Boneshaker Tombstone Morning Star | Cigar Reviews by the Katman

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 5 x 56 Box Pressed
Strength: Full
Price: $6.00

The cigar came out in 2021. The only big online store that I found that carries them is JR Cigars. The retail is $7.70. It must be a limited edition.
I couldn’t find any reviews. Uh-oh.
But this cigar has had extensive aging of at least 6 -7 months.
And it’s made by AJ Fernandez.
I haven’t smoked one so here goes nuttin’ honey.

The cigar industry has changed dramatically since I began reviewing in 2010. Everyone reviewed catalog brands/blends. The boutique scene was new.
Now, there are 10 extremely limited cigars released for every regular production cigar that hits the market. The ‘Industry’ is following what they think smokers want…Turns out it is a money tree for manufacturers. Whip out a bunch of small batch blends over and over, up charge the value of the new blend, lure smokers like a bee to honey with bullshit press releases and make handsome profits. A cash cow.

These days, everyone is reviewing limited production cigars because its adventurous. The blends tease and taunt the reviewer. But if you’re like me, you want to taste them at their best, which is months of silent darkness in our humidors. By the time they are ready to be smoked, and appreciated the way the blender intended, they aren’t for sale any longer. It seems at times that reviewing cigars is futile…critiquing a cigar blend that only a few smokers have had the opportunity to snag. It doesn’t seem fair to describe a cigar that’s brilliant but knowing full well that your readers will never have the opportunity to purchase the cigar. Or maybe the review puts you at ease, because the cigar you wanted turned out to be a dog turd.
Just thinking out loud…where was I?

The cigar’s wrapper has some spicy notes…red hot cinnamon, black pepper, poblano peppers and notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, creaminess, heavy malt, cedar, and baked potato with all the fixings.

The cigar is extremely light in the hand. This should be a quick smoke.

There is a plug. My PerfecDraw draw adjustment tool slides down the fire pole and goes into action. A few vampire killer thrusts and the plug is released from its sleep and the draw is how Mikey likes it.

The cigar has a nice box press on it which means that I’m doomed. 90% of the time, I have burn issues with any box pressed cigar.

A sweet start. Cherries, brown sugar, baked apples, graham crackers, and chocolate nougat. The savory portion relies on a nice baseline from the tobacco leaves.

A hint of complexity appears. The finish is delicious due to the candy bar nature of the blend.

Allowing this cigar to age was the right thing to do. I believe I smoked one stick 6 months ago and tossed it. Baby needs lovin’.

Strength is a potent medium. 5 minutes from now, it is headed on its journey to ball busting full tilt blasphemy.

It took less than 10 minutes to smoke an inch. I’m not rushing the cigar with constant huffing and puffing. A cigar this size should be a 90-minute quest. Doubt that will happen.

The char line started out wonky but has now self-corrected and I’m a happy bivalve mollusk.

The Tombstone is a very pleasant cigar. Starting with an impressive list of flavors gives the blend a leg up.

I reviewed the Boneshaker Full Body Cast in 2017 and truly enjoyed the cigar and gifted the cigar with a rating of 92.

Spiciness kicks in cold cocking my palate. My mouth is aflame with notes of black pepper, red pepper, poblano pepper, and cayenne. Holy shit. The nice kick in the arse I normally enjoy in a cigar is now trying to fist fuck me. I don’t like that.

The spiciness nearly wipes out the nuances of the blend. I’ve burned 1-1/2” so I’m hopeful that there will be a meeting of the minds and the introduction of the spicy onslaught was just a warning shot across my bow.

Strength is a potent medium/full.

“Sloop John B” by the Beach Boys. An iconic bass line. I am still shocked with wonder that I had the opportunity to take bass lessons from the woman that wrote that riff…Carol Kaye. Part of the legendary Wrecking Crew studio musicians in L.A. I took lessons 1968-1969. I drove up to her modest home in the Hollywood hills and we sat in her dining room. She only taught the pick method. And the up and down motions of the pick on specific notes was a bear to learn. I would play the scale or riff perfectly but she would point out I messed up on the direction of my picking method. I studied all week for each lesson. Carol is alive and well at 88. God bless her. Lost my other Wrecking Crew mentor drummer Hal Blaine at 90 in 2019.

The spiciness begins to tame itself with a whip and chair. Subtleties and nuances are free to roam once again.

This is a very nice cigar. I don’t understand why I couldn’t find a review from the usual suspects of industry reviewers.

But then we are back at the start that most cigars need extended humidor aging that exceeds the life of the cigar in the marketplace.

Look at any online cigar store and they are awash with new releases that disappear as quickly as a fart in public.

I am nearing the halfway point after only 25 minutes. Shame.

The sweet spot kicks in. Now the cigar sings an aria of extreme depth and a singularity of complex movements.

The blend changes gears and meets the standards of equality in Sweet v. Savory.
The burn line remains respectful.
The full tilt strength is stately in that there is no sign of nicotine or spins.
Absolutely delicious now.

For $6.00, this is a killer blend. See. It can be done. All those fancy expensive cigars with a leaf stat list of 14 countries does not mean the blend is spectacular. And here we have a simple blend that shines the way Charlotte uses Pledge on my bare ass.

I believe the cigar was released nearly 18 months ago. I fully believe this allowed the blend to mature organically and beautifully.

I’m going to track down a box. You can’t beat the quality for this price.

Saying this out loud in writing will probably jinx it but the gargantuan strength is corralled and doesn’t need to be broken.

Honestly, I expected this to be a wasted review as I thought the cigar would be a dud. Instincts aren’t necessarily correct.

With 2” to go, the complexity, the depth, the transitions, the finish, the nuances, and the subtleties are blowing my merkin through the open window. I’m going to start using Dr. Rod’s PerfecRepair glue after this review and see if that works better than white glue.

I repeat myself under stress…I repeat myself under stress…I repeat…
Totally amazed that as one of the strongest cigars I’ve smoked in quite a while doesn’t foment the killer nicotine. A baby Jesus miracle.

The delectable flavors of cherries, brown sugar, beef jerky, dark chocolate, malt, graham crackers, and cinnamon are flying their freak flag.
The cigar lasts an hour as predicted.
Seek these cigars out and buy a bunch.



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