Crowned Heads Sfumato in C Major PCA Exclusive | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut hybrid
Binder: Ecuadorian Sumatran
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian
Size: 6.75 x 48
Strength: Mild/Medium
Price: $10.95
Factory: Tabacalera Pichardo ~ Estelí, Nicaragua

As this is a limited cigar without Crowned Heads divulging the number, I am reviewing the blend only 8+ weeks after receipt. Still, the blender’s intent shall be hopefully on display so that I don’t make a wild ass assessment.

Not a fan of mild cigars. Typically, they produce variations of the following flavors: Creaminess, vanilla, grass, lemon, baking spices, and black pepper. Rarely is the line crossed. Fingers crossed.

The draw is on the money. I use all my strength to throw my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool across the room, but it only sails two feet. And then crawls back to me begging for mercy.

The stick oozes aromas of milk chocolate, creaminess, the slightest hint of peppermint, black pepper, lemongrass, vanilla, and baking spices. I swear that I wrote the first paragraph days ago before taking a whiff of this cigar this morning. Am I psychic, or what?
C’mon baby, impress your Daddy.

Mild start, but flavorful. Creamy milk chocolate starts the preview. It is followed by a platinum dose of black pepper.

I can taste the small amounts of cesium and noble gasses that Mr. Huber purchased from an unknown source to give this blend some kick.
The stick is solid and the nicely done construction allows for a consistent char line.

The flavors are exactly the same as the schnoz reactions. No surprises there. Yet, I like the balance.

Complexity kicks in like getting a boner from watching Sophia Loren in the 1957 movie, “Boy on a Dolphin.” You know it’s there and its depth is unknown at this time.

It’s early but I like this mild baby’s presence.
Sweet v. Savory is met in its primary stages.

A slow roll. I like that. No hurry caused by an underfilled stick.

Now here is a reasonably priced new cigar that tastes like someone gave a shit. Kudos to the Joh Huber team.

Still mild strength…but cooching its way to medium, step by step.

Transitions begin after 1-1/2” burned. Slippery notes of lemon, creaminess, black pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon (the baking type, not the Red Hots version), milk chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes.

Amazingly, the strength becomes irrelevant. A nice depth and balance to the limited flavor profile that gives the cigar some real character. I still bet you a buck that nicotine will enter in the second half causing stunning blindness in this writer.

I have Van the Man playing while I do the two step…from my chair…if I get up and two step, there goes the old man’s hip.

A big step for the cigar occurs at 2” burned. The cigar is a man…quick, give it a fountain pen. The over all blend morphs into a one minded device. Nicely blended, Jon.

Crowned Heads cigar blends are always a roll of the dice because you don’t know what you’re getting…and neither does Huber. But the packaging is always pretty. That is the important thing. Those mystery blends help pay for his transitioning bills. As I’ve transitioned twice, I feel his pain. I now have a penis and a vagina, but one lies on my belly button and the other on my left knee. I may sue the doctor. On the upside, I can now go fuck myself.

I really like the Sfumato in C Major. It has been a long time since I truly enjoyed a mild strength cigar. Yet, at this point, it has moved on to more of a medium political stand.

The transitions are constantly pushing forward and improving with each puff. Yippee-ki-yay mother fuckers. Maybe it’s time to put some Willie Nelson on. Roy Rogers will also suffice.

“Wild Horses” by The Stones is playing…one of their all-time greatest tunes.

An earthy element joins the crew. Yes, I’ve tasted dirt more than once in my life.

A conundrum we’ve all experienced…I was just mounting the cat when Amazon arrived at the door. Do I keep defiling Sammy and not worry about porch pirates…or do I disappoint the feline and dismount in one motion and grab the blow-up dolls I ordered? Even Confucius doesn’t solve this dilemma.

The halfway point sees some real spiciness from the black pepper and cinnamon culprits. Just wondering…you ever feel like tying your wife to railroad tracks and then just sit back and wait? Me neither.

The halfway point is the gateway drug to my heart. Beautiful transitions. A lovely finish coated in creaminess, spiciness, lemon, and baking spices.

I’ve always hated the don’t do drugs idiots who say that marijuana is the gateway drug to heroin. It’s like saying that riding a bicycle is the gateway to driving a car.

Very complex. And more importantly, a very interesting mix of leaves that doesn’t leave my palate wanting more. Nice.

I highly recommend this cigar. The price is right. But they won’t be here forever so responding to its inevitable demise is pressing.

And here is the nicotine. If I’m not psychic, then I claim exquisite brain damage.

Vitamin N comes on fast and furious. Vision dims. The world slows to a crawl. Good times.

A beautifully crafted blend. It checks off all the boxes.

Know what you learn when you reach decrepitude? Life is getting past the unexpected.

The lemongrass surges like a hurricane attacking Florida.
“So, are you going to rebuild or leave?” “We love this place so we will rebuild our house for the 5th time.”

“Free Fallin’” One of the kings of songwriting hooks. Impossible not to sing along. As much as I loved Tom Petty, what a schmuck. He loaded up on pain killers that took him down. Why? He was doing a tour and didn’t want to put the crew out of work. Guess what? You put them out of work by croaking. Just say no. Unless the drugs are free.

The cigar begins its demise into the netherworld of memories. The black pepper billows.

The cigar finds its departure in just under an hour. But just as I make the move to let it die in my ashtray, flavors kick in a massive death throe. Philly likes this.

Sophisticated smokers will dig this blend. Newbies, go for it.

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