Curivari Reserva Limitada Café Noir | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 6 x 56 “Café Noir 56”
Body: Medium/Full
Price: $8.80 MSRP
Authentic Cuban Seed Criollo and Corojo


“For Teri- Who is at the beginning of her own cigar journey”

I am an official Curivari Freak. There. That’s done.

As I’ve stated in earlier reviews, I am on a journey request to review every Curivari blend made. Why? Because they are the best kept little secret in the cigar industry. They have no reps to speak of and no PR machine of any kind. They depend on word of mouth.

And this is the list of reviewed Curivaris, so far: Selección Privada Maduro, Buenaventura, Achilles, El Gran Rey, Limitada Classica, Reserva Limitada 1000 Series, Gloria de Leon, Reserva Limitada Café and Selección Privada Natural. All superb cigars. Although, the Achilles and the Reserva Limitada 1000 Series were probably the weakest links.

So now it is the Curivari Reserva Limitada Café Noir’s turn. And the last. This cigar made its debut at the 2013 IPCPR trade show and released in November of 2013.

The stick comes in three sizes: Café Noir 54: 5 1/2 x 54, Café Noir 56: 6 x 56 and Café Noir 62: 6.25 x 60. All of Curivari blends have triple caps.

The Café Noir is so new that the Curivari web site does not mention the cigar. Plus, the cigar can be had a buck less than MSRP by the single and box. All blends come in 10 count boxes to make it easier on the wallet.

The Curivari mission statement is to make cigars the old fashioned Cuban way and seem to be doing a pretty good job of it from my perspective.

In a way, I am sad. I have managed to review all 10 blends now. All within the space of 30 days to the day.

Each cigar was a joy. I encourage you to read my reviews of the line and make your own decisions. But you must try some. You will certainly put your Uncle Katman in your will.

This is one of the most beautiful cigars I’ve seen and my photos don’t do the cigar justice. The wrapper is a coffee bean brown with a lovely red tinge. Seams are near invisible and the darkness of the wrapper hides the few veins. The shaft has the perfect amount of firmness. The triple cap is flawless. And the wrapper is very, very toothy. The simple cigar band which actually is the same color as the cigar contains the words: Curivari and Reserva Limitada. And adorned in gold and white trim. Nowhere on the band is it identified as the Café Noir. And lastly, there is a nicely done soft box press.

I clip the cap and find aromas of sweet orange spice, pepper, loads of cedar, luscious baking chocolate, freshly brewed espresso, and lemon zest. Very nice.

Time to light up.

A boat load of flavors hit at once: Cocoa, fudge brownies, spice, sweetness, carrot cake, toast, fruit, vanilla bean, cedar, leather, and nuts. Yikes.

I may have found my favorite Curivari blend which is no mean feat. And if you take Lyrica, you know what I mean.
What a ginormously delicious and flavorful cigar!!

The strength starts out at classic medium.

The ash is close to being snow white….and the seven bi-polar dwarves.

I will try to keep my blathering to a minimum because I have a nice story for the end and this is a BIG cigar.

An inch in, the flavors are wonderful. A gorgeous sweetness mixed with chocolate and berries. A dark espresso meshes perfectly with the toast and vanilla. And the nuttiness is almond marzipan. Very thick and decadent.

But alas, the carrot cake is gone. That was quite unusual. Like all Curivaris, the cigar will become a flavor bomb but it is not there yet. Due to the size, it will take a bit longer.

The red pepper has been on the milder side. I expected a blast at the beginning but did not. Had that been so, I might have missed out on all those scrumptious flavors.

The char line needed a minor correction and is now dead nuts. Like me.

The price tag is at the very highest of the other blends. But you can taste every penny. And also due to the enormous size of the stick. I buy my own at Atlantic Cigars. They seem to be the only online store to carry all 10 blends. I think I pushed the Buenaventura too much because now the bloody sticks are out of stock. In all sizes. That was my favorite until now. But it also cost less than $6. The MSRP is nearly $9 but can be had for $1.00 less. The 5.5 x 54 robusto can be had for $7.00. Atlantic has kept the single price the same as the box price. Nice. I would love to tell you how much you would save if you joined their VIP club but I can’t. It is a lot.

The second third begins and here are the flavors, in order: Cocoa, sweetness, espresso, orange and lemon zest, marzipan, nus, vanilla, toast, cedar, and leather.

Strangely, no creaminess. Very odd for a Nic puro.

The strength has moved up to medium/full and I feel the tickle of nicotine. The char line has remained in place. The triple cap is so nicely executed that not a single piece of loose tobacco departs its location.

It is a gorgeous day in Milwaukee this morning. It is 5° and very sunny without a whisper of wind. I’m sitting near an open window in the dining room in my sports bra and leopard thong and not the slightest bit cold. I do have a heating pad wrapped around my head. I had to poke holes in it so I could see. The shock wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Should have turned it off first.

The halfway mark is upon me and the cigar is an official flavor bomb. It is like eating cake, ice cream and pie at the same time. With a bit of jalapeno thrown in for good luck.

As the last third begins, the cigar really blossoms. Just a magnificent blend. The complexity is very rich and balanced. The finish is very long.

Of all the Curivari blends, this one is for the aficionado. For someone with a nicely trained palate that can really appreciate, and pick up, the full flavored qualities. It is the Cadillac of them all.

I’m glad this was my last cigar to review. Not because I chose it that way; but rather, the bloody stick was always out of stock until recently. Now I know why it was always out of stock.

Flavors have not change. Just their intensity. The flavor profile is so strong that it is definitely one of those cigars you don’t want to end.

The nicotine is kicking my arse. So I slow down my puffing. No more chomping and writing at the same time. I keep making too many typos.

My beloved mother made me take a typing class in 10th grade. I was the only male in the room. Lovely. But it steads me well in later life. Everyone under 35 knows how to type well. It is us oldsters that tend to hunt and peck. If I had to do that, it would take me 4 hours to write a review. Instead of 3-1/2.

I am digging this cigar, man. It is the epitome of smoothness. And yet, still no creaminess. I can’t think of a single Nic puro that creaminess is the basis for the flavor profile.

I want a box of these. But again, they are backordered. So I signed up to be notified. Same goes for the Buenaventuras.
The nice thing about the Curivari line is that it doesn’t matter which size you order. Big or small. They are all aged perfectly and a Gordo tastes every bit as good as a robusto.

The last couple inches hover at medium/full. The nicotine isn’t that bad after all. I reviewed the JDN Cuatro Cinco yesterday and it was so strong and so full of nicotine that it took hours before it wore off.

The cigar finishes beautifully. No harshness. No heat.

If you haven’t heeded my advice about trying any of the 10 blends from Curivari, well…shame on you. This is one of the greatest and most consistent boutique brands out there. You just can’t go wrong.

And now for something completely different:

The Spruce Goose is no longer in Long Beach Harbor. It is at the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in Portland Oregon.
It’s one and only flight was on November 2, 1947. It was Howard Hughes’s pride and joy…and known officially as The Hercules.


It was made of solid birch, not spruce. But the press found the rhyming two words more amenable for their needs.

It was acquired by the Aero Club of Southern California and a massive dome was built to house it next to the Queen Mary. That was February 12. 1982.

It was sold to the museum in Portland in 1993.


Back in the day, admission to see the plane was inexpensive and made a cheap date along with a walk on the Queen Mary’s deck.
I have no idea how I got the tickets. But in mid-1982, they turned the area below one wing into a performing stage.

Bob Hope and his wife, Dolores, were scheduled to perform around 1983. Hope was 80 years old.
I had front row tickets right smack in the center.

A friend forced me into a blind date. The chick turned out to be a real drag but it was someone to go with. We had absolutely nothing in common.

When Hope came out, I nearly had a heart attack. Man. He looked bad. BAD!

He had enough pancake makeup on to feed everyone at IHOP.

We made eye contact several times and he either winked at me or smiled. I guess I was gorgeous.

He then proceeded to perform the same shtick he had been doing since 1927. Vaudeville.

I half expected him to trip and fall into my lap. He was frail. And he kept forgetting what he was talking about. The real entertainment was when he just told stories about his illustrious career. That was fascinating. Who needed the soft shoe and singing?

Then he brought Dolores out who was a spry 71. She livened things up. And kept him from falling over dead. Although in reality, that didn’t happen for another 20 years at the age of 100.

The thing was totally surreal. I mean, I watched this guy on TV since I was a little guy and here he was…a mere 10 feet away.
He did a soft shoe several times but it looked more like a soft brain. The audience was in shock too.

The performance wasn’t very long. Maybe 45 minutes.

So I took the chick home and got a hearty handshake at the door. Ptooey.

A couple years later, I was visiting my Pop in Palm Springs. My dad was a lifelong golfer and tennis player.
He suggested we go hit some balls. Why not?

We were the only two people at the range. I never played golf because my dad never took the time to take an interest. He had no patience at all with me.

So after hitting nothing but ground balls, I gave him the last half of my bucket and sat down behind him on a bench like a grouch.

Next thing we know, Bob Hope arrives to hit some balls.
Bob Hope had the largest home in Palm Springs. It sat upon the biggest hill in town and could be seen for miles.


He had two guys with him. One was there to put the ball on the little mat.

And where did he pick to shoot? Right next to my old man.

Hope was making wise cracks to my old man which caused my dad to shoot terribly because he was laughing so hard.
Soon, a crowd formed.

And everyone assumed my dad and Hope were friends.

This was just all too much for Pop. He and I shook his hands with Hope, said goodbye, and split. My dad was a wreck.

We got back to my dad’s huge condo and people were there. Friends. Friends that the evil step mother had invited over.

My dad told everyone what happened and no one believed him. He egged me on to confirm his story and I played dumb. “I have no idea what you are talking about, Dad.”

Pop was furious with me and everyone else for not believing him so he went to his bedroom and didn’t come out til supper.
Video of spruce goose in long beach dome:
Video of spruce goose taking off:


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9 replies

  1. I had one of these two days ago and it was just a total treat. What really struck me was the weight in my hand and how tightly it was rolled, and yet had a beautiful draw .
    Thanks for turning us on to these.

  2. Katman,
    I have never sampled one of the Curivari’s but after your review they are on my must try list.

  3. Katman,
    I have yet to try a Curivari…they are now on my must try list.

  4. I lived in Palm Springs for about 10 years and got to know Bob Hope through Eisenhower Hospital where I worked…His golf tournament supported the hospital, and he was seen around the hospital campus frequently…I remember the time when I got to see Bob Hope…Jerry Ford…Tip O’neill play a round of golf at PGA West…He kept yelling at his grandson to drive the damn cart faster…Secret Service everywhere…Tip O’neill getting lost in a pot bunker…Those were the days my friend…What’s the name of the cigar again ?

  5. Wanted to know if this is your favorite curivari and if its the strongest in terms of nicotine? I like nicotine in my cigars.

    • I have no favorite. Each cigar provides its special profile so that it fits any mood.
      Marco, I’d have to go back and look at every review to see which has the strongest nicotine. I think you are trying to get me to do your leg work. LOL.

  6. Well Kat after a month in storage I finally had one last night. This is a class act! This cigar exudes quality! I will pit this cigar against any 20 dollar smoke out there! You can taste the super quality of tobacco in this stick. This is a cigar you sit down for and just meditate as you smoke and take in all the nuance this stick has to offer. It isn’t a roller coaster ride of changes but it holds you in the seat and make you take notice. Loved it!