Humo Jaguar Grande ~ “Original 2011 Cigar” ~ Limited Release | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Honduran Oscuro Viso
Binder: Honduran (Talanga)
Filler: Honduran Cuban-seed
Size: 6 x 60
Strength: Medium
Price: $12.80

I’ve had my sticks aging naked in my humidor for 3 months.

I reviewed this cigar in 2014 and gave it a rating of so-so. I reviewed the Robusto which priced out at $8.80. I’m sure the Grande was near this price. Hence, the current price point of $12.80 seems reasonable for a nicely aged unicorn.

Today’s cigar is a limited re-release of the 2011 original cigar from Small Batch Cigar.

This is the 2011 P.R. from Miami Cigar & Co.:
“So, what’s Humo Jaguar? Each year, a cigar festival is held in Honduras. In 2011, each cigar-maker was asked to prepare a blend for a competition known as ’Humo Jaguar.’ Over 200 well-versed panelists tasted each blend taking every aspect of cigar making and enjoyment into consideration. Just like that, the Humo Jaguar was born. Humo Jaguar combines a bold combination of amazing tobaccos. The heart of this blend is comprised of robusto Cuban-seed long-fillers from Honduras. A Cuban-esque mixture, secured by a binder from Talanga, then cloaked by a dark and sultry Honduran Oscuro wrapper from the viso priming. The result…aside from award winning, is delicious. A full-bodied, full-flavored, and aromatic display is delivered in balanced fashion, offering deep earthy flavors, ample zest, and a long, rich finish.”

I’ve not re-read my 2014 review on purpose as I’m curious to see what is the same and what has changed over the 12 years these cigars have laid dormant.

The construction is immaculate. The feel is plump and full. Heavy in the hand. These sticks were well taken care of.

I don’t know the extent of the re-release numbers. SBC’s website does not say.

I clip the cap and the draw is just right. No plugs within 100 miles. My trusty PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool will need to sleep until I pick up one of my go-to cigars later.

The wrapper has some lovely mellow aromas of ginger, cinnamon, milk chocolate, oatmeal, cedar, and heavy cream.
Big cigar. I don’t normally choose Gordos for my go-to sticks. But this unicorn is the only size available. Based upon its weight, I expect this to be at least a 2-1/2 hour smoke.

Flavorful start with notes of creaminess, chocolate, malt, a touch of café au lait, and aged cedar.

Strength begins at medium. Due to its age, I expect it to stay in the neighborhood of medium strength throughout this journey. (Famous last words).

Complexity and depth show up after only a few minutes. A nice balance of sweet v. savory.

I will take my time with this cigar by only taking puffs every two minutes to let this baby explore the universe piggy backed on James Webb.

I can report that 12 years of aging since the cigar was rolled has done wonders for this blend. So smooth and comforting to my palate. Subtle nuances sparkle like Tinkerbell.

Even though the cigar came to me aged, I allowed it to lay naked so it could breathe in my humidor. I smoked a stick a week after receipt and that was a mistake. Now after a few months, the cigar shows a desire to impress.

This ain’t nothing like my 2014 cigar review. As you know, some cigars do excellent with extended aging…others die a death of a thousand razor cuts. The Humo Jaguar loves to be alive 12 years after being rolled.

The last thing you want to do is smoke this cigar huffing and puffing away finishing it in an hour. Relax and kick back and think of baseball to make this adventure gratifying.

I’m listening to Amazon Music. I picked a group of songs made by artists during the 70’s…but they are deep album cuts. Perfect.

After I came home to L.A. in the mid-70’s from London, the disco scene was going nuts. I briefly played in two working bands that found disco as king. I felt my soul dying so after a few weeks, I beat feet. I couldn’t believe the musicians enjoyed this music.

The burn is slow as she goes. Lots of creaminess along with notes of chocolate, baking spices, just a tad of black pepper, and an excellent maltiness that reminds of a good lager.

If this cigar maintains its even keel throughout its life on this planet, this is a killer cigar to have in your humidor.

The depth and complexity deepen and puts a huge smile on my puss. Just delightful.
Construction is excellent…a nice even flow. And the char line is doing its job properly.

The Stone Poneys with Linda Ronstadt. As a junior in high school, there was a club that did not serve alcohol and featured a hypnotist. The band was always a secondary function. If you got on stage to be hypnotized, you got two free tickets to come back. I always got up and discovered I was susceptible to being an idiot on stage. I wonder if Dr. Rod remembers the name of that place.

The Humo Jaguar has some serious intensity now with 1-1/2” burned. Took 40 minutes to get here. Still taking puffs 2 minutes apart.

Strength remains at a lovely medium. And smooth as glass. I’m now thinking that I would like to have another fiver of this unicorn. The blend is special.

The spiciness is merely an afterthought. Normally, I’d like a stronger kick in the arse, but this smoke is nicely balanced. I don’t miss that extra strength.

On Amazon Prime, there is a new series called “Daisy Jones & the Six.” All about a band coming out of obscurity and battling the real issues of keeping a band together while learning to write songs. Takes place in the late 60’s and the early 70’s. If you are a player, you will enjoy this show. It rings true. They picked actors that can sing and play. And they do it live without overdubs. The music is roughly based upon the Laurel Canyon sound. The folks that wrote the time stamped tunes did a great job.

A Snickers Bar enters the morass. I taste chocolate, peanuts and caramel. Nice surprise at 2” burned. I may be here all day.

Creamy nougat. A touch of steak sauce. Undefined meatiness.

Nick Lowe. Wow. Flashbacks. Anyone remember the band Rockpile? Lowe and Dave Edmunds. “Cruel to Be Kind.” “Heart.” “Teacher Teacher.” “Crawling From the Wreckage.” And “Little Sister” with Robert Plant:

The char line is scientifically perfect.
Halfway point arrives at one hour 15 minutes.

Still uber smooth, ultra heavy depth with rich complexities. Medium strength at the reins.

This blend is a magical mystery tour. It improves with every puff. Staggered every couple minutes. No nicotine…yet.

The ash just doesn’t want to hit the eject button.

The sun is out. A lovely 35 degrees. And the birds are singing. I’m smoking a delicious cigar while I listen to some great music. Paradise California.

Men…if you have the coinage, this is a great opportunity to smoke something very special that doesn’t come along very often. Someone else did the extended aging for you.

If you do purchase these cigars, you must promise to do as I do…take your time, let them rest naked for a few months, and don’t rush.

Graham crackers. Raisins. Malt. Vanilla ice cream.

Strength remains an easy-going medium. Still no nicotine. 2” left. Still oozing with complex flavors.

All the components I crave: A constant disparate movement of transitions. The finish is light as a feather. Nuances that tease and mollycoddle.

Suddenly, the strength moves to medium/full without notice of the Siegfried Line.

Now, I’m getting some appropriate kick in the arse. The smooth caliber takes no heed.

Even as I approach 2-1/2 hours, I don’t want this to end. Spectacular blend.

The only place you can purchase these cigars is at Small Batch Cigar. With promo code ‘katman,’ the $12.80 price per stick drops to $11.52.

The Humo Jaguar was meant to be smoked with an additional 12 years of aging.



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