Davidoff Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition 2023 | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuador – Hybrid 238
Binder: Mexico – Negro San Andres
Filler: Dominican Republic – Yamasa Visus / San Vicente Ligero / San Vicente Seco / Piloto SecoFiller:Nicaragua – Esteli Seco
Size: 5-15/16” x 54 Perfecto
Strength: Medium
Price: $50.00

I’ve had the cigar since a month after its release in November 2022.

From Davidoff of Geneva:
“The Year of the Rabbit Limited Edition marks the eleventh execution of Davidoff’s yearly celebration of a Chinese zodiac.
The blend of the Limited Edition consists of well-aged filler tobaccos with an average maturity of 4-5 years.”

Yes, another ridiculously priced cigar for review. Why not a catalog cigar that is reasonably priced instead? I have no idea. Truth be told that my patrons, the Medici family, keep me in cigars I cannot afford on $17 per month from Social Security.

The problem with limited edition cigars is that the cigar industry reviewers rarely review them as they are gone with the wind by the time they can get to them. Hence, if there is no review…did they exist? I have no idea. I did find one review online. But that’s it. It’s sort of like how many popes did a bear eat in the woods without clapping.

The wrapper smells spicy like cinnamon and brown sugar. Also in attendance are notes of creaminess, milk chocolate, cotton candy, cedar, and white pepper.

The cigar is light in the hand. I don’t expect this baby to last more than an hour. Air flow is wide open like the 405 Freeway in 1963. I used my PerfecDraw all day yesterday but it gets some respite this morning.

What is my playlist this morning, you ask? Classic Soul. Grew up on that music. I loved it because those songs always had the coolest bass lines.

Big blast of baking spices along with white pepper which I feel in the roof of my mouth upfront instead of the back of my throat.

To my knowledge, Davidoff blends need an enormous amount of humidor aging. I don’t believe this cigar is ready for unveiling quite yet. There should have been a wallop of complexity and depth. Not happening. If I had reviewed this cigar in the blind, I would guess it is a mild AJ Fernandez blend that goes for $11.

Damn. I hope it improves as nothing stretches out time like reviewing a cigar that goes nowhere.

I think I know why there is only review…for $50, this cigar should have come out swinging for the big green wall. At this time, it is limping like a goldfish with only one leg.

If extended humidor time is needed, then this brand is no better than Cuban cigars that always need years of aging. I have no patience for that.

I don’t understand. Fancy leaf stats in place. Check. But I reviewed a cigar yesterday by Sinistro that was magnificent. It was less than half the price of this stinker.

On the positive side of things, the burn is exemplary.

If this cigar was any milder, it would be Sherri Lewis & Lamb Chop.

I taste salt…but nothing to put it on.

This is exactly the reason you see so few reviews of this brand. Why can’t they manufacture cigars that need only several months of humidor time and be ready to smoke? Is it some cult rule? Clearly, what do I know? They sell a bazillion number of cigars that people love. Probably the same golfers that love Macanudos.

Zero complexity…no depth or intrinsic yoga going on here…move along please.

Here’s the thing…with a few months of humidor time, I believe every smoker can grab the blender’s intent. I’m grabbing my cat’s balls and he doesn’t like it. What?

Either this cigar needs years of aging from you or it’s an overpriced dud that guys with plenty of discretionary cash buy to impress their friends. And have no palate. The cigar band is everything.

Fucking $50. I cannot believe they had the cajones to charge this. I have a different limited edition Davidoff sleeping it off in my humidor. I plan on reviewing it when man lands on Mars.

I’ve smoked 2”. What an exciting ride. I’d rather be in Pittsburgh.

1982. I was dating this nice Jewish girl. Nice face. Nice figure. Big breasts. I took most of the girls I was dating to a motel near Palm Springs that offered an inside the room built in jacuzzi. A sliding glass door separated the 4 foot deep pool from the bedroom. Totally enclosed so there was ultimate privacy. Of course, at the time, I never gave any thought that the pool was half water and half jizz. I was only in my early 30’s.

A friend gave some Afghan opium. He told me it enhances sexual pleasures. I thought that would be fun.

We were getting ready to do the nasty. The girl went into the bathroom after we smoked a few hits of the opium. I felt good. I went over to the tiny fridge to grab something to drink. The room had 70’s porn movie shag carpet. As I opened the door of the fridge, the door nearly ripped my big toenail off. I looked down in horror as I was about to scream…but I was then shocked that it didn’t hurt at all. Ahh..the opium.
The girl was taking her time in the bathroom. I sat on the bed. Next thing I knew it was morning. Never had sex that night. But I did have colorful dreams.

The story had a happy ending as the day was spent in debauchery. And that was the only time I tried opium. Not for me.

Where was I?
The horse with no name.

The strength hits medium. And I get a wallop of nicotine.
The saltiness disappears and the cigar begins to show some character.

All the things I whined about earlier begin to reverse themselves. But if I edit them out, this will be a 125 word essay. I like to hit 3500 words. My reviews are Ambien in disguise.

I am experiencing some actual flavors after 2-3/4” burned. Still an AJ blend.

Flavors? Creaminess, cedar, burnt leather, crocheted monkey entrails, black pepper, cinnamon, hair, Prell Shampoo, saddle soap, one baking spice, used condom, and a bit of fruitiness.
What a swinging dick. We are now talking about a fine $6 cigar. Yum. Maybe AJ 3rds.

The leaf stats are very impressive. Yet all I can taste is Nicaraguan. To reiterate, this cigar must need 14 years of humidor time.

I’m at a loss for words. So, I shall continue to keep writing.

“Love Train” by The O’Jays. I flip the switch so my disco ball begins. I should have an epileptic seizure about the time I finish this beautiful review.

The construction has been nice to me…so there’s that.

The strength switches to medium/full just past the halfway point. It is like Abu Ghraib all over again. Ever been water boarded? Me neither. Unless you count the number of times Charlotte placed a soaking wet towel on my face while I was sleeping.

I’ve been trying therapy. So far, no dice. So many idiots in the trade. Now I must seek out geriatric specialists. Is there anything more depressing than the word ‘geriatric’?

I dated another Jewish girl in my early 20’s. Beautiful girl from a rich family. Had long brown hair down to her ass. But the first time we had sex was a horror show. Her pubic hair started at her belly button and stopped just above her knees. Every time I went in, I was afraid I’d suffocate and the paramedics would have to use the jaws of life to remove my body.

Nothing wrong with a cigar that only tastes of black pepper. I love the nicotine attack. How this blend went from no strength to full tilt is a mystery.

Speaking of sex…I dated a woman who was 10 years older than me. The woman was insatiable. My wiener looked like 3-day old lox when she finished. Turns out she was a sex surrogate for a living. Makes sense. Plus, my jaw did not work properly for days afterward. It was the first time I saw a woman’s uterus.

I’m done. The fork is implanted in my heart.
Great cigar.

RATING: 70 for 2023. 92 in 2037.


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