Black Prince Torpedo ~ SBC Exclusive | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian HVB
Binder: Nicaraguan Habano (Esteli)
Filler: Dominican Piloto, Nicaraguan Ligero, Peruvian Viso
Size: 6.125 x 52 Torpedo
Strength: Medium
Price: $16.00

I was not able to find any information on this brand or blend. I contacted Andrew Considine of Small Batch Cigar where this cigar is sold:
“This is not the first time we’ve kept background information a secret…a bit of a tricky one here as the manufacturer wants to keep it on the down low for a while…The reason? Wait and see what folks think about his mystery blends. Upon receiving feedback for prior blends, we then released specific & detailed information about the blender. That said, this is a Felipe Gregorio product. He created this line specifically for Small Batch Cigar online, and for our retail shop. We have worked with Gregorio blends under the Black Prince name in the past. I made sure to trademark the brand years ago.”

The cigar comes in 8 sizes.

First off, the cigar smells like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I also smell roses. Must be due to this being Valentine’s Day. Note: I married a German and from day 1, she made it clear that the American holiday is stupid. A moneymaking machine for the flowers industry, candy industry, and Hallmark Cards. So, I get off scot-free when this holiday comes around. During the early days of our marriage, I went ahead and bought her the nice stuff but she yelled at me for wasting my money…she did like the yellow roses and still does…but still, Valentine’s Day means nothing to her. Yea, me.

The stick is nicely constructed, and I love its wrapper. Reminds me of finding a leaf while taking a walk in the park.

The airflow is a little too open for me. But C’est la vie. My PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool can continue to nap for this stick.

The start is unusual…creamy peanut butter, salted almonds, nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper, Italian spices, creamy, vanilla bean, bourbon, and melted ferret testosterone.

Strength is mild. I don’t like mild cigars. Generally, their flavor points are limited. This cigar has an interesting character developing like a 13-year-old boy. But no dick on this stick…which is fine with me. Remember starting middle school? Gym class. There were always a few boys that hadn’t hit puberty at 12 or so. They looked like a Ken doll. And the cruel older boys would taunt and make fun of the kid. I was lucky. But even in the stone ages, I didn’t like the bullying and hate mongering these older boys delighted in.

Citrus enters in the form of lemonade. With a mint leaf thrown in.
With an inch burned, strength reaches medium. And nicotine shows up way too early.

The character of this blend makes a big change…Creaminess leads the pack. The pepper lay in wait in the back of my throat. Not too spicy but just enough to give the blend some oomph.

Again, this ain’t your typical cigar blend. Flavor points are on a fast moving carousel.

Complexity jumps in and the depth begins to intensify. I like that.

This is a surprise blend that changes its profile every 5 minutes. It morphs like a chameleon. The char line is spectacular. The burn is slow and controlled.

Peanut butter and white chocolate now dominate. Creaminess backs off. The black pepper reduces in size and weight.

I am enjoying this blend big time. Totally different from most cigars. This is a well thought out blend. The design must have taken a while.

I taste toasted rye bread slathered in unsalted butter. And then I find raspberries entering stage left. This is one crazy cigar. I love being surprised…especially, when it is a good surprise.

This cigar would be perfect with a smooth bourbon at night underneath the stars. Listening to your favorite music and just finding a calm zone for your brain…being in the moment to enjoy it all.

I’ve not even burned 2” after 20 minutes. I hate being trite, but this blend has an ever-changing flavor profile. Its depth is digging a post hole that is dark and enticing.

Smoothness does not even begin to describe this blend. The nicotine disappears.

A sip of water and the lemonade returns. And notes of raspberries, creaminess, and bread right out of the oven.

I just now remember this is a $16 cigar. I expect a lot from cigars in this price range. They need to be special to be worth that price. This Gregorio accomplishes this in spades.

The SBC description is a mystery. Only the leaf stats. Nothing about its strength…which is just hovering at medium.

The ash has a long extension and hanging in with aplomb. I miss summer fruit during winter.

A very complex blend. I am truly amazed that I like a cigar with just a modicum of strength. It doesn’t fit the profile of any other similar strength cigar I’ve smoked.

Moments later, the strength is a very solid medium. I believe it might go for another surprise and hit medium/full.

I am enraptured by this cigar. What a treat. Didn’t see this coming.

The finish wraps itself around my palate like a warm blanket. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. Cinnamon lays low. Candied pecans. Peanut butter.

The char line doesn’t waver. The stick doesn’t get squishy. I hate it when that happens.

I’ve met a lot of healthcare professionals lately due to my stroke and because of Charlotte’s health issue. Even 50 year olds barely remember the music that I loved back in the day. Trying to impress them with my background falls flat every time. When I mention The Police, I usually get a quizzical look.

Black walnuts appear out of thin air. The lemonade makes a nice platform for other flavors. All the flavor notes I’ve described mix it up by taking turns in standing out. Such a smooth complexity.

This will be a solid 90-minute smoke.

At the halfway point, strength begins to reach for medium/full.
This is a travelin’ man’s cigar.

A huge, sweet spot enters the picture. My palate is twirling like a dreidel.

A mild nicotine returns.

This is a lovely blend. If you are a curious smoker, you will want to try this cigar. It ain’t like anything I’ve smoked. Felipe Gregorio’s experiment is paying off.

To really enjoy this cigar, no distractions are imperative. It is light and intense at the same time.

I reach for my bottled water often to experience the rush of flavors.

The second half of the cigar is a wonderous journey for the sophisticated palate.

I cannot decide if the strength is mild/medium or medium/full.
The cigar provides a calmative meditative state.

If I spend $16 for a cigar, I expect to be entertained. So far, all the boxes are checked.

No longer wishy washy about its strength. It has gone full tilt.

The cigar comes in 8 sizes. I’m intrigued by how each size might influence the flavor.
SBC should provide a sampler pack.
I’d love to try the Corona size.

The cigar is close to disappearing. I’m all in. I use my PerfecDraw tool to nub it.

Rarely do I smoke a cigar in which I want more than the 90 minutes that is its destiny.

This is an extremely complex blend. Everything about it screams that this is a rare journey.

I’ve nubbed it as far as it will allow. I am relaxed and sated.

You can purchase this blend only from Small Batch Cigar. Promo code katman will get you 10% off.



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