Partagas Decadas 2021 | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Brazilian Cameroon Seed
Binder: Connecticut Havano
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan (Estelí, Jalapa and Ometepe)
Size: 6 x 52 Toro
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $17.99 (I did find the price fluctuates with a savings of up to $4)

Another $18 cigar to review. Seems like Déjà vu all over again. The first one, the El Oso Blanco, couldn’t hold a candle to yesterday’s review of the $10 Oliva Serie V 135th Anniversary Edicion Limitada.
I am hoping for a miracle and that the Cosmic Muffin shines its 12 Klieg lights upon this blend.
Samples were provided by General Cigar in early November.

Factory: General Cigar Dominicana in Santiago, D.R
From Cigar Journal Magazine (12-6-2021):
“Partagas Decadas 2021 is a limited edition created to honor the intrepid spirit of Partagas’ founder Ramón Cifuentes.

“Matt Wilson, senior brand manager of Partagas said,
“Partagas Decadas 2021 was created for cigar connoisseurs who seek extraordinary smoking experiences. The blend was developed to deepen the intrigue of our proprietary, Brazilian grown Cameroon wrapper and delivers the ultimate super premium indulgence. This is a smoke that the true cigar lover should seek to add to their collection.”

First thing I notice is the rustic maple presentation. Not a very oily cigar. More of a flat finish. The triple cap a bit funky and out or proportion. The cigar is festooned with tiny veins. Seams are visible, but tight. The cigar is very toothy. No soft spots…solid cigar. Feels weighty in the hand…I expect this to be a 2-hour smoke.
And lastly, the cigar has a classic band with a secondary band that includes a photo of a young Groucho Marx

Aromas are nearly nonexistent. Itty bitty bits of floral, chocolate, malt, black pepper, cedar, steak sauce, coffee, and something fruity.
The cold draw presents flavors of barnyard, bitter licorice, espresso, cedar, black pepper, and mulch.

The cigar is one continuous plug. I grab my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool and go to work. First time doesn’t clear the plug. I go deep to the hilt of the tool, and it is still plugged. I try several more times and the plug is tenacious. I turn the cigar around and use the tool by inserting it into the foot. Right now, I am scared shitless. I hit the foot several more times. I get small amounts of tobacco in the ashtray, but the draw is not to my liking. It takes a total of over 5 minutes before I clear the detritus from this steel rod. I finally get to the draw I prefer that won’t cave my cheeks in each time I take a puff.

My opinion of the construction does not rate anything close to an ‘A’. For this price, better rollers should have been used. I had the same experience with the cigars I smoked previous to this review.

Go to the PerfecSmoke website and there is a 5-minute video of Dr. Rod explaining how to fix any cigar dilemma. Plus, you get to see a decrepit old man. After each video, Rod is slid back into his iron lung.

I proceed to put my PerfecDraw in the same place Jimmy Hoffa was buried. It is common knowledge here in Milwaukee. Hoffa was cut into 9 pieces and placed into the foundation underneath the Bronze Fonzi in downtown Milwaukee. Notice the lovely background…It is the state-of-the-art Milwaukee Cultural Center built in the early 1900’s. The waterway shown is the runoff from the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. Local fisherman can be seen on these bridges bringing dinner home for the family. The fish are a natural deterrent to Covid.

This is really odd…nearly zero smoke is emitted from my first puffs. I grab my PerfecDraw again and use it in the hope things change. It helps a bit, but this cigar is just so overly packed that I’d be ashamed to release it.

Each puff projects one spindly line of smoke. I don’t remember it being this bad in the previous sticks…maybe a transformation occurred in my humidor. I pick several entry points for the tool to enter the cap and that seems to help immensely. The cap now looks like a shower head. Much larger hunks of tobacco are removed, and the problem is now minor. I have never had this much trouble with a premium cigar.

OK. What the hell does it taste like?
No serious barrage of flavors. Mostly heavy and hearty moments that include black pepper, dirt, barnyard, and then some sweet bits show up to urge on some balance.

So far, the main thrust of this blend seems to be merely the exotic tobacco. It is certainly a grownup’s cigar.

Strength is medium.

Some complexity and an interesting character begins to show itself. Unless there is a complete make-over, this is going to be a cigar aimed at serious afficionados who like the taste of well-aged tobacco over a flavor bomb.

There are no transitions. The finish is dark as a Black Sabbath concert on acid.

The char line is dead nuts. So, it has that going for it.

Even with turning this cigar into a sieve, the smoke output is minimal at best. Strange. But I am done with stabbing this cigar. If I continue, I am afraid of fucking up and pierce the wrapper. Then I will need to slather the cut with Rod’s PerfecRepair Cigar Glue which is made for just this situation.

My cheeks are working like Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster. By the time I am done, I should be able to dead lift 100lbs with my cheeks.

My ashtray is just full of the cigar’s unnecessary tobacco.

An inch burned and the cigar is a bit lifeless. Here’s hoping that it won’t need a defibrillator by the halfway point.

Maybe the cigar tobacco ain’t aged that long after all. And it needs 9 months of humidor time before it molts and shines with its new skin.

Natural tobacco sweetness enters the picture which is a big leg up from that first inch.

I don’t believe this is going to be a blend that spews a laundry list of disparate flavor points. I once again believe it will be the tobacco doing the heavy lifting aimed at sophisticated smokers’ need for a great solid cigar without all the fluff and numerous flavor editions.

It begins to improve exponentially. Now that I have my head on straight as to the purpose of the cigar, I begin to truly enjoy it.

If it continues on this path, it will be a beautiful after dinner smoke with your favorite libation. No matter what you drink, it will not interfere with the cigar’s character. I haven’t smoked a cigar this sophisticated in a long time.

Smokers expecting a bevy of balance between savory and sweetness are out of luck. This blend is one minded. It is designed to kick you in the nuts and awaken your inner appreciation of what a brilliant blend should be.

I’m digging it.
That first inch had me dreading an eviscerating review. There is no P.R. describing exactly what I am conveying to you now. It would have helped. And since I seem to be the first written review, I have no one to get crib notes from.

My hair chest begins to return to its natural black and eliminating the white dental floss look.

Complexity is in full swing. Nuances and subtleties come from different levels of the diverse tobacco.

As I near the second third, the depth of the cigar keeps digging away as the experience intensifies.

The Partagas will find itself more definitive with several more months of humidor time.
Still, I understand the blender’s intent now.

I would love to read other reviewer’s opinions. I hope some wait a few more months.

Just watch. The reviews after me will describe a cigar blend full of the flavor wheel. I took a chance by reviewing it after 2-1/2 months. But I know what aged tobacco tastes like in a cigar. If the blend requires a long hibernation, it is because the interesting tobacco used was not left alone for years to simmer.

While it is a limited edition, I found no numbers of cigars produced.

It’s taken 40 minutes to get here. Not counting the time spent trying to clear the tunnel.

At this point, I have absolutely no idea if it is worth $18.
The changes take place at glacier speed.
Strength turns medium/full.

As I search around the online stores, I see two more sizes offered. The P.R. says it only comes in the Toro size. No idea what’s going on.

As I choogle through several Google pages full of this cigar’s landing places of online stores, the information is varied and confusing.
One site says it is magnificent and another says blah.

One site mentions creaminess of which I cannot detect.
It does have a nutty background. Black pepper is alive and well…but not overwhelming.

The cigar remains a very hearty blend and the only sweetness is non-descript and must come from the natural behavior of its leaf stats.
The only changes occurring are coming from the cigar spreading out as it burns down.

Intensity increases. Nothing linear. But the blend clearly is designed for the very sophisticated palate.

The cap comes off…and allows a seam to break free. I use the PerfecRepair glue to fix it.

Creaminess finally appears at the halfway point.

“Kashmir” is playing so I take a Bic lighter and hold it above my head.

The blend takes the smoker on a journey rarely obtained.
Due to its uniqueness, it just might be worth the $18. But again, I found this cigar on several online stores going for $14-$16. I’d tell you which ones but these guys are never thankful I gave them a mention so you will need to the interweb search.

The halfway point took one hour 15 minutes.
Strength moves to full tilt.

Not only does your palate need to be ultra-sensitive to the composite of unique tobaccos, you need to completely adjust your mind set compared to what you normally smoke. A very interesting cigar.

The char line needs its first touch up.

The stick is jammed up with tobacco like the new meat sissy in prison for the first time.

My windows are open, and it is below zero outside. My nads disappear.

I took the Betty White challenge and snagged a volunteer gig with the Wisconsin Humane Society. I got the best position as a Client Engagement Volunteer. No cleaning out animal cages for Philly. I can’t wait to start. Besides, the only people hiring a 72-year-old man are for caretakers of people even older than me…and Amazon where I must be able to handle packages that weigh 100lbs.

I get a very definitive sweet spot now with half an inch from the last third.
The cigar oozes sophistication and it ain’t for everyone. A very potent manly blend. Thank God I clearly survived my Bar Mitzvah.

I really like this cigar. It is a totally different animal for most smokers.
Nicotine is minimal.
I am enjoying a deep throaty intensity.
There are no identifiable transitions. And the finish is fat tobacco.

If you purchase some sticks, you may find smoking it after only 2-3 months humidor time sufficient…but I believe the cigar will really shine with much more hibernation. It’s possible that a more varied flavor approach will occur.

The sweet spot releases additional flavors…very meaty, creaminess is viable, strong nuttiness, caramel, Bran Flakes, and a lovely generic sweetness.

The issue with very little smoke emitted from the foot disappeared at the start of the second half.

I still have my vision and that pleases me.

The price point is warranted.

I now would have preferred to wait a few more months before reviewing this cigar but knowing it has an unknown limited quantity, the cigar could be sold out by then.

I have the sinking feeling that when more reviews pop up, they are going to mop the deck with my assessments.

But the blender’s intent is clearly visible. It is an excellent cigar. And more time will make it even better.

I am digging the shit out of the cigar now. But it takes time for the brain to adjust to the unique quality and intent. I wasn’t ready for this blend’s imagination.

Considering how strong and intense this blend is, the nicotine level is low. But the strength is now nuclear.

And when I realize that this will be a 2-1/2 hour smoke, I had no idea of the commitment required.

I had a rough night, so any witty or clever remarks are beyond my shrinking brain’s capacity. My apologies.

I only recommend this cigar for the brave and adventurous.

I’m sure I would have rated this cigar higher with extensive humidor time. That being said, it is a phenomenal experience.
With an inch to go, I decide it’s time to walk it off.



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  1. “I only recommend this cigar for the brave and adventurous.”

    Sounds right up my alley. A bit pricey, though. Thanks for the recommandation. By the way, what do you think of the Top 25 Cigar Aficionado list?

  2. Hey Markus,
    The list is full of decent cigars…but a lot of repeats from years gone by.
    And of course another big year for Padron.
    I would love to know how much in total CA makes from those 25 cigar makers for getting on that list?
    Or how many favors were given because the powers that be are close to those cigar makers?
    Like every year, I take the list with a grain of salt.
    You get more accurate and more interesting lists from the everyday reviewers.
    Although, the big guys get a hold of some mighty fine sticks that never cross my threshold.

  3. When do you have the time to smoke all these sticks? Maybe it’s the cause cold winters that keep you indoors. Yesterday I took a 3 mile walk in Santa Monica and then smoked a shit Avo which retailed for about 18.00 but my friend paid for it but he’s rich.

  4. Never smoked a cigar in my life.
    My wife smokes them and tells me what to write.

  5. You’re hilarious, Katman.
    Happy New Year of the cat.
    – L

  6. Thank you, Lara…
    A healthy and happy new year of the kat to you.

  7. Thank you Philly! Hello gorgeous smile.
    Kisses to you and Charlotte,
    My favorite people.
    – L

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