Cigar Review- Cult Cigars Fuerte Series

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Ometepe, Nicaragua

Filler: Jalapa, Nicaragua

Size: 6.25 x 52 Torpedo

Body: Full

Price: $7.40 by the 5 pack



(April 16, 2013 Amendment: I have had a few of these cigars marinating in my humidor for over 5 months now. And the cigar’s character is much different…for the better. All these things I have written are true but after just a few weeks rest. Now the cigar starts off with less spice and is a bona fide flavor bomb. The first puffs spew huge amounts of creaminess, sweet caramel, cocoa, baking spices, and a deep richness that came from 5 months in my humidor. The spiciness is much more tamed now. And it has become a superior cigar. The strength moves slowly now to full bodied. It creeps up on you. It is a much nicer transition. All in all, this cigar is what the blender intended for you to taste. If you have the will and discipline, I highly recommend you put them to sleep in your humidor because you will reap the whirlwind. I am duly impressed.) The Katman.

Cult Cigars is run by Michael Giordano. He has put out 3 blends to announce the presence of his new cigar line. I have reviewed, and loved, the Cult Classic.

Today, it is the full bodied Fuerte that I tackle. Other than the leaves, I don’t have any info on the company.

So we shall get right to it. Construction is solid. Just the right amount of give. The wrapper is a tawny brown. There are a lot of veins. The pointy cap is very well done. And the foot is closed.

I sniff away and get mild aromas of earth and cocoa and leather.

So I snip the cap and light up.

The first flavor is a teaser of spice. And then a bit of sweetness with cinnamon. Smoke spews from the foot like a forest fire. And the char line is close to perfect.

The Fuerte, by its name alone, is designed to be the fullest in body of Cult’s 3 blends. And within the first inch, this cigar ain’t foolin’ around. It hits on all cylinders and asks the question, “Ya wanna race?” And by that, (I can interpret the long hidden Cigar Language of the Herpeticas); it means that it wants to see if I can smoke the whole stick without getting the spins.

Now, I really liked the Classic because for a mild/medium blend it was loaded with flavor and spice.

The Fuerte delivers all of the above but with the punch of Ali. Or Foreman.

I have only made it through the first third and the flavors are ginormous….buttery smooth and creamy, red pepper (Get yer Red Hots!), some ginger, and nutmeg…along with quite a bit of leather.

I had a bowl of plain Kashi (The Breakfast of Idiots) before lighting up to avoid an empty stomach knowing I was going to smoke a cylinder of nitroglycerin.

The red pepper is now strong enough to make my nose run. I am into the second third and there is that grip on the throat that tells me the body is getting ready to rumble. So I take it easy and don’t rush the stick.

The cigar is now allowing additional flavors to ruminate and bubble up…the cocoa is much stronger now. The creaminess is very appealing keeping an eye on the spiciness so it doesn’t boil over. (Notice how I got bubble and boil in the same paragraph, like Macbeth?)


The flavor is just goddam unbelievable now. The second third is all about flavor, not strength. It is incredibly well balanced and has a very long finish. I am digging this Daddy-O.

I still have the Ometepe to try and look forward to it, but after the Fuerte…it must be impressive based on the origins of the leaves. The char line continues to be perfect.

Mike just started his own Face Book page:

Or visit his web site:

It is in the baby stage because Mike finds FB to be a completely foreign animal. But he is on his way to filling it out and based on the quality of his product, it should be a very nice page….in fact, hit the link and LIKE it. I will mail you a Buffalo Head Nickel if you do.

At the halfway point, the spice has tamped down and the multifaceted flavors are king.


I can taste that thick creaminess like sipping from a cup of buttermilk. The ginger is now like gingerbread cookies with that slight spiciness of cloves and nutmeg and cinnamon and molasses.

The body has evened out now and seems to be settling in my gut. The laptop screen is getting a little blurry. I am seeing dead relatives motioning me to the light. Woo Hoo.

The last third is round 3 and I’m going down. The cigar uses jabs and I laugh and while I am laughing, it comes across with a right and clocks me good. This is a very strong cigar. My oh my.

I had a very expensive cigar yesterday, whose name shall be protected, and it was nothing like this stick. The $7 cigar beats out a $12 cigar with ease.


As the third burns away, I am left with the desire to light up another one…but by doing that, I risk an acid flashback from the strength.

Mr. Giordano has placed a high requirement of flavor for his cigars. They hit the ground running from the first half inch until the nub. There is no waiting for the cigar to “get going.”

I am truly knocked out by its flavors. I bought my first 5 pack from Cbid on a whim because I had never heard of this brand. And it has led me to find a great cigar for a great price point. Several of the major online stores carry this brand and I urge you to try all three. Kudos, Mike.