Cigar Review- Cult Cigars Ometepe

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Ometepe, Nicaraguan

Filler: Ometepe, Nicaraguan

Size: 5.50 x 54   Robusto

Body: Medium/Full

Price: 8.00

Cult OmetepeOC-02



This is my 3rd and final review of the Cult Cigars line of blends. Thus far, the cigars have proven themselves to be winners in flavor and other characteristics that flesh out a good cigar.

Mike Giordano told me that the Ometepe is different from the other two blends. In that, the using of these exotic blends, the blend rides a different path than the other two. This was, of course, intentional in order to provide a slight twist to their blend journey.

The Classic and Fuerte were ready to smoke, remarkably, within a couple days of receipt. The Ometepe required a bit more time to find that spot that the blenders had intended for you to experience.

The construction is very solid. Just the right give in the stick. Seams are tight. Small and big veins are not shy. The cap is excellent.

I do the sniff-o-rama and detect mild barnyard…leather…sweet cedar…and at the foot: anise, creaminess, and ginger.

I punch the cap and light ‘er up.

At first, there is some mild spiciness. Smoke is billowing out the foot like a sparkler. There is some sweet tobacco taste. A bit of leather. And something elusive. I will grab it once I get past the ¼” mark. LOL.

The char line is excellent, like the rest of the blends.

This cigar profile is different than the rest as promised. But in a good way. As it burns an inch off the cigar, a clearer picture forms. The spiciness is definitely red pepper. I am getting a taste of savory. The ash flowers a bit.

I would consider the other two blends as dessert and the Ometepe as the main course. Now this is going to sound really strange but in discussions with Mike about this cigar he referred to it as the bleu cheese of the line. We have discussed this so many times that I am beginning to taste bleu cheese. Now I don’t know if it is the power of persuasion or I am really getting that distinct, exotic flavor. There is a slight saltiness and after taking a slug of bottled water, the flavor covers my palate in flavor. And I swear, bleu cheese is what I’m tasting; but with the caveat of it also being sweet, not cheesy. I love the flavor of bleu cheese so I am very acquainted with its flavors. I am not saying the cigar tastes like a big stick of cheese…no. But rather there is that flavor of yeast and burnt caramel..herbs and butter….and just the slightest touch of tarragon.

Clearly, this is a unique cigar. In the other reviews, I noted strongly that the good folks at Cult are flavor oriented and their goal is to overwhelm the senses with an abundance of flavor experience. And this cigar falls into that category of: Flavor is the most important ingredient.



The body is a straight ahead medium in the first third.

I enter the second third and the spice ramps up and I can feel it in my sinuses.

The flavors are erupting. A lovely creaminess enters the fold. A lip smacking sweetness boldly comes forth. The body is increasing.

The stick now tastes like the herb butter you find in the best restaurants for the purpose of spreading on their finest bread. The leather has long disappeared.

I am digging this cigar. It took me completely by surprise. I tried a couple within a week of receiving them and they did not taste ready for its work out. Som a couple weeks in your humidor, is highly recommended.

The yeasty-ness also brings along the flavor of warm, fresh bread. I haven’t been this surprised since my first wife told me, on our honeymoon, that she didn’t feel like having sex. We vacationed in Palm Springs and swam in the hotel pool a lot. She drove me nuts. Had there been a big roof beam in the ceiling, I probably would have pulled a Shawshank Redemption….scratching the words, “Oh Lord, why did I marry a shiksa?”


At the halfway point, the flavors finesse the profile, big time. The profile becomes smooth as my bottom. I have low testosterone so I have a very smooth bottom.

It seems that Giordano now has me hooked on all 3 blends. And with a new stick coming out in the first quarter of ’13, I have the feeling that I am going to love it as well. It will be called, “Profile.”

The stick enters the last third and the sweetness becomes a very important component. The creaminess is going nuts and the spiciness has found its mid level, and stays there.


I still taste the flavors of the bleu but they have become very refined. The cigar turns into a very well balanced stick with a very long finish.

The last portion tries to push into a full body mode, but doesn’t quite get there. But it does achieve a very strong medium. And the char line is very respectable.

This cigar is like nothing I have ever smoked. The flavor profile is beyond exotic and rests its laurels on being a unique, and a true  cigar experience.

I just won a 10 count box of the Cult Classic on Cbid. So far, they have not placed the Fuerte and Ometepe on Cbid yet. But no worries, I like the other cigars so much that I am happy to place an order on CI at their retail price. I want more.

As the cigar disappears, I am left with an extremely enjoyable 90 minutes.


Cult Cigars is a comer. I expect word will spread about this line because it needs to be experienced by the masses.

If you want to take a look at their web site, go to:

Kudos gentlemen on producing 3 fine blends. This is just the beginning for the brand and I expect big things to come. I am excited about its future. And you should be too.