Gotham House Blend Connecticut | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Sumatran
Filler: Nicaraguan Jalapa, Dominican Piloto Cubano
Size: 6 x 50
Strength: Mild/Medium
Price: $3.40

Today we take a look at the Gotham House Blend Connecticut.

This is going to be a strange review. The backstory is weird. I was contacted by an ad agency in Greece telling me they represent Gotham Cigars in Miami. I was asked if I would like to review a cigar made by their client. (Who is their client? Not mentioned).
I ignored the email as I get so much crap that is spam or hackers that I deleted it because it seemed fishy. A week later, I got another email asking me the same thing; only this time the woman seemed insistent…again, not mentioning who their client was or what the cigar was.

I responded asking to provide some clarification and I got it.
Gotham Cigars. They have a relatively new inexpensive bundle cigar. Right up my alley. I checked out the only couple of reviews available; both are videos. Both made by irrelevant reviewers. Laughable. Sometimes I think I should listen to friends and do a few video reviews but I have no fucking filter. Imagine how bad it would be if it was live and in your face; instead of the written word?

One thing that intrigued me was the woman mentioned she noticed I reviewed one of Gotham’s house blends by Alec Bradley. I had no memory. I looked it up and sure as shit, 4 bloody years ago I reviewed the cigar mentioned. There must be a time lag in Greece for them to be made aware of current reviews…4 years ago. I betcha’ they never read my review…just saw the title and skimmed down to the rating: 94.

If anyone at Gotham or this ad company had bothered to read me, they would know better than ask me to review this cigar…but then, hey, it might be decent so I shouldn’t show off my negative preconceptions.

I haven’t smoked one yet as I haven’t smoked much of anything over the last two months due to the flu. I pray I can get through the whole thing.

From Gotham Cigars:
“Gotham Cigars presents the Gotham Connecticut House Blend! This small batch release is hand made in Esteli, Nicaragua and features hand selected long fillers from Jalapa, Nicaragua and Dominican Piloto Cubano and Sumatran binder draped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf wrapper.

“These medium to full bodied smokes have a flavorful draw with light undertones of earth and pepper. The Gotham House Blend with Ecuadorian Connecticut leaf wrapper is a great and affordable everyday cigar! Available in bundles of 10.”

Churchill 7 x 50 $3.80
Toro 6 x 50 $3.40
Torpedo 6.5 x 52 $3.60

The stick is solid and hard. The wrapper is smooth with the usual Ecuadorian Connie color of bile accented with oil. Yum. You can’t miss the huge double cap. Lots of veins but nothing off putting. Veins are clearly visible but tight.

There is a nice floral aroma. In addition, some caramel, malt, cedar, vanilla, black pepper, and milk chocolate.
The cold draw presents an enormous wallop of black pepper, caramel, milk chocolate, malt, cedar, and espresso.

The draw is completely plugged so out comes my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool to the rescue. Normally, a plug can be remedied as it usually sits right at the cigar band level. Not this time. I have to dig for gold. I need to use the entire shaft’s length to get some air through this lead pipe. Still not good enough so I go through its ass end and try again. This time, there is a plug so hard about an inch from the foot, that it stops my draw tool in its tracks. I back off and the draw is at least now acceptable; although not optimum. I guess I can clearly state upfront that the construction is not top notch.

The draw is still a little tight for my preferences; but it works.
Check that…I can’t draw on the mother fucker. PerfecDraw time again…

First puffs are redolent with black pepper, a bit of creaminess, and cedar. Very mild.
Mustiness pops up…wonderful.

I can tell right now this is a dog turd. But I will do my best to smoke the whole bloody thing…ya’ never know.

I’m probably going to dispense with a phalanx of photos this go around. In fact, this cigar may end up being the same experience as a 400lb Samoan doing a reach around on a 100lb hooker.

Mustiness rules.
The black pepper at least provides some flavor.

One video reviewer kept saying the cigar was “fine” over and over and over. I know how it is when you are trying to build an audience and you want to give every piece of drek a good review; despite the fact that either you have no palate or you want to please your benefactor. I did that when I started with Famous Smoke in 2010 as their in-house reviewer forced to review their horrible house blends.

I don’t think I’m going to alert Gotham, or the Greek ad company, that I reviewed the cigar. They are probably still pissed off I asked for a ten count instead of their usual fiver doled out to reviewers.

Let’s sum up the first excruciating first inch: Musty, spicy, no complexity on the horizon, no finish, and no transitions in its future…all right! This is what I call a good time.

Shit. The music channel is playing Zep’s live version of “Over The Hills And Far Away.”
In 1972, my best friend Skip, would play that opening set of power chords brilliantly. He wasn’t a very good guitarist, but he had a special skill that allowed him the proper facial contortions when he played…rock star all the way.

This is going to be the longest review of my life.

Something else cracks me up…Gotham sells the cigars for lower than their MSRP of $4.50. These are good people. If Gotham reads this review, I am going to need to wear body armor for a year.

I’m finishing up the first third and I can report that I no longer find blood sausage so repulsive.

It is now 6 hours later. Or maybe it is the blotter I dropped when I finished the part about the inability to draw on this lead pipe.

I apologize for the spittle-soaked cap in the photo below. It may be Greek olive oil…not sure which.

The cigar’s progression is nil. This is like smoking ground up rat hair with a Zig Zag wrapper.

Betcha’ a dollar that Gotham claims their customers love this blend. At $3.40 a pop, they must be flying off the shelves from customers who normally smoke liquor store cigars. Maybe Dutch Masters?

Ah ha! “Strange Brew” by Cream is playing. Perfect.

I’m sticking with this…no one can stop me now. I’ll finish this pig dick if it ruins my day.

At the end of the review, I will be offering singles, or all 9 sticks, for a mind-blowing price of only 25 cents for the lone stick or 15 cents for all 9.

The cigar gets worse with each puff. I feel bad for the video reviewers that had to keep a straight face. Their asses must have been puckered more tightly than walking through the gay district of downtown Long Beach…not that there is anything wrong with that.
If you tape a bunch of these sticks end to end, you can make a Festivus pole!

Strength is a limp medium.
Flavors are dead on arrival. What could have Gotham been thinking? Why go to all that trouble to make a blend with your name on it that is a total waste of a good bowel movement?

I may never get an erection again. I could super glue two of the sticks to each side of my penis and Charlotte will thank me for it.

The innards are so sloppy that this thing burns at half speed.
I need something to drink. Is 10am too early for a few shots of whiskey?
Done. Now I’m fucking drunk. This should go better now.

And the flavors blossom: Dried Carnauba wax, sour cottage cheese, and fresh condoms.

This is the worst cigar I’ve ever smoked. But I gave my word I’d review it. Again, they should have read a couple of my reviews before reaching out to me.

Sammy the cat is usually gargling my nuts by now, but he left the room half an hour ago with a stick and a kibble filled bandana tied to the end. I see him downstairs with his paw stuck out looking for a ride.

This cigar must reach to be just linear. It is stuck. Man, I could be smoking a Gurkha third right now.

The blotter is working nicely. But I may be having a bad trip as I see hundreds of these cigars all along the floor by my feet. And they have teeth. Maybe Gotham could breed smokable piranhas. If Gwyneth Paltrow can make a vagina smelling candle, why can’t Gotham make a girl’s locker room smelling house blend?

The cigar is bumming out the acid.

Gotham dudes…don’t you dare send these cigars to our troops. Nuremberg can be reinstated.

Oh good…nicotine. Finally. A flavor.

Ever licked a carboard box? Have I got the cigar for you.

Let’s talk about prostatitis. Ever gotten that? An infected prostate? I had a run of that in the mid-90’s. The first time, I was on top of Charlotte when I got this horrific pain in my groin. I pulled it out and blood was shooting out the end of my schmekel. I ran around the room screaming. I went into the bathroom so it could drain into the toilet. I had no idea what was going on. Charlotte wanted to dial 9-1-1. I yelled, “NO!!” The paramedics would never have stopped laughing. It stopped and I had the most enormous panic attack of all time. I went to Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. You know how they find out what kind of infection it is? Get this…the doc hands you a plastic cup while you are bent over and he shoves his fist into your asshole and pumps your infected prostate while you are milking your penis until a little bit of sperm drips into the cup. My screaming could be heard two floors above. It was analyzed and I was put on antibiotics. Never let a doctor shove his hand up your ass unless he is really attractive.

The mustiness is gone; replaced by indifference.
I can’t go on.

“Sweet Jane” is playing and I calm way the fuck down.

I plan on removing every Gotham House Blend Connie from my humidor and toss them. I hope they didn’t infect my other sticks.



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18 replies

  1. Phil, I can feel your pain all the way in Rhode Island! Please smoke something great to get the horrible taste out of your mouth. And take care of your schmeckel! 🙂

  2. I’ll never be the same, Peter.
    My schmekel is wrapped in soft cotton, so I’m good.

  3. Now THIS is an entertaining review. We appreciate your service.

  4. Man, you’ve outdone yourself. I was reading this in bed around 1am and started laughing so hard that I woke up the wife. Indifference is now a flavor profile. Tastes like Gurkhas. Anyway, was wondering if you have some favorite bundled sticks or house blends. Ever try the Class 34 from Cigar Page? Alright, thanks for the laughs, Katman. Glad to hear you feeling better.

  5. Thank you, Darryl.
    No, I haven’t tried Cigar Page’s bundle cigars. Any good?
    I have zero favorite budget bundled cigars.
    The only house blends I’ve tried and enjoyed were limited editions and are long sold out. Sorry I couldn’t help.
    Thanks again,

  6. Dried Carnauba wax, sour cottage cheese and fresh condoms? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s friggin HORRIFYING! Well, the condoms weren’t used, so that’s a plus.

    And thank you SO much for that lovely infected prostate story. That’s just… that’s… yeah. Thanks.👍🏽

    At least at the end there, my boy Lou Reed was able to calm you down. 😉

  7. “Indifference is now a flavor profile…” 🤣🤣🤣

    Uncle Phil’s right; the reviews are much more fun when the cigar sucks!!

    Worst cigar ever=best review ever!

  8. Hey kiddo,
    I did go on a tear with that cigar. But the way that I was approached offended me. Mostly, PR people offend me. I should write about all the PR agents I had to hire when doing the Eddie Munster project and what asses they all were.

  9. I know that’s a nice compliment…but I write like that because I’m angry. I’m disappointed and frustrated I got fooled.
    I much prefer bringing a relatively unknown new cigar to my readers’ attention…I’m always relaxed after those boring reviews.
    But it is what it is.
    I have to admit, my brutal reviews go more viral than my nicey nice reviews.

  10. Phil, great review (so damn humorous). Actually Dutch Masters are one of the better machine made brands, smoked some them 50 years ago. Ever had a White Owl? Truly horrible and you tell the brand from the smell. Hard to believe that’s what George Burns smoked. Glad to know you are feeling much better. Pete

  11. Thanks Pete…
    My dad’s go to sticks were Dutch Masters. Now and again, he’d send me to our local cigar shop to pick up a box of good cigars. Back then, cigar lounges, pharmacies, stores,etc…would allow a kid to buy cigarettes or cigars for their parents if they had a note. Man, I just dated myself. (In Wisconsin, it is illegal to date yourself so I may have to go on the run).
    In fact, I still have his empty Dutch Masters’ boxes because we were rock hounds and worked on jewelry together when I was a teen and those boxes are full of agate, jade, etc plus jewelry tools. I guess me mentioning Dutch Masters was a Freudian maneuver.
    All the best,

  12. Phil,

    I was dying, man! I know one of the reviewers you referenced. I myself am an irrelevant reviewer. If you ever happen to roast me, please let me know! I’m at the point in my life where I can’t be offended, so roast away! Friggin’ hilarious.

    Phil K.

  13. I meant no disrespect about irrelevancy. It’s just the way I write on the fly when I review.
    But I did not start out as the #7 top cigar blog on the planet.
    I began as a lowly irrelevant reviewer who did it for the fun and passion. I fault no one just because they aren’t widely known.
    You should post your blog link here. And no worries…if you have a good sense of humor, I will roast away.
    All the best, Phil,
    The other Phil

  14. Phil,

    That’s the way I look at it. I post on YouTube (Phil Kurut – ), and I just do it for the enjoyment. Being a fellow musician, I learned I have to enjoy passions because money is never guaranteed. I need to stop by here more than I do. Always entertaining!

    Also, not sure if you are still working security for the church, but I dug that blog as well. I’m a LEO, and we need more guys like you willing to do that kind of work! 👊🏽

    The Younger Phil

  15. I watched a few videos.
    The Pros:
    1. You are the first video reviewer not to take a puff and then tilt your head back and stare at the ceiling or the sky. Kudos.
    2. Your palate works.
    The Cons:
    1. Smile more. Pretend like it’s fun.
    2. You are too serious. People will watch if you are entertaining.
    3. Your dialects.
    4. You better call me. I will email you with my phone number.
    The good looking Phil

  16. Someone shot a link over to me to read this review… Starting a review off bashing a company or reviewers is not something I would continue reading, but here I am at the bottom of the page. Descriptive words like “Bile” and “dog turd” aren’t something you should say about a cigar (or 10 pack) that was generously sent to you by a company for review, but hey, this is your site. Oh, hey, I now see why someone sent me a link, Any who… I also don’t find racism comical but we all have our own sense of humor. Glad my video made you laugh at least, man.

  17. I hear ya’.
    But the company sent me shit cigars. They never bothered to read me prior to that. They looked up to see I was #7 on the top 30 reviewer list and just contacted me knowing nothing. They had no respect for me. If they had read my reviews, they might have thought twice.
    I got to be #7 because I am brutally honest. My readers expect that of me.
    And you clearly liked the cigar which means you have no palate.
    If I were you, I’d be embarrassed.
    What descriptions I use is my business, not yours.
    Getting cigars sent to you doesn’t mean you have to give their crap a good review. Is that how you think things work? That means you are a hypocrite and can’t be trusted to be honest about a cigar to the folks who are looking to you for your advice.
    I have never, never, been racist…or bigoted, in my reviews. Shame on you. Put up or shut up.
    BTW~ I never heard of you nor did I watch your video. Your assumption I was speaking of you was a grandiose mistake on your part. I watched two videos…neither of which were you. I didn’t know you existed until your comment showed up.
    All the best,
    Jan Vistisen, owner of Royal Danish Cigars, sent me a message on Linkedin:
    “Dear Phillip, I have followed you for quiet some years now. I’m amazed by your ratings. They seems to be 100% blindtasting, not taking into account any of the things supposed to twist your mind, like the fake maduro wrappers or the impressive big bands from some producers making one wondering if this is a printing business artwork contest or if the goal is to make really good cigars. You see right through all the BS. Thank you for being a “lighthouse” in this once amazing industry.”
    I am duly humbled by Jan’s comment. Really.

  18. Hey Martin,

    The fact that you think you have to give a good review for a cigar “that was generously sent to you by a company for review” means your reviews can’t be trusted. I had never heard of you before, but I definitely won’t be reading (or watching, or whatever) any of your reviews. What’s the point? I read reviews so I can find out what I might enjoy smoking before spending my hard-earned money, not to help the reviewer get free cigars from manufacturers who know they’ll get a positive review even if their product is terrible.

    Check your ethics, man. You’re selling out your integrity for some free cigars and perhaps a good relationship with manufacturers. What’s the best case scenario there? Seems like a small price they’re paying for your morals. Besides, it’s likely those relationships dry up when traffic to your reviews do, which seems inevitable when people can’t trust you to be honest.

    I can tell you that I come to read Katman’s reviews because I trust him. I may not always agree with him: after all, we do all have different palates and different likes/dislikes. His brutal honesty not only gives him credibility, but also makes his reviews entertaining.

    I respect that he’s honest about any bias he may have, and that he can admit that he was wrong in preconceived notions about a cigar. All it took was one sentence from you to lose my respect (as a reviewer, I’m sure you’re a fine human being). If I wanted to hear somebody tell me a cigar is good because it was in their interest, I would just read the description from whoever’s selling it, instead of taking the time to check out reviews.

    Perhaps instead of visiting here to criticize the way he does things, and telling him what he should or shouldn’t be saying, you could take the opportunity to learn from someone who is clearly much more successful–I mean, if you measure success by quality of work, popularity, search engine ranking, etc., which I grant you may not. Actually, as I type that, I realize you probably view success as how many cigar manufacturers “like” you.

    As for me, I’ll stick to reading Katman and the other reviewers I can trust.

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