Intemperance EC XVIII Brotherly Kindness by RoMa Craft Tobac | Cigar Review

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Nicaraguan, Dominican
Size: 5 x 56
Body: Medium
Price: $7.00



From Atlantic Cigars:
“Intemperance is the first cigar release under the newly formed ultra-boutique RoMa Craft Tobac Company. Produced in their Fabrica de Tobacco NicaSueno factory in Esteli, Nicaragua the cigars are made with passion and the upmost attention to quality. The Intemperance EC XVIII is a rich medium flavored smoke that delivers a strength profile that’s also medium. This blend is comprised of an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, a binder from Indonesia, with a two country blend of filler tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. The result is a solid well-made cigar that produces excellent flavor without the full bodied strength, a must try for those smokers looking for a quality small batch boutique smoke.”

Atlantic Cigars literally has only a few boxes, 5 packs and singles left. And at this reasonable price point, should be gone in a couple of days. So if you’re interested, ACT FAST!

Skip Martin and Michael Rosales are the founders of RoMa Craft Tobac. They specialize in providing the longest cigar names in the world. Sort of like the Beatles song: “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey.” From the “White Album.”

In 2011, they came out with the CroMagnon brand. As well as Aquitaine.

From Hava Cigar Shop web site:
“Intemperance is our first cigar release under the newly formed RoMa Craft Tobac Company. Produced in our Esteli, Nicaragua factory (Fabrica de Tobacco NicaSueno), Intemperance is presented in two capa varietals and four vitolas.
“The branding for Intemperance evokes the history of prohibition and features a logo inspired by a famous artifact of the temperance movement, a propaganda poster/political print produced by a temperance hymnodist, A.D. Fillmore in 1855.
Intemperance EC XVIII (Ecuador Connecticut)
“Following the ratification of the 18th Amendment, an intemperance movement was born. The Volstead Act had effectively turned every consumer, merchant and producer of alcohol into a criminal; organized crime took root. Without market and regulatory controls, alcohol became more dangerous to consume. The court system was brought to the brink of failure under the weight of criminal and civil cases related to prohibition. After a little more than a decade, public opinion had been turned and the effort to repeal prohibition emerged victorious with the ratification of the 21st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
“Despite the dismal failure of this ‘noble experiment’, the temperance movement marches on. Perhaps this is no better represented than in the form of the modern tobacco control movement, also known as the anti-smoking movement.
“In the last sixty years, this anti-smoking movement has grown in influence and power much in the same way the temperance movement before it grew. We believe that it is well past time to initiate our own modern intemperance movement.”

That was a lot of info to ingest.

This is the newest size of the Intemperance EC XVIII (Ecuador Connecticut) line. It is a stout fire plug.

Construction borders on rustic with a Bambi colored wrapper with just a tad bit of oil. Tobacco is jam packed into the cigar. And in one place not far from the foot, it feels like it may be plugged. The stick is a little lumpy and full of both large and small veins. The seams are tight in some places and not so tight in others. The triple cap is a little sloppy. And has the slightest of slight shaggy footsies. The Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper almost looks like a claro wrapper with its near see through appearance.

The single cigar band is tiny and to the point with the name of the blend with an even tinier RoMa Craft Tobac logo on the back side.

There is a heavy influence of earthiness. It also fills my nose with sweetness, spice, dried fruit, cream, cocoa, cinnamon, and buttery shortbread cookies.
Time to light up.

The first puffs are creamy and sweet. With a touch of cedar. It is very nutty and earthy. But it doesn’t stop there…it goes on to present vanilla, buttery cookies, and honeysuckle. A nice floral note.

After a couple minutes, red pepper begins to build. Less than half an inch burned and it appears to shoot for flavor bomb status.

The draw is spot on. And I must note that the cigar is one of the most perfect circular round shapes I’ve seen. Cigars get scrunched in handling or shipping. This stick withstood all that.

The char line is just a tad bit wavy and not requiring concern or touch ups. And then impending problems surface. A crack has formed starting at the foot and traveling vertically about an inch or so. I will probably just burn past it but I don’t want to take the chance that it travels. So I grab my Kingpin glue and put a pin head size of goop underneath the wrapper which should solve the problem. If you don’t have glue, Kingpin is cheap and works better than any other manufactured glue I’ve tried. It is flavored but the flavor goes away as soon as it dries. And it imparts no flavor to the cigar. Here is the link to Kingpin Glue. A couple bucks per bottle.

The second third begins and the stick is a bona fide flavor bomb. Here are the flavors, in order: Sweetness, creaminess, spice, cocoa, cedar, earthiness, nutty, floral notes, cinnamon, and vanilla.

That little dab of glue worked perfectly.

This is a spectacular proof that a great cigar need not cost $9+. At $7, this stick could have been priced in the $9-$10 range; especially due to its hard to find status. I found that Cigar Hustler carries it but only sells them in box size. Hava Cigar Shop carries the entire line.
Your local B & M might carry them but not at $7.

The stick is screaming laughter with so many flavors zooming past my palate. It is absolutely delicious and I can’t understate the brilliance of the blend. I thought I might be in for disappointment with a Connecticut wrapper. I was so wrong.

The brother to this release is the “Intemperance BA XXI Breach of the Peace.” I will review that tomorrow. The same size and same price for a little bit stronger cigar that has a dark Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper.

Drat. Small cracks begin to form along the shaft. Tiny and too small to glue. I think the cigar might have gone through some traumatic humidification issues. It shrunk and then bloated causing the cracks. Probably my fault.

I am at the halfway point. Complexity digs its heels in right about here. The nuance of the flavor profile is steady, balanced, and smooth. The spiciness has moved to the back of the line. The sweetness and creaminess excel.

The honeysuckle puts more oomph into the stick. The vanilla is very strong. The cedar is a nice counterpoint.

The strength has been medium bodied the whole time.

Because I’m a chomper, I usually cut the cap back a bit so you don’t have to look at my drool on the cap in the photos. But because of the delicate nature of the wrapper, I am hesitant to do that as it might result in more cracking.

The last third begins. And the stick is mahvelous!

I’ve reviewed several RoMa Craft’s cigars. Here is a list of my reviews:
CroMagnon Knuckle Dragger
CroMagnon Intemperance BA XXI
CRAFT 2013 La Campaña de Panamá Soberana by RoMa Craft Tobac
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Instead of getting stronger, the stick is becoming milder. This is a first for me. I guess Skip Martin and Michael Rosales were saving the strength for the “Intemperance BA XXI Breach of the Peace.” I look forward to tomorrow.

Drat x 2. Another crack between the foot and cigar band. It is not impeding the joy of the smoke so I just leave it alone. I have another stick and I betcha a dollar I wouldn’t have had any troubles with that one. Murphy’s Law.

The stick is so smooth and buttery that it makes me want to wear my boxers on my head and laugh.

Dried fruit appears. It is a combo of raisin and rich dates. Just a bit. Not overdone.

This last third is where the cigar sings to me. If Atlantic still has some, I suggest you jump on both the “Intemperance BA XXI Breach of the Peace” and the “Intemperance EC XVIII Brotherly Kindness.”

The sticks stem from Hava Cigar Shop and they have a huge line up you might want to check out.

The stick finishes with a giant flourish. Giant flavor profile, smooth, balanced, long finish, and not a hint of harshness or heat. And the slightest bit of nicotine.

The red pepper moves from the back of the line and goes to the front. A nice surprise.

The flavors finish out at: Spice, earthiness, creaminess, sweetness, dried fruit, buttery cookies, honeysuckle, cedar, cinnamon, vanilla, and nuttiness. Protection Status


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  1. Excellent review! I had my first one tonight, and ordered a box about an inch in.