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This book came out today.
It reads like a vanity, self published biography that leaves out all the juicy stuff.
It is a puff piece.
It is merely a compilation of quotes, interviews, and stories that have been around for half a century.
Not one thing new, interesting, or revelatory.
I want my $20 back.
I see sales skyrocketing to 2500 copies. Then again, it makes a nice gift with a dead fish inside.

I was mentioned in passing. Clearly, the author went through all of my Curved Air stories and picked this one; which is lifted nearly word for word from what I wrote.


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  1. But you made the cover yes? Who is the author in relation to Curved Air?

  2. Nope. That is the original 1971 band lineup.
    In fact, there are a lot of photos in the book…not one of me. Methinks I smell a rat.
    The author is a nobody that has done the same treatment for a few bands in the same boring manner she approached this one.
    She never reached out to me. I have no idea what her connection to the band is.
    A stinkeroo.

  3. LA DOUCHE’! Not to be confused with Mussolini! 😉

  4. Laura Shenton is a much published British writer who has written profile biographies of many British musical artists. Here’s an interview with her: https://www.mixcloud.com/keep106/andy-senior-interview-with-author-laura-shenton-on-her-book-about-tears-for-fears/

  5. Hey Rob,
    I have only seen the other titles of what this woman has written. Never read any except for the Curved Air topic.
    She is aiming at a demographic that doesn’t stay on top of every interview and history of a favorite band.
    Again, there is nothing but rehashed info that she gleaned from previously published articles and interviews.
    The fact that photos showed everyone in the band in the 70’s except me…and I’m hardly mentioned at all…leads me to believe that Sonja had a say in those decisions. Revenge for the the truths I’ve told in my stories about the band. It’s OK. I wasn’t expecting anything different than what I’ve seen in the book.
    Plus, she makes a point of saying in the preface that she had zero contact with the band. This was all research. I truly doubt that she didn’t get some cooperation from Sonja. I was with the band for nearly two years. I got one paragraph and not a single photo. To really rub my face in it, there are lots of photos of the current band members…who were not around in the 70’s.
    To me, the book is an unadventurous look at the band with nothing interesting revealed.
    It is very much just a simple P.R. puff piece.
    Trust me, except for the fun of writing about the crazy stuff, I’ve moved on a long time ago. I lived the musician’s life long after CA. It just so happens that CA broke my hymen in my brief big time musical career.
    Be well, Rob…

  6. Phil,
    My understanding, not from Shenton’s book, was that your tenure with Curved Air began in 1974 and ended in 1975 around the release of Midnight Wire. By that time John Perry had supplanted you on bass and then was replaced, himself, by Tony Reeves. What was the deal with a revolving door of bass players?

  7. No idea.
    I was a mere speck in the 50 year history of the band…but my guess is tyrannical rule by Sonja (whose life I saved numerous times on the reunion tour while she went through heroin withdrawal and depression), intense egos, and band leaders who were sociopaths.
    In my case, I got too much positive publicity and accolades for bringing a new American sound to the rhythm section…and this angered Darryl Way greatly as he considered himself Il Duce and the real star of the band.
    I expected to be an active participant member of the band, but it boiled down to being treated as merely a gun for hire.
    It was a long time ago.

  8. “Gun for hire” seems to be an apt explanation. Can you recall your reaction when told you were being replaced? Any explanation?
    Rob Stevens aka Jack Geddup (Geddup In The Morning) aka Rosey Boy
    “It was a long time ago.” So was my first radio job, June, 1961.

  9. I’ve told the entire drama in one of my reviews. I will try to dig it out and add it to an upcoming review.

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