Plasencia Reserva Original | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6.25 X 44 Corona
Strength: Mild/Medium
Price: $7.90 ($7.20 at Atlantic Cigar)

This cigar has been around for over 4 years. Maybe you’ve already smoked one. Maybe not. The point is that reviews have been generously favorable. I’m not a fan of mild sticks and you may not either. But they were sly and stuck in a slash and the word medium to lure you in.
The motivation for this review is that the price point is mucho favorable to your fat wallet.
I have had these sticks for over 6 months.
I bought them at Atlantic Cigar.
Since it has been, and still is, a regular production stick…I figure I should have the review in my catalog should someone in 2057 want to know if this is a good stick…there you go.

Release July 2017
Regular Production (10-15-2017):
“According to a statement issued by the company, the Plasencia Reserva Original is the world’s first and only organic cigar made completely with tobacco certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA). “We use just Mother Nature’s ingredients,” the company said in a statement, with tobacco coming from Nicaragua’s Estelí and Jalapa regions. All of the leaves in the blend are aged for five years after curing and fermentation.”

Churchill 7 x 48 $9.50
Corona 6.25 x 44 $8.00
Cortez 5.75 x 56 $9.00
Nestico 4.5 x 36 $4.40
Piramide 6.188 x 52 $9.90
Robusto 4.75 x 52 $7.90
Toro 6 x 50 $8.90

It’s bit of a rough cobb. The second thing I notice is how bloody heavy it is in my hand. The root beer hue of the wrapper shimmers with oil. Plenty of big ass veins. Seams are visible. There is a nice toothiness. The cigar is solid. Like a tree branch. No give anywhere.

I dearly hope the air flow is decent. It always creates great trepidation if I need to use my PerfecDraw on a very hard cigar. The tool works fine. It’s me and my steadiness I fret about.
Lastly, how delightful to see a cigar under $8.00 with three cigar bands. Pretty cool.

First up is an array of baking spices…you name it, it’s got it. I like the cinnamon and nutmeg best. Barnyard is pretty heavy. Some creamy chocolate is very nice. Buttered rye toast. One of my favorite things growing up. I smell both red and black peppers. Almonds pop up. This is all very subtle and difficult to separate aromas. Rainier cherries waft gently. These are the cherries I can’t afford when they are in season.

The cold draw does not exist. The damn stick is as solid as a constipated 90-year-old.
I grab my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool and don my miner’s cap with the light.
Usually, the plug exists in the area of the cigar band. This time, I had to drill through 75% of the cigar before the draw is how I like it. Once more with feeling…

The cold draw presents flavors of very nice dark chocolate…80% Cacao. Following that is hot cinnamon, red and black pepper, creaminess, the rye bread is defined by the taste of carraway seeds, a nice hunk of maltiness, caramel is at the plate, those cherries return to the crime scene, and corn flakes

Despite the small ring gauge of only 44, this cigar is jam packed with the fruit of Nicaragua. As this is a Nic puro, I have a parameter of flavors I expect as Nic puros have been bombarding the cigar market for over 10 years. BUT…what I am excited about is Plasencia’s statement that all of the tobacco is aged for 5 years. This should guarantee an excellent experience. It is virtually impossible to see an $8 cigar with a ton of hibernation time before the cigar hits the shelves. I’ve now built the cigar up and it better fucking perform, or I will let Charlotte torture me using her German helmet with the pointy thing on top.

Ever notice…or is it just me…Something important occurs. My wife begins to tell me what happened. And she starts at the beginning like she is reading a children’s book to the Cuckoo Nest. I always yell: “What happened? Tell me what happened first and then you can back up and become Uncle Remus and tell the Songs of the South. Men get right to the point and then answer questions. Is it just me this is happening to?

Where was I?
It takes a couple minutes before anything happens.
And then flavors begin to pile up…sweet pretzel, rye toast, black pepper, Rainier cherries, creaminess, espresso, chocolate, malt, and cedar.
Very typical of a Nic puro.

The only thing that will save this often-used blend is the aged tobacco.

I can shave my face with the sharp char line.
Strength is a bit above mild.

The first important thing to happen is that a rich depth begins to foment. Only comes from aged guts.

With only half an inch burned, I can say I like this blend. But then shit happens, so who knows?

The ash is very delicate, like Dr. Rod.

The aging comes through loud and clear. But the flavor profile is meek and unassuming.
No wheel of flavors in the mix.

I now remember that a couple of these cigars were a gift from a reader. If I only had a brain. I believe the reader told me there was a ton of humidor aging on this baby. Good to know.

As soon as I get a new neck, I will be more attentive.

Lighting the cigar and allowing the heat to penetrate the stick causes the air hole I made to close up, I grab my trusty PerfecDraw and have at it once more.

This is not a blend that grabs you by the schmekel and drags you around the boy’s locker room. Don’t ask.

It is a very slow starter. It wasn’t that many years ago that an $8 stick was considered a lot of dough. Nowadays, it is in the category of everyday smoke.

I check out an auction site and they have 10 singles available with two days left on the bidding and the cigar is going for $7.50…that is more than the cigar goes for on most online stores. I hate those auction sites. Never anything new. Always seems to be a dumping ground for shit that doesn’t sell. And smokers with 11 minutes of experience go bat shit crazy bidding for the sake of the adrenaline rush of being a ‘playa.’

Still, the more I smoke this little armadillo, the more the impact is made by the aged tobacco. Maybe this cigar was not designed to be a flavor bomb; or anything close to it. The focus might be strictly the aged tobacco aiming at an audience of sophisticated smokers.

The depth increases with each puff. Subtleties and nuances are developing. Complexity makes its move. I’m nearly two inches into the cigar and I am pretty sure the design intended was for the smoker to enjoy the sum of its parts rather than individual flavors standing out.

I still like the cigar. The depth of the aging is driving the bus.

If all those guys that bid too much for this cigar had just gone over to Atlantic Cigar, they could have snagged it for $7.20. Who knows where the bidding will end with two days to go. The trick to auctions is hit the quickies section on a weekend night. Not so much activity.

It’s taken 20 minutes to get here. It burns quicker than I anticipated.
Strength is a very pleasant medium.
The burn line remains at attention.

The savory v. sweet factor seems totally absent. The cigar is on its own journey quest.
Very different than the usual Nic puro.

A shout out to my dear friend, Aaron H. His parents, in their mid-80’s, were in a car accident in which some speeding idiot knocked their car down an embankment and the car tumbled. Amazingly, they have only broken ribs…but his father does have a fractured neck. It could have been so much worse. My best wishes go out to Calvin Kush.

I’m getting the hang of the subtle sophistication. If you want a flavor list a foot long, this cigar ain’t for you. But if you enjoy a solid blend with no adornments, this little ferret is for you.

Despite the concrete induced filler, the construction is spot on. It smokes like a much more expensive stick.

I betcha’ a dollar that from the halfway point onwards, this cigar will morph appropriately.

I saw an 85 from a very big reviewer. But I also saw assorted scores of 90 as well.

The nice thing about reviewing a regular production cigar is that there is no hurry to get it on paper. My cigar has some serious naked humi time.

A great morning cigar with coffee. It also works as an after-dinner smoke that would be fine with a good whiskey. I think a nice dark wine would adapt nicely.

The very subtle flavors have not changed, nor anything added or subtracted. They remain in the background acting as a backdrop for the aged tobacco.

For the first time in a long while, I’ve added a small slice of life story after the review.

Complexity and depth of character reign supreme.
Plus, the size of the cigar is perfect for my taste.

Charlotte, my daughter Katie, Katie’s friend, and Katie’s mother-in-law went to Lake Geneva, WI for the weekend. Basically, an orgy of drinking. But Charlotte was smart and worked the bars. She came home with $214 more than what she left with. Good girl.

I think I’d make an excellent pimp. I just need a new wardrobe. Wearing my tee shirt that says “Homicide Squad – Milwaukee PD” might not garner Charlotte more attention.

A dynamic cigar. I love to smoke something different out of my comfort zone. Especially, when it makes a big left turn from the usual Nic puro character.

The halfway point arrives after 35 minutes. The stick seems to be slowing its burn.

A delightful cigar. I begin to detect a stronger presence. Mild/Medium my ass. It is currently in the medium/full category. Nicotine kicks in. I swoon.

The sweet spot has landed. Complexity roars. A small list of flavors shows up: cinnamon graham crackers, rich espresso, very nutty, carraway seeds, cedar, black pepper, malt, and cocoa.

My first sip of water and the tobacco intensifies. My brain is abuzz.
For its price, this is a good everyday smoke. Something you can hand to your mooch friends.

When Charlotte left the apartment as she was being picked up for the ride to Lake Geneva, she forgot to close the front door.
I got home from the market an hour later.
I saw the cat wandering and yelled at him to go inside. He complied.
But I didn’t know if someone had broken in…or might still be inside. I was armed.
First time ever I cleared an abode. I was scared shitless as I yelled out, I’m armed over and over as I moved from room to room and every nook and cranny. My son-in-law, the cop, showed me how to do this ages ago and I remained calm and finished the exercise with no slip ups. Don’t want to do that again. I could never be a cop. The cat was intimidated and did come out of hiding with his paws raised above him.

50 minutes have passed.
Strength is ensconced in the medium/full territory.

The aging has made this cigar an interesting journey. If not for the aged tobacco, I’m not sure I would be that happy.

Military-like precision is in play as the burn line is on point.

Creaminess makes its presence known. The sharp espresso, the very dark chocolate, and the spice cabinet are top of the pops.

If you are into complexity without the advantage of a boastful flavor bomb, you will enjoy this cigar.
Nothing linear in this stick’s makeup.
Your commitment to the cigar is only an hour.

I see dead people. Bruce Willis is not here to comfort me.

The cinnamon spiciness outweighs the black pepper.

I suggest that if you are interested in this blend, with 7 sizes available, go to Atlantic Cigar. I could not find lower price points and you can just buy singles like I do. Safest way to determine if you like the cigar. Can always buy more. I dislike being stuck with a fiver when the cigar does nothing for me. Mention me so Atlantic knows I’m working my arse off to impress them.

I use my PerfecDraw as a roach clip to nub it. The complexity and unique flavor have me hooked.
Even with microns left, the cigar continues to exceed all my expectations.
Not a lick of heat or harshness makes nubbing it a pleasure.
I dig the cigar. I made a good choice this morning.



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  1. Hahahahahaaaah. Such a pleasure to read. Thanks.

  2. Hi Forrest,
    I bow to your wisdom and lunacy.
    Thank you so much,

  3. I tried these many years ago and didn’t care for them. I seem to remember that they had a yellow band on them. Perhaps they have changed the blend since then…… who knows??

  4. Hi Arless,
    I was wondering the same thing. I could find no substantive info on this blend.
    No information on the Nicaraguan leaves used…so who the hell knows what this is made of?
    My stick did have extended humidor time. No idea if that helped or not.
    I gotta go…your girlfriend is calling me.

  5. The first story is understandable. Gopher should have taken a hint and moved to the next neighborhood. Why your lawn and not the other neighbors’ perfect lawns? That’s for sure a stressful situation. I’ve had that happen before on my lawn. =) There is but one typo, here, Philly. “They put…..” ? or “Then, put ….” (the poison on Ritz crackers).”? Thanks for the stories of course, my fren. It’s OK if you share them. Nice to read new ones.
    – L

  6. I love these sticks. And I love the Atlantic VIP price on them.

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