Oliva Serie V 135th Anniversary Edicion Limitada | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5.5 X 54 Perfecto
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $10.00

15,000 boxes of 12 released
Released October 2021
There really isn’t any in depth information about this blend in terms of how much aging the tobacco received, the areas of Nicaragua used in the binder and filler, or any drawn out P.R. That is just fine. Oliva expects you to understand that this is about “Melanio Oliva got his start in the tobacco fields of Cuba in 1886 and that is reason enough to rejoice.” ~ From Cigars International

I’m taking a safe guess that everyone is familiar with the Oliva V Series, and I can’t imagine that a single smoker has not tried the blends at least once. Oliva made a serious, consistent effort to keep the nose of the series above water and always an enjoyable smoke. Therefore, they felt there wasn’t any need to go nuts with a crazy press release. It’s going to be an enjoyable cigar.

A side note…Oliva could have punched its fan base in the ‘nads and really pushed the envelope by charging an outrageous price for this cigar. Instead, they used their heads and provided an affordable price point so everyone could enjoy their celebration.

I’ve had the cigars marinating for 2-1/2 months in my humidor.
Finally, the cigar blend is the same as the current Serie V. So why review it? Because the shape is unusual and size matters…regardless of what your mistress tells you. Very possible that the shape alters and maybe improves the flavor points.

It is a beautiful cigar. There are some veins running amok. Seams are visible. Up close and personal, the triple cap is a bit wonky. But the Perfecto shape is artistic and geometric. It looks like the stake used on my ancestors in the Transylvanian Mountains of Hungary.

There are a few soft spots, but I plan on not fretting until it’s time to do so. It isn’t a heavy cigar, so I expect this to be a quickie.
The cigar drips oil and the deep coppery hue is gorgeous. The main band is the standard Serie V design. The cherry is the classy footer band with 135 written on it.

Commentary: Not enough emphasis is placed on taking in the aromas of a cigar prior to lighting up. Cigars are not cheap. They are a luxury item. Great time and design are spent so that the consumer may enjoy all aspects of cigar tobacco. I advocate that you always spend a minute or two sniffing the cigar in order to enjoy the smaller things in life. It is part of the ritual of the sacrifice. I love to smell the wrapper. It should be enjoyed and savored. Folks who tell you it is a waste of time don’t truly know how to really enjoy the experience in total. Do wine or spirt lovers sniff the liquid before taking a sip? Of course. It is the quintessential need to pleasure all the senses.

Nice notes of gentle floral enter the schnoz and smack the endorphins in the tushy. Following right behind are notes of dark chocolate, espresso, a bevy of fruity bits, black pepper, caramel, malt, cedar, and black raisins.

The cold draw presents flavors of raisins, dark cocoa, espresso, licorice, dates, creaminess, caramel, and black pepper.

The draw resistance is a little too wide open for my tastes. I do believe the cigar may be underfilled. I gently place my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool back into its barber’s tank of disinfectant and combs.

Smoke is jettisoned from the tiny foot like a house a’fire.
Immediate notes of licorice, espresso, caramel, creaminess, and chocolate slam me against the wall and use a sap to keep me in line.

Tobacco is beautifully aged. Complexity runs the show from the get-go.
The parameter of the character is as wide as the Nebraska plains.
Strength begins at a potent medium.

I get both red and black peppers duking it out.

I get a surprising whisky flavor. It has that deeply aged oak essence.
Savory notes of charred steak and jerked beef outweigh the early sweet notes.

My oh my…this baby has back. It is sprinting as if its life depends on it. Go baby, go.

Transitions begin. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride has commenced, and I am prepared with a barf bag. Ever puke on a plane? I’m not going there.

What a world of difference between the $110,000 Warped El Oso Blanco I reviewed yesterday and this little $10 gem.

Steely Dan is playing “Reeling in The Years.” You couldn’t call yourself a good band in the 70’s if you couldn’t play one side of Aja.

Strength wastes no time in cold cocking me. This stick ain’t for sissies. Lucky for me, not a single sissy in my readership. I love you, men.

Oh Jesus…the V is soaring like the American eagle with all its splendor and grace.

Flavors are cohesive and join up for a gang bang of my palate. My palate lies there with its legs wide open. No condom needed…I’ve already gone through menopause.

With a Perfecto of this shape, it is always difficult to determine the halfway point due to its geometric shape. I grab my formulas and go to work. I hate to admit it…but back in the day, I enjoyed working out math problems the hard way, with a pencil and paper. Once the computer was programmed for these difficult problems, the fun was gone.

The finish is filling up my maw. The chocolate, caramel, coffee, and creaminess overcome the foreboding black pepper.

Transitions whizz by like a streaker. No new flavors I’ve not already described but they stick together like they are in combat.

A big sip of water and gushing whisky, jerked beef, caramel, chocolate ice cream, and Brazil nuts do the Macarena. I put a stop to this immediately.

The char line is dead nuts.
The second half plans on going deep. The character is building like a fantastic orgasm.
Remember when you were young and could have crazy sex for hours? Me too. Sex is now passing Charlotte in the hallway and both saying Fuck You.

The complexity makes its move. We are in a deeply vegetized jungle. Slashing away with a Bowie knife does nothing to distract the cigar blend from its God given right to command attention.

As the richness stands up and declares victory, the intensity is mind blowing. Oops. My outdated Hippie days came into play on that one.

My prediction that this would be a quickie was wrong. The cigar’s design fooled me. It is slow and sexy. Like me in the morning. I’d post a photo of me in those first minutes of awareness but if children are present while you read this, I’m afraid of being sued. My photo could be the poster for “Scream 26.”

The blend’s richness appears in spades now. I don’t have the words to describe the experience. Take my word…it will give your wife a boner this big.

It is amazing that after over 200 days of no sleep that I can write at all. Once I hit the Publish button, I sit around the house all day grunting consonants.

Everything is at play now. It is like playing the three cups and pea trick. I can’t keep up with the moment.

It took a good 45 minutes to get here. I am duly impressed.

10 stinkin’ bucks. Incredible. But watch out. I found some privateers online selling the cigar for more than the MSRP; even though the cigar is still widely available by everyone.

This is the part of the review where I tell you I’d just as soon sit here quietly and enjoy and savor the cigar…the hell with the review. But duty calls.

I bought only two sticks from Atlantic Cigar. Now I wish I had gotten more. Luckily, they are plentiful online despite the limited-edition status.

Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” subconsciously brings out that early whiskey flavor.

Going to be a good day in Wisconsin today. Temps will be only -75 degrees. Flip flop weather. As a California native, it always amazes me seeing Wisconsin natives wearing summer clothing in 20-degree weather.

The char line remains immaculate.
The strength is full tilt. Hallucinations shall begin shortly.

This is an incredible $10 stick. One of the best. And yes, I put my cards on the table and demand you pick some up before they disappear.

I bet with extended humi time, they will become mythic.
The intensity is fucking ridiculous.

Size and shape do matter. I used that line in bars when I was single. Always got me laid 4% of the time.

No new flavors. They have morphed. Like a small ball of radioactive material. Giving out tremendous heat while melting my non-essential body parts.

As I take my time savoring the blend, it will probably become close to a 90-minute experience. May the Schwartz be with you.

As potent as this cigar has become, the nicotine output is tolerable. I’m sure I will eat those words shortly.

“Lay Down Sally.” I dated a girl named Sally in my early 30’s. It did not last long as she did not like to touch lips to schmekel. I mean…WTF? It was like pulling your clothes out of the washer still wet. You can lead a girl to the sausage, but you cannot force her to take a bite.

I’m always bitten in the ass when I say anything about the low level of nicotine and then 60 seconds later, I am laid out like a sheep that always objects to sex.
I have no idea what that meant.

The construction on this relatively inexpensive cigar is justified in dancing like Jagger.

Every sip of water elevates the depth of character. I’ve had to pee 4 times since I started this review. Thank God for catheters.

I would have loved to know more about the tobaccos used. The aging must have been Paleolithic.

The cigar is nearing its demise. What a fun ride. So gratifying…my eyeballs become lizard-like.

Not a lick of heat or harshness. And the nicotine is only at Level 3.
I can no longer think of additional praises. The blend is a winner by default.

The grunting will now commence.



10 replies

  1. Outstanding cigar at a great price. I’ve been smoking this cigar at least 4 times a week since it landed at my favorite local shop. A couple of people heard me brag about it and picked it up too. Maybe I should ask for a commission check. HA! I noticed the easy draw on several of the ones I had but for me it’s a plus. I tend to like my draws on the Padron side – so it gets a 97.5 from me.

  2. Sounds like I need to get some!

    I checked around and Famous Smoke still has them and with this code, you can get a discount:


  3. Consonant grunter!

  4. OK. But just a sample…
    BDFGHJKL (The morning always finds me the grumpiest, hence the capitals)

  5. This sounds like a truly delightful stick at a reasonable price, like all Oliva Serie V’s and almost all Olivas generally. I’m not in the box buying biz anymore, but if a cigar fairy happens to sneak one into my mailbox, I shan’t say no to her or him.

    You recently asked if I have any plans to name my kiddo-to-be Phil or Phyllis. While I have no plans to do so, you know to take that statement with a grain of salt when it comes from someone who works in politics…

  6. Alex,
    You’ve broken my heart.
    Remember how I saved your life when we were in the trenches of Bosnia?
    It’s OK.
    I’ll get over it.

  7. Thanks for the heads up on these Phil. I’ve been searching around for a different box of cigars to get my Dad for his Bday next month. He’s always been a big fan of the regular Serie V, and now I’m excited to get him these!!

  8. Hi Darren,
    Cool. Happy birthday to your dad.

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