt compelled due to this oddity. Thanks for all the great reviews, the killer bits of music dialogue, and the chance to escape this paranoia surrounding the nation. Enjoy your evening,
    Sean Etzel

  12. Hi Sean,
    So nice to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words. Means a lot…really.
    As I was sick for two weeks, I got bombarded with readers bullying me to start writing again…lol…but I can’t review a cigar when I’m sick; let alone be clever and witty…I can barely do that when I’m not sick.
    Charlotte and I are under the gun to move early since we are afraid of a lock down in Wisconsin. On the 3rd, we got the go ahead to move into our new apartment on the 13th instead of the 30th so we are scrambling big time. Packing with no one to help, as we had planned, is a bitch and very tiring and time consuming.
    I accidentally threw Charlotte into one of those huge contractor sized trash bags…by mistake. I discovered my error as I was about to throw the bag into the wood chipper…so, she’s OK. I’m pretty sure she can grow another ear. Or I can buy her one from all the money I make writing this blog. I hope she doesn’t mind her ear looking like a double Perfecto.

    Stay well my friend and same goes for your loved ones,

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