Espinosa Las 6 Provincias CMW 2022 | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 2000
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 50 Toro Box Pressed
Strength: Medium/Full
Price: $18.00

From Atlantic Cigar:
“The Espinosa Las 6 Provincias cigars are a limited release first introduced at the 2018 IPCPR Trade show in Las Vegas. Only a very small number are produced to pay homage to Cuba and highlights the original 6 provinces (hence the name). 2022 marks the 4th installment of Las 6 Provincias, called “CMW,” directed towards the Camagüey province. As with previous releases in the series, the cigars were created by Erik Espinosa Jr., who worked with local artist Eden Gutierrez to showcase an authentic Cuban vista for the cigar’s display. Las 6 Provincias CMW is crafted out of A.J. Fernández’s San Lotano factory in Nicaragua, comprised of a dark Ecuadorian Habano 2000 wrapper over all-Nicaraguan binder/fillers. Like former releases, the cigars were crafted in a singular size (6″ x 50 box-pressed toro), and limited to 1,000 boxes of 20 cigars. The end result is among Espinosa’s most complex blends, offering a medium-full intensity and rich notes of toasted oak, earth, black pepper, with a natural sweetness that rounds out the spicy notes.”

The draw is fakakta. No air is flowing. I grab my trusty sidekick, my PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool and with two swipes, the tobacco tube is clear. As is usually the case, the plug occurs around the area covered by the cigar band.

Gotta have music while I smoke and write. Amazon Music. The Rolling Stones Redux. Who? Yeah, they are on the playlist too.

The cigar has some weight to it. My delicate lips feel the tipping of the cigar downwards. I never use my teeth…the cigar gets ugly later when I do that.

Immediate sweetness pounces on my plate. Savory notes follow with a nice meaty texture that coats my tongue and mouth. Hints of espresso and dark chocolate find a place in the queue. The sweetness finds its origins in notes of dark plums, black licorice, chocolate milk, candied almonds, and molasses.

Good start. Ah yes, this is an $18 cigar. It better taste like a million bucks or hit the deck and give me 50.

The box pressed char line is behaving…so far.

A scoche of depth is present like the woman in front of you at the pharmacy that is taking forever…you want to strangle her, but you know that wouldn’t be very civilized. Plus, for me, running away is not an option. Old man knees.

Who? Yep. “Pinball Wizard.” Back in ’75, I got to play with Townshend. And record with him at George Martin’s Air Studios. Impresses absolutely no one any longer…I’m a relic.

A big wallop of malt hits my palate and I immediately think of premium Scotch. I had to stop drinking it in the 90’s because I would watch the shopping channels, while drunk, and order all sorts of shit I didn’t need.

And now Zep. Ha. “Ramble On.” My new mantra.

I’ve had this cigar a couple months and it’s OK, but the early part is not stunning as I expected. I am a fan of Espinosa. I dearly love the Knuckle Sandwich Maduro. This stick just might need many more months of humi time…I dunno.

The savory v. sweet factor is spot on. I like that.
But its character is not a monster as I hoped. Time will cure this…I think.

Still, it is an entertaining cigar that makes big promises. A nuclear sweet spot early on would be appreciated.

The stick is a slow roll. Taking its time. Giving the cigar an opportunity to develop some real depth and character.

No argument that I can taste the excellent choices of tobacco. They are rich with small nuances that give me hope.

An inch burned taking 13 minutes. I can live with that.

A first sip of water and elements of citrus, creaminess, chocolate malt, Scotch, and just a mild hint of black pepper rush to my palate with uncontrolled passion. I’m not sure what controlled passion is like, but it doesn’t sound that great.

The cigar finds its first sweet spot at 1-1/2” burned. Billowing entrails intertwining that pull all the aforementioned flavors together into a tight ball. (What?).

Bam. The complexity is playing “Free Bird.” The blend needed that first inch as a rendezvous point platform for something big to happen.

Flavors morph into each other while the depth of the tobacco soars.

The finish finally enters with a big splash. Am I the only one who smacks their lips between puffs when I get a great cigar? I feel like a drooling dog.

The burn gets a little wonky, but I allow it to correct itself.

Strength is medium. And a very balanced status is achieved. Both sides are working together to create a tasty snausage.

It could because my brain is fried but the cigar reminds me of the Knuckle Sandwich Maduro…just a little.

The Knuckle Sandwich uses an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper with Nicaraguan guts. This blend uses an Ecuadorian Habano with Nic guts. So, I might be right in comparing the two.

The char line does correct itself…good boy.

The Knuckle Sandwich was a big hit for Espinosa. I keep some in my humidor.

Chocolate malt, café au lait, creaminess, summer fruit, cinnamon, black pepper, licorice, black cherries, and Scotch. None fighting each other for domination. The balance is now the headliner.

Construction is top shelf. The burn remains slow and concise. My palate is now overwhelmed. Wow. The cigar has taken off as I’d hoped. I’m positive with more humidor time, that first inch will start with a bang.

The second sweet spot occurs at 2-1/4” burned.

Strength is upped. Gotti would have loved this cigar. Although, the mob always seemed to like enormous cigars for some reason. I’m sure it was a power thing. I rarely find that the big Gordos have the same nuances that smaller sticks possess.

This is now a stunner. The complexity is so rich that that Jimi’s “Hey Joe” has me bopping in my chair. Ever notice that most musicians can’t dance for shit? All that skill seems to be only concentrated in their fingers and hands.

Strength is now medium/full. The blend is going for it.
I am shocked that the char line is perfectly dead nuts.

The halfway point is the Ice Capades. Swirling and pirouetting.

“Crossroads” by Cream. Jack Bruce was a huge influence on my bass playing. He taught me to improvise.

I’m always ready to diss an expensive cigar if need be. But at $18, this cigar is worth every penny. You don’t always get what you pay for, so it is a thrill to see one’s expectations exceeded.

This is a brilliant blend. Don’t say that very often.

The strength is nuclear, but the blend is as smooth as a baby’s tush.
My second sip of water and the Red Sea parts. The malty Scotch is a real treat.

This baby is so full of exotic nuances that instead of dissecting them, I’m just letting them flow over me. Who cares what they are. This is a great cigar for newbies. You sophisticates will be in seventh heaven.

Nicotine enters but I use a washcloth to wipe it away.

Brown sugar. Chocolate chip cookies. Immense creaminess. Malt galore.

I bought a couple 3” gel infused memory foam mattress toppers. Cheaper than a new mattress. But I need a winch to get out of bed in the morning. I just push Charlotte over the side and good ol’ Sammy the Cat breaks her fall. This Maine Coon weighs 18lbs without an ounce of fat on him.

It’s just my opinion, but due to the success of the Knuckle Sandwich, I believe that Espinosa blended this cigar to be a variation on a theme.

But while the Knuckle Sandwich is a regular production cigar, this stick only had a release of 1000 boxes. A shame.

Purchasing this cigar from Atlantic Cigar and Small Batch Cigar will allow you to grab these sticks for a couple bucks less than the MSRP.

A fiver is mandatory at the least. A box of 20 will reach the mid-$300 range. “If I was a rich man…”

Strength is full tilt. It might kill a few newbies but that’s the price of your cigar addiction.

“Dixie Chicken” by Little Feat. Makes you wonder what Lowell George would be today if he hadn’t died at 34.

The cigar has reached its zenith. 2” to go.

This is a high premium blend. What a joy to smoke and write about it.

I need to take a walk to Walgreens and the market after this review. It is 40 degrees but with the windchill, it is 26. Ouch. My poor knees.

I’m going to just kick back and enjoy the last 2” and end this review now.

My sponsors, Atlantic Cigar and Small Batch (10% off with promo code katman) still have these cigars in stock.

These cigars will probably only be available for another couple weeks and then vanish. Make no haste in appropriating them.



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