Cigar Review- My Father EL HIJO by Smoke Inn


Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano 2009

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: 5.5 x 52  Box Pressed

Body: Medium/Full

Price: $9.50



First, comes the issue about branding. Pepin Garcia is quickly catching up to Rocky Patel and K. Hansotia in becoming everyone’s house brand. There are differences that set Garcia apart. First, the young Turks of the new cigar era are using Garcia to help them develop their new brands and blends. I rarely see that happening with the other two gentlemen. Clearly, Garcia’s ego is not as huge as the others and is willing to listen to and work with the new guys. And seems to be open to suggestions.

I think it is important to point out that while Garcia makes a lot of house brands, I do not know of any other that has the My Father cigar band on it. As if to say, they would proudly sell this cigar under their own brand. The EL HIJO band just below the My Father band doesn’t quite go with the overall look of the presentation but neither is it off-putting either. Clearly, Garcia and Smoke Inn came upon a new blend that befits both the moniker of My Father.

The construction is a bit rustic with some mighty large veins inhabiting the wrapper. The 5.5 x 52 size is what most stores consider the perfect size for attracting buyers.

The fawn’s reddish hue is typical of an Ecuadorian wrapper and shines in the light from oils.

I do the sniff-o-rama and pick up scents of baked apple; cinnamon, caramel, natural sweetness, and some anise.

I clip and light up.


A whole lotta’ sweetness surrounds my palate. That sweet caramel apple flavor swings for the fences and breaks the jumbo-tron.

I smoked one of these sticks last night because I just got them last week and wanted to make sure I wasn’t wasting one. Not a chance. I loved last night’s stick.

Then about half an inch in, I get the Garcia pepper blast. And then some nice aged leather joins up.

The cigars are packed in traditional My Father style boxes of 15 cigars. A Smokee Inn limited edition release

Smoke emits from the end that is cloud-like, billowy and has beautiful spicy wood scent.

Joining the baked apple experience is the taste of salted peanuts and raw cashews. Adds to the sweetness component.


The char line is close to dead nuts and the draw is perfect.

The body is at a full medium which is nearing the end of the first third.

The first third ends with a new beginning…a very creamy, toasty flavor. The power of the spiciness, which is black pepper in this instance….is very strong…not so much a firecracker, but an M-80. The power increases as the cigar is smoked.

When I was 12, I got a hold of some firecrackers and went down to the L.A. river bed over which there were many bridges. The river bed was all concrete with maybe 30 degree slanted sides. The bridges were supported by a continuous concrete vertical plank or column. (More to come on this)

The oiliness of the wrapper exudes shininess as the cigar slips into the second third.


Caramel is a very important component here. And the lush creaminess works hand in hand with it. The addition of cinnamon, nuts and apple make this a delectable cigar.

The folks at My Father use their standard sized band on this smallish cigar meaning that halfway, the first band reading, “EL HIJO” must vacate the space.

By far, this is the most flavorful My Father blend I have smoked. I love anything with a My Father band on it but this stick is extraordinary.

At the halfway point, the strength of the cigar is ramping up. The creaminess is just incredible and smooth…making the caramel even more outstanding.

So I found a place to blow up my fire crackers…down in the LA river bed. A place where bums and hobos chose to sleep at night so one had to watch their step carefully. But at age 12, the graffiti was fun to read.

A friend urged me to stick a bunch of the little devils in a patty of human excrement. And then the plan was to light them and run up the side of the river bed to safety.

Well, it didn’t go according to plan. I lit the fire crackers, ran up the side and slipped….sliding down the side towards the pancake of poop. I started screaming like a little girl….my friends watched in horror. And then I heard the explosion. I was merely a foot away when the charges exploded covering me in hobo stew of another kind.

I got up and my friends laughed and pointed. They were hysterical as I was completely covered from head to toe. (More to come).

The last third is a triumph. The stick has become quite complex and the flavors have melded into one. The salty peanuts really show off at this point. As well do the sweet raw cashews.

The cigar finishes out in a complex arena of the flavors tasted in the first third, just more intense. The power is still at a strong medium…but having already smoked one; I know what’s coming…a very full bodied stick.

The Nicaraguan leaves bring cocoa to the table now and I grab a Diet Coke for my chocolate phosphate experience. The cigar is very earthy and well balanced. And at $8 a stick in a very limited production of only 400 boxes, this is a must try. And at the box price of $7.40 makes this cigar a must buy. A My Father of this quality would usually go for something in the $12-$14 range. So if you can afford one box, a second might be in order.


I stood and stared at myself in horror. Not only was I covered in crap, but another person’s crap. And the only way home was a long walk around the beautiful golf course.

Fuck it. I wasn’t taking the long way. I marched right through the golf course, through where people were playing, listening to curses and epithets from the players. I heard none of it. I was on a mission to get home as quickly as possible and when I did, I entered the gated back yard, ripped my clothes off, threw them in the dumpster, and went into the house in just my underwear. My mother screeched when she saw my face covered in poop. I did not hear it.

I jumped into the shower and spend half an hour scrubbing until my skin was raw. I have never told anyone about this as an adult…let alone put it into writing. No second guessing as to why.

I smoke the EL HIJO right to the nub. It never gets harsh or bitter or overwhelming. I do have to slow down as the power of nicotine is dancing on my gut.

I highly recommend this cigar. The price point is ridiculously low. And the flavor components are wonderful.